Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Music of me yoof #22

Drug references, nudity, implied sexual activity........hey it really has got something going for it.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood with Relax. Not the clip I recall though.


  1. Lotsa jiggly bits!

    Not that I took any notice.

  2. It's a great song and it got me onto Frankie, which has to be the ultimate in 80s. There's been a few remixes along the way, but it still is good.

  3. Especially noticed the jiggly bits in the beginning.

    Rob, can't see any email address to contact you. The address with the 1 did not work for me. Can you send me a blank email to ripppon at yahoo.com

  4. I don't remember this clip either, being the one we would see on back of Richard Wilkinson's show..anyhow, good viewing, I like this song.


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