Sunday, April 01, 2007


After years of occasional travel on the Geelong Freeway, we had some spare time and thought we would solve our own curiousity. We have often wondered about Maltby when we travelled along the Maltby Bypass part of the Geelong Freeway.

I am more familiar with eastern side of town, the Berwick Bypass and the other earlier ones in the area, along with the soon to be opened Pakenham Bypass.

Anyway, as part of the ongoing 'tourist in your town' series, we swung off the freeway towards Maltby and what a delightful little town it is. Gracious European trees line the broad main street and it is quite unspoilt by car traffic as there are only two streets where cars are able to cross the main street and cars are not allowed in the main street apart from these points.

We passed by a large shed with some plant in it on the way in. We learned later that it recycles most of the town's water, hence the green grass and healthy plants everywhere.

The shops in the main street are all old and wonderfully preserved. Their verandahs overhang the main street, giving plenty of shade from the sun. But look at the roofs and you will see many of them are covered by solar panels for hot water and electricity generation.

There are seats everwhere and people take full advantage of them. People of Asian, African and Middle Eastern heritage mix it with the long time locals.

There are plenty of young people too, although they are watched carefully by the very active bylaws officers. No graffiti here at all and it was all so clean, without being sterile.

I was almost ready to buy a place then and there.

But later when home and checking a few details about the town, I found an alarming health department statistic. Although the study is incomplete, the raw figures show that the area has the highest level of incest in all Australia. Very odd! Puts a bit of slant on the town's advertising, 'A wonderful place for you and your family.'


  1. Easy solution for that issue of incest if you're going to move there - don't take any relatives! And watch out for those duelling banjos.

  2. I always get a hard on when I hear duelling banjos Rob. Not sure why.


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