Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hackett Weds

Yesterday Aussie swimming champ Grant Hackett wed his betrothed at Carousel at Albert Park. A tall building blocks our view of Carousel. It was quite a limited guest list for someone who is famous. Only one hundred people.

I don't know much about Hackett, so I assumed he was an ok guy.

But out of a mere one hundred people who were invited, one was Alan Jones with a fag hag on his arm. Shock jock Sydney radio broadcaster, London beat user, cash for comment, inciter of racial hatred Jones is to everyone except the far political right, absolute scum.

Am I right to judge Hackett by one of his wedding guests? I feel sick.


  1. No, you're not wrong. Jones is despicable and the half-way decent people who line up with him must be diminished by the association. Tell me, was it John Laws on his arm?

  2. You haven't seen Wedding Crashers have you?

  3. No Lad Litter. Don't think Lawsie was there. Don't think they get on nowdays. Diminished is a good word for how I feel those who associate with him.

    Not seen it Rob, and if is the movie I am thinking of, I have no intention of.

  4. So long as you had the idea of what I'm referring to. Mind you, with a list of 100, it would be difficult to crash a wedding. Especially if you happen to be someone so adored by our PM at the moment.