Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dear Mr G Earth

Dear Mr Google Earth.

It was kind of you to replace the normal maps with maps showing fire hotspots in Victoria when our state was badly affected by bush fires.

However it did rather spoil Melbourne's images and now our bush fire season has well past, is it possible for you to put up some new images of Melbourne? We are not a small city and months without images is not fair.

Thank you.


  1. While they're at it, they could go one step further and green-over plenty of those brown patches that seem to be all over the state. Well, the country.

  2. Oh I wonder why they haven't updated? Hmmm, maybe an email pertition woudl work?
    Anyway... do you know if they found the guy that founded Google Earth? He went missing a few months back on his boat last I heard.

  3. I did not hear about him dying and I couldn't find any easy way to contact Google Earth.


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