Monday, January 01, 2007

Starting the year

It would be nice to start the year on a positive note, but I don't want to give you false hopes.

Media reported that police said that there wasn't any trouble in the city during last night's NY celebrations, then came the arrest figures.

No alchohol in public areas. If that was enforced, thousands would have been charged. The city was in quite a state today. Minimal cleaning had been done and rubbish littered the streets all day. Fine, leave it and give the cleaners their NY day off. It will all wash into the river eventually anyway.

The big long tram I was on today must have seen a long, long night. Bottles and cans rolled from one side of the tram to the other as it rounded curves, only occasionally dulled by paper rubbish.

I am being unrealistic aren't I? Of course people will drink and of course it will be ignored by authorities and of course there is not always easy access to a rubbish bin, that is if people are compos enough to even think of such things.

I just hate the whole culture of NYE, thus betraying my Scottish blood. It has always been a chore to be endured for me. People used to entertain themselves or go to venues or parties. Possibly it meant more work for police then. A few hundred used to turn up at the GPO in the city to hear the clock strike and then it moved on to the City Square. Why do half a million people need to go to the City? I heard of some severe verbal abuse of public transport workers last night, for no reason that I could ascertain, apart from frustration with the system. One worker I know was, I would say, a bit traumatised when I spoke to him a few hours after his experience.

Steph has a pretty good slant on it too. I feel much the same. At least cmas has a family orientation, love or hate them, as we do.


  1. I wasn't in the city, instead another part of Melbourne that took me through the city on my way home but I found the public transport to be exemplary. The staff were friendly, the trains and trams weren't overstuffed and there weren't any delays.

  2. Yes John, it is very localised to Swanston Street and St Kilda Road and so far as I know it all went pretty well for public transport. Crowded trams are normal for any event like this. I believe it is the later hours of the morning when people start getting stroppy.

  3. Anonymous9:51 am

    New Years is an annoying neccisity. I avoid it like the plague.

  4. Happy New Year Andrew

    Yes it was nice and quiet in the city when I was starting work at 6pm on New Years Day. The only distraction were all the hotties coming to and from Summerdayze at the Music Bowl.

  5. To you too William. Yes, I saw plenty as well. Police drug van parked in St Kilda Road that night, no doubt spoiling some people's start to the new year.