Sunday, April 15, 2007

Grandfatherly advice

My paternal grandfather never gave us kiddies any advice but our maternal grandfather did. I can only remember these three.

Never go into a paddock when there is a bull in there. Quite so, cattle bulls are dangerous critters, especially if they have horns, but even without.

Seesaw the towel between you legs after bathing. I got his point, but I never have seesawed the towel between my legs.

Don't sit out on the (brick fence) gatepost. A man might come and take you. I wished, and I continued to sit out on the gate post watching the traffic and listening to 3XY on my portable transistor radio!


  1. seasawing sounds interesting!

  2. Another fence sitter, we are a tribe.

  3. What a cute post. My grandma tried to teach her young bilingual daughter to say 'Nicholas and I', rather than 'Me and Nick'.

    Now I always say 'Nicholas and I'.

    She used to let me believe that there were faeries and 'tomte' (Swedish gnomes) living under the mushrooms in her backyard. They were red and had white spots and for the longest time, I was convinced that they were home to faeries.

  4. Awww that's cute. Did any of his advice every prove useful to you? :) As my grandfathers died when I was really young, I only really remember my paternal one asking me what the 7 continents were. I was 7 at this time and I didn't know what a continent is :P But I assure you, I will never forget what they are until I die :)

  5. Don't be filthy Steph. I was prepubescent.

    Fence sitters survive Jahteh, although sometimes they must move from one cheek to another.

    Red with white spot mushrooms always have fairies under them Rosanna. So that is where the faerie spelling comes from. There is a group of gay faeries, located somewhere near Nimbin. Really I think they are just too stoned to know who they are with.

    Princess, he put a fear of bulls into me and I have never had a groinal fungal infection. I am sure your grandfather was trying to instill into you a knowledge that there is a big world out there and that you should explore it, and you have. I read a bit of your blog and writing before replying :)

  6. I've always spelt it 'faeries' - is that not how you spell it? I have a few fairy books that I inherited. They always have red mushrooms with white spots for houses. And they cross lakes on lily pads and fly with beetles across the sky.