Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nice family day.........I suppose

Ever done something when there was no real reason why it should not have been great, but it wasnt?

Today was beautiful, sunny but not hot and no wind. But I am sick of the sun.

Yesterday we had lunch in Swan Street in Richmond, and I am sorry R, but next time I will insist. All the eating places are on the southern side of the street. I had to sit with three quarters of my torso in the hot sun. Sun glaring into my eyes when I leant forward to eat.

Today, ditto. Even in sort of shade, gum trees are not the best shade around. Lysterfield Lake was packed to the gunnels. We normally go down near the dam wall, but it was full and most of the rest of it was full. Brother queued for a barbecue. We had to sit on the ground, so uncomfortable.

Mother moaned on and on about her medical problems. We walked to lake shore at a snails pace. I could have walked there and back and back again and still have beaten her.

Sis in law turned up, lovely as she is. Nephew, 20 working, niece 18 working, niece 14, might have come if it was somewhere else as she is bored with Lysterfield Lake. Instead went to Southlandish place on the train with girlfriends.

Sis in law arrived without family or friends in her people mover vehicle. We joked about it but sad.

Other brother, ex of sis in law invited heavily but decided to work.

Sis wanted to spend quality time with girlfriend, no doubt talking about scans.

No reason to get the boulle set out of the car, nor the kite, no wind anyway. Just lots of sun, in my eyes, beating down on me, constantly moving when I thought I had found sanctuary and then in my eyes on the drive home.

It is good to connect with family, but I cant say today was the best day we have had.


  1. Yessss... I totally agree! I live in a country where it's summer all year round, and having spent quite a few years where winter is the spawn of satan sent to us, I really should be appreciating the sun a bit more now. But I still don't! The humidity and the extreme heat just kills the concept of it... and eating out, as you said, can be a total nightmare! Airconditioning is still the best invention yet, as far as I'm concerned :P

  2. I think the Australian sun is SO dreadful! I really don't agree with this pre-conception Australians have of 'my gosh - it's sunny. I better wear practically NO clothes and run around on the beach getting BURNT TO A CRISP'.

    I mean, honestly. One day these people will wake up with skin cancers and looking like old, leather hand bags.

    I'm as pale as pale, which isn't necessarily a good thing - but I am so cautious about burning.

    I love those slip, slop, slap adds. There should be more of them.

  3. Agree about air con Princess. I used to think I could live in a tropical country, but I doubt it now.

    Inspired a post Rosanna, ta.

  4. If I knew your number you could habve come here and spent the day playing cricket, having a BBQ and just talking crap with me..oh, and having a few lining up for BBQ here, and there was shade under the pergola and our lovely trees too :)
    Next year, I plan on taking the kids into the dawn service.

  5. I think everyone should take their kids to the dawn service. It is quite moving.


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