Monday, February 12, 2007


The day was bright and sunny and not too hot. It should have been perfect weather for Midsumma's Carnival at Treasury Gardens. But oh the wind, wind like I have not known in Melbourne ever. It was coming from the east with great force. Not the stongest wind I can remember but Melbourne rarely gets easterly wind and certainly not that strong. It usually means rain, but not in this case.

However, we survived the wind at Carnival. We met up with our dyke friends for a while, but otherwise wandered around looking at stalls and the talent of course. Actually, although things improved late in the afternoon when the trendoids appeared, it was quite reassuring earlier to realise that while a few people have stunning bodies and perfect skin, the vast majority do not. We were quite at home.

As per usual, long queues for food, drink and toilets and usheltered areas at stages and in the alchohol compounds. The layout was quite different to last year and I guess better. If I was Dulcie De Jour who hosts the dog show, I would be having a tantrum right now about the location of the dog show.

We were home by five and endured the evening listening to the wind howling under the balcony door. Normally the wind slams shut the bedroom windows but not this time. It was trying to suck them open. Along with that, the stove exhaust fan was whirring away, wind propelled.

Today is sunny again but lovely and still. I have been out for a bike ride to Port Melbourne, took a few snaps, had coffee, did some Post Office business and home. I have often wondered what is along the beach from Beacon Cove towards the west. Well, today I found out!!! Purely as a distant observer of course.


  1. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Glad you managed to survive Carnival.

    I was there too but it was a tad boring as I'd decided to lay off the booze for the day.

  2. Oh the joys of a summer day down under. I really miss them.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for your comments to my recent blog post. You would make a great porn producer. You have that eye for talent. WOOOF.

    Big hairy muscle hugs of thanks.
    ANd have a pleasurable and Happy Valentine's Day.


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