Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bump Ouch

For a change I am not nagging City of Port Phillip, this time it is City of Stonnington. On a street I travel on often on my way to and from work, a speed hump was installed. I have never seen anyone speeding in this street but it is busy enough for a side street.

This street receives a lot of council attention and a cynic might suggest that this is because ex politician Barry O. Jones is a resident of said street.

Firstly this speed hump is unusual. It is not a smooth speed hump but a very sharp one. 20kph be damned. More like 3kph. It was installed and a City of Stonnington engineer has told me that it did not comply with regulations and has now been modified. Modified it was. I can't drive over it without the bottom of my car scraping, at any speed. By the marks on it, many other cars are scraping over it too.

So the council installs a speed hump, modifies it to meet regulations and then will no doubt modify it again to comply with god knows what. What a waste of ratepayers money, thankfully not mine. But my council knows how to waste money just as well as Stonnington.


  1. Why can't these bastards live closer to me? Air con trams, regular police patrols, you name it.

  2. Stay away from the 4wd war zone.

  3. - this week I read a wit somewhere call Noosa a suburb of Stonningbloodyton.

    Barry's alright. They got rid of him cos he's too smart.

  4. Stonningbloodyton. Like it Brownie.