Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dame M Tale #3 and the Big C

Dame M's abode was severely renovated in the seventies and has hardly been touched since. She did buy new floor tiles for the kitchen though.

To celebrate the end of the renovations in the seventies, she invited many friends around and by the end of the evening her 'soft under foot' lino in the kitchen was punctured with holes from stiletto heels. Some months later when she noticed how the dirt had built up in the holes, she had it replaced with what is there now.

The conversation arose because the chat was about high heels. There is a rather special ball happening in early May and our brother friends are going, not as Mexican peasant girls Chi Chi and Cha Cha as they have in the past, nor as Voula and Toula who were just poor refugee lasses who had to do unspeakable things with border guard soldiers to escape from war torn Iraq in absolute rags (very glittering and glam rags). Nope, this time they will be the Trout sisters, Coral and Rainbow.

They have managed to get together a table of ten and a limo for ten. While of course we were invited, R is off on important work business the next morning and I have to drive him to work at six a.m. and it is a good excuse for me to not go to the effort. We will be free to have a pre limo drink and photo session with them before they all depart Dame M's in the limo.

Dame M last night insisted we watch Channel 31 Community TV to see a gay tv program from Adelaide. I can't recall the name, but it wasn't too bad, rather upbeat fun, although I do feel the need to send them and email about something that will come to me later.

There was sad news last night too. Hairdresser person (see last entry in cast list) has breast cancer. She is going for, not as Dame M said an autopsy, but a biopsy this week. Funny, I did not think she was her usual self last night. She had told R and Dame M and I spoke to Dame M about it today. What a barstard of a thing.

PS Judge me not by how thick my makeup is in the pic. I am more inclined to have car grease and garden dirt under my nails.


  1. There was QueerOz, which did a thing on the Mardi Gras and that was followed by Get Up Tucked, which featured a few drag queens running the show. I watched both and enjoyed both. Being ill and having only a handful of channels makes for some interesting viewing.

  2. That's it, Get Up Tucked. Don't watch too much of it Rob or it may turn you into a homosexual.

  3. Before I make that move, I'm awaiting the report from the gung-ho Liberal bloke who risked life and limb out there doing some research into the gay scene (well, the Liberal Apocalypse version anyway). I'm going to stop laughing about that 'investigation' when the PM pins some medal on him.

  4. Right the friendship's orf, I can't stand any bloke that's prettier 'n thinner than me. I bet Lord Sedgwick takes more interest in Highriser now.

    Breast biopsy is a nasty business but it's the only way to gauge the extent and nature of the cancer.

  5. That was way weird Rob. With his appearance, it is a wonder they let him in.

    It was a few years ago Jahteh. Not quite so svelt now.

  6. Coppertop, beauty's in the eye of the beholder ... well it is until you come across a sight like that and then all bets are off, and y' head straight (*boom, boom*) to a monastery or nunnery ... which ever comes first, is appropriate or is the nearest venue courtesy of a 2 hr Zone 1 Concession Metcard.

    (After another look I reckon Dick Emery's Mandy has a lot to answer for ... her and Mrs Slocombe ... and every one of Mrs Slocombe's pussies!)

    ... and I snuck in this comment with only having to verify and justify my existence once.

    Thank you Blogger I'm so humbled.
    Your sincerely,

  7. What would M'lord know about a classy chick.

    And a couple of older male bloggers were complaining about word verification, so I have turned it off, and I will see how many spam comments arrive.

  8. "What would M'lord know about a classy chick."

    Lots I'll have you know. I once pulled ('scuse me french - oops ... 'scuse me 'french' french) Carlotta on a visit to Sydney in the 70s. A real lady, and a right scene stealer in bra and jockstrap.

  9. Never heard a word said against Carlotta. Well, you would be pretty brave. Footy trip was it?

  10. Footy trip? Mighta been. Probably was. Lotsa handballing as I recollect.

  11. Ohhhh dear (groan)

  12. "not as Dame M said an autopsy, but a biopsy"

    I love that.
    My friend's sister has that 'talent' - she call cataracts 'catapults'and the microwave is the 'microgroove'.

  13. Not the first time she has done it Brownie. Mistakes like that do amuse me. A case of the Dorrie Evans.

  14. waddyamean what would M'Lord know about a classy chick? He likes ME!

  15. Always happy to indulge you in walk back in time Jahteh.


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