Friday, January 26, 2007

Pulling a post

In my gay activist post, as soon as I pressed publish and I saw what I wrote in a reasonably viewable manner, I realised that the bad countries, obviously with the exception of Australia and the US, are all muslim countries. There are other countries without same sex partnership laws that could be on the list. The post smacks of being anti muslim and therefore I am pulling it and I may edit it later and republish.

The point being made was how out of step Australia and the US is with the rest of the 'civilized' world.

Australians all let us all rejoice for we are young and free.........well cheap anyway.

Happy Australia Day.


  1. Out of respect to my koori cousins, I'll wish you a Happy Invasion Day instead :P

  2. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Happy Australia Day Andrew!

  3. Happy Australia/Invasion day, and would mind putting the flag comment you left on my site through the haloscan system? I have to get rid of the blogger one once and for all. thanks. here it is in case you forgotten it.

    "I am only guessing here, but the Union Jack only represents England but not Wales, Ireland or Scotland? If so, it really does not have much relevance to Australia, even back in the early nineteen hundreds."

  4. Blood cousins is that Steph? Apprecitate the point but it could have been worse. Could have been Dutch.

    Thank you Rosanna. You are most kind.

    Thank you also John. I don't understand blogger v haloscan. I just click on comment and make wild and vapid comments.

  5. yeah what happened was I replaced the blogger commenting system with the haloscan one, but forgot to remove ALL of the blogger comment links. they're all gone for good now so the haloscan works properly.

  6. I picked that up (the countries on the second list, not the anti-muslim thing) as I was reading, but it didn't bother me in the slightest because you were making a very valuable point. Australia should be on the first list (think womens vote!), but it wasn't. Other countries are entitled to act in a soverign manner and if the populations of those countries wanted it, I'm sure laws would change (hell, look at Israel). The point that you were making was that Australia, being the country that it is, should be on that list!

    I forget what I originally wrote, but I wish I could read it!

  7. Here it is Rob. I expect once Howard goes, things will change, be it Liberal or Labor government.

    "Does this mean we're now part of the Coalition of the unwilling? Unwilling to embrace enlightenment? A quick glance down the first list reveals that the social fabric of these countries has not been torn apart by being accepting! I mean, come on! When you have Luxembourg ahead of us in anything, you have to scratch the head!"