Thursday, April 26, 2007

I can cook

Even if I lived alone, I doubt I would cook much for myself. I am very lucky to have a partner who is a whiz in the kitchen and always presents food so well, most unlike moi.

But I can cook pizza on unleavened bread, but seldom do so as the pizza restaurant across the road does it so much better.

I cooked 'Blanche's Famous Fried Rice' last week. Yesterday I cooked Anzac biscuits, which turned out well. Today I am in the process of making pea and ham soup which will do for a dinner and a lunch along with home made bread from the bread maker. Also under way are samosas, which I freeze in bags of six and we will have them for lunch over the next few months with a hot mango chutney. Both the pea and ham and samosas are two day projects so usually only get made when I am on holidays.

I haven't made it for years, but used to make a couple of boiled fruit cakes a week to sell in a shop. I have a mind to make one of those too (just remembered, no glace cherries, damn).


  1. I barely cook owing to the single life. It's not that I can't - my Killer Nachos live up to their name. However, I often get a case of the CBFs. It seems like such a waste for one person. If I was living with someone (as apposed to sharing with someone), I think it would be different. I don't know.

  2. Yeah, cooking for yourself is hard I reckon. Hard enough when doing for someone else, but it gives a responsibility.

  3. I miss Rebecca's soups she would deliver on back of her motorbike no less!! Wishing I could make them as good as she can, then I could deliver more of that to her in hospital.
    You make me want to get creative in the kitchen now :)
    We do cook all our meals here, but what Ihave found with the kids is that I cook meat chicken or fish, prepare veggies and salad and place it all in the centre of the table. They pick what they want and they eat it all then.
    In between meals, they have rice crackers, fruit or yogurt.
    Rarely, we cook a cake or some biscuits. We spend more time outside than in.