Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fuming highriser and the tenant update

Anger is a bad emotion. It can make you do bad things. As I am almost emotionally dead, I don't feel anger often but I am furious. Furious to the point where I will spend money I don't have just for self satisfaction.

Tenant, since he has not signed the lease that was due to be signed on the 23rd March that he requested in late December, received notification that his rent would increase. Naturally he was notified of a rent increase. Naturally, he quickly signed the lease and returned it to the agent.

The agent tells me today in a message that since we agreed to the lease, it must stand. I care not much about the money (lie). What I care about is that he has taken us for fools and succeeded.

Had he signed the lease at the appropriate time, all would have been well. Instead he tried to play smart and delay signing it.

I am unable to speak to the agent until Thursday, but here are my thoughts.

Firstly I need to check that it is backdated to the 23rd March. I am guessing it won't be.

Secondly I need to make a point to the agent that she should have kept us informed that the lease had not been signed and not tell us when we called her because rent had not been paid.

Thirdly, while I had plans for tomorrow, the priority is to look on the net at tenancy and landlord rights and responsibilites, but more importantly laws.

Fourthly, tell agent that we have not signed any second lease with the tenant and the rental increase stands.

Fifthly, when agent makes soothing words about rights of tenant, point out that owners have some rights too.

Sixthly, point out to agent how the whole business has made us feel like fools.

Seventhly, change agent.

Eighthly, prepared to go to tribunal.

I am so ANGRY I am ready to smash some arse licking mother fucker's head in.

(and I feel a bit better now)


  1. Go, Andrew! Good luck!

  2. Ninethly, shoot the agent.

    Tenthly, fit the tenant up for having done said mercy killing.

    Eleventhly, change your name to Mokbel. (Shirley "don't call me" Mokbel if you so desire.)

  3. Don't you dare listen to that evil old lordship. Ditch the agent for some blue eyed, dark haired, well portioned cute guy. If he's gay, you get him, if he's straight, he's mine.

  4. Slightly less angry and a little more concilatory today Rosanna.

    Yes, M'lord, I am laying the blame at the agent. I will happily be Shirley Mokbel if I can be rich and common.

    Trouble is Jahteh, when they see R and moi, they pretend to be gay. They can pick their marks better than a Bangkok tout.