Sunday, April 15, 2007

Matters Race

Our recent visit to the zoo was an interesting many cultures experience. There were a lot of obviously moslem people, although thankfully no letterbox women who scare me. I did see one in the city last week and while yes, scary, gee she swished her black skirts with such confidence as she walked.

What I really noticed at the zoo was the many mixed racial heritage couples of all sorts of combinations. If they have a bambino with them, I always try to get a peak and see who he or she takes after. Invariably the mixed couple's children are gorgeous.

To see a Chinese looking woman with an Indian looking man seems downright odd to me. I see it with o/s uni students too. I would guess that they are Malaysian or Singaporean. I have not seen the reverse as yet. Gay Singaporean and Malaysian males of Chinese heritage are very intolerant of Indians and Sri Lankans in my experience.

What about your Asian bloke with a Aussie girl? I am seeing increasing numbers of them. My first thought is that she doesn't mind it smaller but we who know about such matters know she is getting a hard one. None of this ten inch swinger, but never gets properly hard disappointment.

Through work I know a guy from Laos who married an Aussie girl and a guy from Indonesia who married a white girl. Both marriages ended after a few years, mostly through cultural reasons. From the woman's perspective, the men come with so many expectations of their own upbringing. From the man's perspective, the woman comes with so many expectations of their own upbringing. A couple of very different backgrounds coming together can only be very difficult.

There are obviously many successful relationships between white Aussie male and non white first generation women from a very different culture. My mother's neighbours are a good example.

It is all very interesting to watch how our society is developing. But if you are openly racist, you really are going to be on the back foot soon. The times are a changin'.

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  1. I laughed.

    PS: I saw The Sound of Music in drag last night. Ahem. No place for a young lady!