Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cast list

Dame M: Met her in a smokey pub in Richmond via a friend and became close. She is a rich widow who lives in a faded but glorious house on St Kilda hill. She drinks a lot, smokes a lot and gambles a lot, and is 82 and very witty and great fun. Age has slowed her a bit. She has a boarder and two tenants who live in flats above her home. Her muso great nephew is hot and stays in touch and puts up with us faggots so that he can get his inheritance. She does not tolerate fools, animals or children.

The brother friends: Two bothers who live together and we have been friends for nearly three decades. While we have issues with them at times, we know them well, and they know us well. They travel to Thailand twice a year to see the boyfriends. We see them almost weekly and it is such an effort for them to travel from Box Hill. We make less of an effort travel wise.

Two dyke friends: We don't see them so often as the above but we have known the heart transplant recipient for a long time and we are very fond of her. We stayed with her in Sydney just before her heart problem started. They live in East St Kilda.

Dyke friend in Japan: Also a long time friend met through R's work. She works and lives there and she had my respect for doing something a bit different and being a vego when I loves me meat.

Brighton Antique Dealer and her ToyBoy: She has an antique shop in Brighton and she lives at the shop, that is, it has accom. Her Toy Boy is younger, but not much. I expect he was gay in his past life. He is an great musician. BAD is great fun, she loves to kiss the boys and try to get them to have a joint with her. She has taken to using a wheelchair scooter thing to go out locally. She usually points it towards some road workers somewhere for a flirt.

O/S rels: R's three sisters, two of whom have visited us in Australia with their husbands and one adult child. The last one is pending. They all live in the very north of the UK.

Mum: Lives in Pakenham with her 'de facto'. They have been together for thirty five years. They put up with each other. While it is hard to imagine your parents having sex, these two having sex is just way off the graph.

Father: Died 2000. Stepmother met a new bloke, nice bloke. They live near Echuca and I am constantly filled with guilt that we don't keep more in touch with them. But then they could try too. Hourigan Road or something like that in Clayton is named after his family.

Ex NT politician and his Fijian Indian boyfriend: Long term friends. He is politically conservative person, so you can imagine our conversations can be interesting at times. They live in South Oakleigh.

The Mountain Women are older dykes, one from Huddersfield (I just love saying that word) UK and the other Germany.They live at the Dandenongs and we are going there for a barbecue on tomorrow.

Brain damaged brother also lives in Pakenham, in his own home, on his own. He works a full time job and participates in many sporting areas, mostly as an umpire now.

Youngest brother lives in a bungalow as he was told to get out of the family home where his wife, three children and parents in law live. He has a drinking problem, is sexist, homophobic etc etc. Just like his late father. He ought to get with the times. Essentially a good guy but he struggles with life. He is a very competent tradie.

Sister is a dyke and lives and teaches in Geelong. She is pregnant through a personal donor so we hope she, and her bone surgeon girlfriend will make great parents.

Older gay friend near Lismore has almost drank and smoked himself to death. It is a great idea to move to country when you get to the age of needing medical services, not. While his house falls down around him, he always does everything with style, just very slowly. He can cook a meal fit for a queen.

My Sydney friend: A hot guy, years younger than me. Mostly made of plastic, silicone and steroids and the insecurities that go with such alterations. Admire him, as he has never done a proper days work in his life and yet lives a grand life. Locked up in a HK jail once, investigated by ASIO once, nearly blown up in Tel Aviv and I have lost track of all the surnames he has used since I have known him. All that by the time he was 27, five years ago. Grew up in Hong Kong with his Danish parents and speaks fluent Canto.

Last but not least, R, my partner since I was twenty one years old. Through thick and thin, good and bad, not many are so lucky as me.

Later edit: Dame M's boarder's female hairdresser friend. She is same age as me and lives in a rented flat in St Kilda and has been there for years. She drives a convertible sporty car and has accumulated a couple of thousand dollars worth of parking fines and she doesn't pay them. She is a lovely person and good fun. I discuss with her our sexual fantasies with Dame M's great nephew. Niether of us will get him, but it is fun.


  1. Dykes and Dandenongs, the degrees of separation are closing.

  2. I loved reading this, really interesting. Sounds like a good mix of people.

    p.s. I'm sure he's very lucky to have you too.

  3. Dykes, Dandenongs, Degrees ... throw in Daylesford ... and we're a'wondering what's with this here "D" factor.

    (BTW, Dameraface, a fine and enjoyable series of thumbnail sketches. Me Vicely Regal Missus cackled loudly as she read the Sydney friend description.)

  4. Sounds like a very intresting bunch :-)

  5. I bet not Jah Teh. If they knew you, I am sure I would have heard about you.

    Of course Pomgirl, he is very lucky.

    All interesting Jo. Note, no connection with gay male couples our own age. If we want to be bored with gay males, we just stay home. The obviously do too.

    M'lord, perhaps the Australian version of the L word should be called the D word. I bet the hills are riddled with them. Pass on to M'lady the last time we met up with him in Melbourne, jaws dropped as he walked into the bar, they dropped much further when he came straight to us and kissed and hugged us.

  6. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Woot! I now know who Dame M is! I always thought she was your mother for some weird, twisted reason - but I now picture her exactly as I am sure I meant to. In excess, I assume.

    As for the cast list - I loved it. May I borrow the idea for a future blog post?

    And you've been together since you were 21? Excuse me while I die quietly. That is divine.

    Are you allowed to use the word divine on a blog? Whatever. I'm using it. It's mine.

  7. It is a good idea to use it Rosanna as a reference when readers can get confused about characters mentioned. Feel free.

    I would not say mine and R's relationship is divine but it is not too bad.

  8. "use it ... as a reference when readers can get confused about characters mentioned"

    High Riser meets Armistead Maupin.

    No fidgetting class, hands on heads and pay attention to our very own home grown "Tales of the City".

  9. Except no Anna Madrigal although Dame M makes a good substitute, but she is a real woman.......but???


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