Sunday, April 22, 2007

New thing

I woke up this morning with this massive erection.

It just appeared outside my window and must have been erected yesterday.

Lucient will only be a little shorter than our building and I am somewhat concerned that I may have to dress when I walk around my bedroom and to and from my ensuite. It will probably be far enough away for the fine detail to be unviewable without binoculars........well I will see when it is up and running.


  1. The builders might like your view with flowers and champagne to follow.

  2. Watching the crane chappies this morning and imagining them naked and would I be able to see much from this distance.

  3. I work on Level 7 of the ANL building. It is my fervent hope that when the Lucient building is finished, we will be privvy to some "afternoon delight" viewing at Lucient whilst eating our lunches in our rec room. Bow chicky bow wow.

  4. I expect you will Hawkeye.


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