Friday, February 16, 2007

Give the tree a drink

Melbourne's inner suburban parks and gardens are littered with ugly crash barriers. They are filled with water and via a dripper line, water our drought ravaged trees. Now any gardener knows that trees need water at the tips of their roots, not around the base of the trunk. The tips of the roots are usually near the outer drip line of the tree and nowhere near the trunk.

I understand Melbourne City Council is paying 13 cents per day per barrier to have these barriers located and maintained. Perhaps fourteen cents would have ensured the dripper line was long enough and correctly postioned.


  1. whatever would Don Bourke think???

  2. Rip em out and plant a grevillea, I expect Steph.

  3. Royale PDE has been dug up several times over the last few years to reposition the sprinklers.

    Alas, they always end up watering the road and not the trees.

  4. Have they dug it up recently to install drippers for the trees as they have in their part of St Kilda Road?

  5. oh don't get me started.
    You are correct of course and 'Councils and horticulture' have been mutually exclusive since the beginning of time.
    Victoria - The Garden State ?
    Every damp place in my garden is ripped to pieces by hungry birds - i thinks the bugs have decreased since we have not been allowed to water.
    Of course hoses on building sites run free where concreting takes place - it's all so fn depressing.