Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Youtube weirdness

Of all the music clips I have uploaded to Youtube, one keeps getting comments, day after day after day. Apart from the comments I have deleted because they were rude, racist or nasty, there are still thirty odd comments. They are generally quite favourable. It puzzles me that the comments come from many people who were barely born when David Bowie's China Girl was released.

Perhaps the eighties wasn't so bad after all.

(Argh. I just actually watched the whole clip from start to end and as one commenter said, it is a censored version. On the hunt again!)


  1. Is this it?


  2. Yep Rob, that is mine but of course filched from someone else.

  3. Found the uncensored version. Much better.

  4. I ignore Youtube completely but i do recall from the time, that the clip was made in Australia with a local Chinese-Australian girl.


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