Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Digger Day

Tomorrow Australia celebrates ANZAC Day. We remember those who died fighting for Australia in overseas wars. Rightly or wrongly, we are past judging those seventy years old plus and the reasons and motivations to participate in overseas battles. I reserve my rights on the Vietnam War although clearly it was a different time in a very different country to what Australia is now.

I think tonight I shall drift off to sleep romanticising that I am a war correspendent ensconced in a nice Saigon hotel. I have an endless supply of Scotch and locals are on tap for my choosing. If I get bored with the locals, I am sure there would be soldier or marine who would like to share my company and whisky.

I am clever though, I have good contacts from both sides, or should that be all three sides? After the defeat of Western powers I am so used to the country that I stay on after the end of the war and become a favoured person by the Vietnamese government.

I buy a villa and make lots of money and have no desire to return to Australia and the daily slog of work and materialism.

Is someone muttering Graham Greene yet?

But just a dream. I am an Australian in Australia and I love quite like my country. So diggers, tomorrow at some point I will get a little teary. I salute you.

Off to make the Anzac biscuits now, for tomorrow's family get together.


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  2. This is a beautiful post, Andrew.

  3. (Sorry yet another deletion courtesy of the Declan disease.)

    Carries on undaunted.

    Mind you if the 'mericans had won the war, as they keep telling us they did, then we'd be eating "Anzac Cookies" ... so obviously they didn't, despite them having invented spin doctoring, win WW11 singlehandedly.

  4. I reckon that the best way to spend a holiday is sleeeeeeeping :)

  5. Thanks R. A bit racist and sterotypical, but one cna have dreams.

    Highriser does not do cookies. Think he would choke.

    I get plenty of sleep Princess. I just lack time for real stuff, like writing and blogging. Sleep is neceassary but a waste of time.

  6. Everyone always shortens the name Rosanna. It's too formal.

  7. Good name. But I will feeling pally.

  8. Rosanna, of course I meant was feeling. (Finding specs as we speak)

  9. Mmm, anzac biscuits, I haven't made then for ages.


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