Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Can't ignore it

While generally Americans are quite ignorant about the rest of the world, not my blog readers though of course, Australians are quite well informed about the America, whether we want to be or not. We know about the political power of the National Rifle Association and we know about the right to bear arms in their constitution.

I took the massacre of 35 people in Australia for severe laws controlling guns to be enacted.

As a proportion of population, will it take the US to have a massacre of 200 in one hit before a politician is brave enough to to enact the will of decent people? And I don't mean your church going folksy types in Idaho.

I heard one US person argue that the victims should have had their own guns to protect themselves. It is odd that this sort of thing never happens in Europe where no one has guns to protect themselves.


  1. I study USA History and Politics.

    I wonder if they study Australian politics and history in the US?

    PS: USA Today is my favourite subjects, aside from Swedish.

  2. Wow, you hit the nail on the head, and I wonder, did you have a secretb spy camera and microphone in my house this morning?? This is what my hubby and I both said today.
    He handed in his guns when shit hit the fan after the Port Arthur massacre. We now have none, not even the gun cabinet/safe that we had. No need for them.
    I too was astonished at what the gun dealer who sold the weapon to this guy said in an interview on the AM today. He said, "Well, ya know, it would have been no problem if the other people had guns to shoot back now would it" A GREAT BIG FUGGING "DOH" Homer Simpson style!!!
    I have many friends in America now, indeed, my best friend was an American, I know they are not gun toting wild Americans, but they don't believe in what this guy had to say either.
    I think, but I am not sure, that it is like a constitutional right of Americans that they can bare arms? But, wasn't their conctitution written back in the time of a Civil uprising?

  3. Course they do Rosanna. We are that little European country with pretty villages and snow capped mountains.

    Yep Cazzie, time for a rewrite of their constitution or a new interpretation by judges.

  4. It's a part of their Bill of Rights, which can only be ammended by a two third majority in both Congress and the lower house. IE: It wont be amended.

    George Bush is pro the right to bare arms, as are many past presidents. It's a campaign point in America - an expression of freedom of rights. In Kansas, it's illegal not to own a gun.

    Many countries see our gun laws as totally radical, but then they were passed under extreme circumstances (following the Port Arthur Massacre). Now they are just seen as the status quo in Australia, but it took a massacre on an unprecedented scale to allow the laws to pass through parliament.

    However, following the AMERICAN shooting, the government has put an increasing emphasis on the right to bare arms - with people campaigning that if camoflaged guns were legal, the killer would not have progressed so far.

    / end nerdness.

  5. Interesting Rosanna. I understand that the Supreme? Court judges can 'interperet' the constitution and the literal meaning of the constitution may be judged to be not as written. But still, it goes back to the polictics. You are correct, it is not going to happen.

  6. Yes, that is highly possible. Here, the High Court judges our constitution and a list of 'precedents' is obviously formed, thereby allowing the Federal Government increasing control over many, many years etc.

    In America, it is a similar situation (which can be seen in the differing laws between states. Kansas you MUST own a gun, other states you can only own a certain type of gun etc.)

    Ultimately, though - it wont change. Which is one of the main reasons Australian wont implement a Bill of rights. We have a Bill of Rights which is a convention - it is implied, but never written.

    A good way to be, I think :)


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