Thursday, April 19, 2007

Let it go

About once a week I check two old web email addresses, just in case you know. I don't think there has been anything significant there for a couple of years. Although, one of them has such a lot of history and I have just realised I must keep it alive or spend a lot of time forwarding old emails to my later addresses.

And the other I am a bit nostalgic about as it was my first web email address. It was a address. Rocketmail was great compared to other web emails in the mid nineties. It got taken over by yahoo at some stage and I ended up with

I may have had a hotmail address before that, I can't recall and it is not the hotmail address I have now that I keep alive and that is all. Actually, I need that one too as it is my msn messenger address.

All too hard, easier to just log in every so often and keep them active. But I really might have a go at the forwarding my past from rocketmail. I don't think there is too much there.


  1. Interesting that we both got nostalgic about old email addresses this week.

    I revived my first-ever Hotmail address yesterday. I haven't used it for yonks (I wonder how long they keep addresses 'reserved' for you?).

  2. Is it just me or is the 'word verification' thingie a touch diabolical? Why does it never work the first time?

    It really isn't a user-friendly addition to blog-commenting.

  3. Snap Ron, have noticed that - and it seems to be a recent-ish (and haphazardish) glitch.

    Think my first email address was Reliably delivered by old Mrs. McLean who operated the switchboard plug in at the local store/post office/parish pump. (She was also the undefeated Royal Melbourne Show coconut ice maker 1945 -1989. Or I could've made that up.)

    ... and ye Ron, the 'k'n' verification is doing it's party trick again as we type. Entering it (variously 'jsmxqiz', 'tyrpkz' and 'mtryqzip' ... and not one of the mo'f'k'rs mildly amusing or marginally relevant ... I demand a beter class of irritation!) for the third time!

    Sorry - for the 4th time now 'ndffb'- blogger wouldn't let me post my comment - maybe Blogger has taken me at myword and wants a btter class of comment!

    (... retires hurt.)

    'k'n' 'ell - make that the 5th time 'hyoys'

    NOW 6TH! 'qvehwn'.

    MAKE THAT 7th ...

    ... AND 8TH! 'gfxce'

  4. I think hotmail just clear the contents Ron. Your address will stay around for a long long time.

    I tried switching verification off, but straight away the spam started.

  5. Well we shall put up with it then.
    It seems to be sporadic and random.

    Sometimes it behaves in quite a well mannered way, but there a periods when it does the old fart thing of "What did you say, speak up, I'm very old and deaf doncha know ... and I died in the war for you ungrateful bastards! ... and today my name is 'jzdekckz' "

  6. Funny.. I still have my @rocketmail addy. I didnt change it to @yahoo when was prompted simply eons ago.


  7. There are at least three of us left in the world then Mirebella.


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