Sunday, February 11, 2007


I poured us a generous slug of scotch. Cheers, said R. Up your skirt, I replied. I am not sure where my toasting words come from but I didn't make them up.

It would seem every male in Melbourne has turned into a photo snapping pervert. Well, four anyway have been caught. Those caught have been taking surreptitious photos up women's skirts in public places and in one case, in a shower.

Modern women's clothing leaves so little to the imagination at times, I am surprised that these blokes aren't satisfied with what they can so freely see.

Now if it was a bloke wearing a skirt, well you could see outlines of his equipment perhaps or at least a bulge or perhaps if he was wearing loose boxers you could see?????

But really, what it the point of taking photos up a woman's skirt? You're not gonna see anything. Is my homosexual bias showing?

In the interests of research, I just checked and it is a pay site. brings no site, so I guess that is where the pics are uploaded to on the net and it has been blocked.

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  1. I could never see the point in snowdropping either but blokes were in to it full time.

    I remember an episode of Law and Order SVU where the idiot had put a camera in the toilet bowl in the ladies. The things men do for a cheap thrill.