Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blogger made me do it

I have had to change to the new blogger. The sky has not fallen in but I now have two google identities.

Meanwhile I just went across the road to the shop and all the building's doors are released and unlocked. The stairwell has been pressurized, making it very hard to open a door and the car park exhaust system is on. It is obviously some glitch somewhere. I have called our security company and they are dealing with it. Feel free to come and roam around the building.

And this must be a record. Today the previously mentioned speed hump has been levelled out and is quite ok now. I think I sent the email Monday and by Thursday it is fixed. Sometimes you do have a small win.


  1. Great another Gitmo blog that I have to sign into four times to insult you.
    In case Brownie can't make it, where's the new picture, Cameraface?

  2. So much effort for such little reward.

  3. oh here I am and I too was forced to comply with NEWblogger and create another Gmail to cope with it all and what a pest it was looking for a name that was not already taken, plus it sucked up all my blogs and Crystal from The Ballroom has disappeared and I hate them.
    By the way, this is the anniversary of my first blog post - been at it 2 years and no sign of improvement.
    This week I can recommend 'Marrickvillia' and 'thats so pants' as worthy of reading.


Before you change something, find out why it is the way it is in the first place - unknown.