Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dear Colin Tyrus

(this is one I will actually send by snail mail, and of course there is plenty of self interest about it)

Dear Colin, excuse the informality, but I feel I already know you back from your ABC days.

I note in this week's local paper that you are quoted as saying you have not had reports of overcrowding on route 16 and 96 trams.

Here is one:

There are trams due at my stop in St Kilda Road on Sunday mornings to travel to St Kilda at 8.12, 8.42, 9.12, 9.44, 10.15, 10.55 and 11.15. After this the service improves to 12 minutes and all is then well, busy though, but people can get on.

Up to the 9.12 tram, things are ok, but the subsequent trams are impossible for me to board. The trams are just full! No more people can get on! Physically full! Chockers! This is not an occasional occurrence. It happens every Sunday, even in winter if the weather is mild.

The only circumstance where I can get on, is if it is an extra long tram. But their scheduling seems irregular and erratic and even if it is a long tram, it is still very full with standing room only.

So Colin, I am somewhat incensed by your reported remark in the local paper urging people to validate their tickets so that you know the number of travellers. Should I manage to squash on a Sunday morning route 16 tram, can I get anywhere near a ticket machine or a validator? Am I in the mood to be co-operative with Yarra Trams about validating tickets?

This is not a new problem but it has been getting worse and Yarra Trams does nothing about it. No doubt you are running the service prescribed by the government. What is the point of a private company running Melbourne's trams if it is not responsive to needs? I feel embarrassed as a Melbournian when obvious tourists cannot get on already full trams.

May I suggest a ten minute service on route 16 from 9.00am to 8.00pm on Sunday.

And Colin, you really need to get out more on Sundays or refrain from making such incendiary comments.


  1. If you close your eyes you can pretend the problem doesn't exist

  2. Sorry to say but it won't change. Mind you, at least every 96 tram is air conditioned! Unlike somewhere else I know of...

  3. Thanks Jo, big help.

    It will change Rob and I will guess the next timetable change. The PTUA is campaigning and I am running my own little campaign.

  4. Yup, this one is on my list, definitely.