Monday, April 09, 2007

Melbourne's most excellent zoo

I thought it was a good idea to go to the zoo. We have not been for eleven years, a friend reminded me later. The weather looked a little warm, but with a hat and sunscreen we were ok. We caught the tram as it is almost door to door and I remember the nightmare last time when we took the car.

To celebrate the arrival of three young elephants from Thailand, the zoo has set up a Thai style village complete with Thai food.

The zoo enclosures are generally excellent now and a far cry from an animal in cages. The best in my view was the orangutan enclosure. The seals wery funny. Hard to choose the cutest critter though. I have been up close with a paddymelon, a bit like a small fat kangaroo, and they are very cute. From a distance, lemurs look lovely and the Siberian Tiger very regal. The bears looked quite unhappy and I am not sure they are suited to captivity. Most ignored were the pig like peccaries, but for sheer lazy but playful behaviour and general cutness, the orangutans did it for me.

Honourable mention to the butterfuly house. It is like a fairy land with butterflies everywhere. One liked my shirt and I had to flick it off before leaving.

Was that a known SB tram driver doing something very bludge like we passed in Flemington Road on the tram home?

Pictures are lazy kangaroos, a cute and I think young koala, a goanna (reptile) and Rothschild giraffes with a couple of zebras. The first three are all Australian native animals.

I am now trying to remember the names of elephants, I know Bong Su already (32) and Mek Kapah (33), (Malaysia), and the new Thai elephants are Kulab (7), Dokkoon (13) and Num-oi (6).


  1. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Lovely! I was saying only today that I should probably got to the zoo, inspired by the OH SO CUTE Knut.

  2. The Zoo is top fun. My faves are the Gorilla's for their sheer tardary and bad behaviour!

  3. The otters for me. I love them and always head for them first.

  4. Did not see any Knuts at the zoo Rosanna.

    Steph, gorillas do everything in public that we do when no one is watching, except they throw their excretions at their audience too.

    Forgot about the otters Jahteh. There were three, out of the water and all with the heads resting on a small tree branch, side by side. Gorgeous.


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