Saturday, April 28, 2007

Painting at the highrise

These twenty year old beige scales just stand out in our kitchen like the proverbials. Nothing wrong with them though. So I gave them a coat of silver paint and from a distance they look ok. It will do unitl somebody buys me a nice set of electronic scales.

Reminds me of a Greek workmate who painted his Commodore black with a brush and it really looked bad, especially as the paintwork faded. The police were always pulling him up but as he is in a permantly agitated state, they would quickly move on.

He has since replaced the car and luckily we exported him to another area in our workplace. Someone to the south of my workplace is suffering now


  1. Ah, good ole Danny*

    I fondly remember the Commodore. What has he got now?

    Also, where the buggery is he working now?

    * - name changed.

  2. Hey, they look "Orright" mate. They blend in now. You sendign someone a message through this to buy you a set of scales?? LOL
    I remember when I was a kid out Rockbank, we had a Mini as a paddock basher and we hand painted the thing black. Thing is, my brother painted the doors, inside the door and when he closed the doors they got stuck as they dried. So, we entered the car through the windows like the "Dukes of Hazzard" ,LOL.
    Very funny you guys "exported" that dude somewhere else... I can think of a few people I'd like to export to another country. Trying to find a country deserving is hard ya know.

  3. Wow, I have just gone back and read all the posts you have put up and commented too (down to the fish tank post)!!
    Lazy Sunday morning (still in my pj's), consuming some nice coffee and kids are watching a DVD so I thought I would catch up here.
    Going for a bike ride later, if the weather is ok, otherwise, I will workout to my DVD. :)
    Other half had to work today, football is on and the crowds tanked with grog will surely keep the crew busy I dare say. I can't wait to hugg him when he gets home safe.

  4. Our bush basher was a Morris Minor. Great fun but I wonder we came out of it alive at times.

    Sounds like a nice sort of day. We got caught in football crowds going to MCG this morning on the tram when we were going to Richmond.

  5. My stainless steel kitchen scales - both small and large size - reside in a kitchen cupboard somewhere still in their original boxes. I bought them to match the our new all-stainless kitchen three years and have never used them.

    I'm a 'yep ... that looks/feels about right'-type of cook.

  6. The more I cook Ron, the better at that I am getting.


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