Friday, February 16, 2007

You're all ugly

Don't like being called ugly? Well, I did not mean it. My blog readers are all of the most attractive variety.

When we, my brothers and sister, were growing up, I don't think we were ever told to not call someone ugly. It was kind of instinctive. Instinctive in that we knew we would be in trouble if we did. At worst even now I might say that a person is rather plain looking, unlike R who might describe them as being bashed with an ugly stick. (that still make me laugh) But even he would not directly say someone is ugly, well not because of their looks anyway. We have all met ugly people, and it is not their looks that make them ugly.

Guessed where I am heading yet?

Come Sunday night I will be with my family and my nephew celebrating his twentieth birthday at some pub in the monocultural Langwarrin. While my vcr may be taping something, it certainly won't be Ugly Betty. I thoroughly dislike the whole show without even having seen it. I don't care if she is swan waiting to happen, a person too nice for this world or whatever. It just goes against what I believe. Thank god they chose an unfashionable name and there won't be too many Bettys copping it in the school yard next week.


  1. The people behind dragging that show over here don't know what "saturation" means. That's why I'm tuning out.

  2. One I rather like is "Hit by the ugly truck which then reversed".

  3. Sodding blogger, where's my moniker? It's bad enought they've forced me to beta and now they're stolen my JahTeh.

  4. I had all the same issues Jah Teh until I was forced to the new one. It all is working better now. I don't even have to verify my own comment anymore.