Friday, January 26, 2007

The Oz Day

Finished work at 11pm Aus Day eve and naughty R stayed up until I got home and generously shared his bottle of scotch with me. He got a couple of personal issues out of his system. By 2am we had finished the scotch and solved the problems of the world, but alas, not our own.

Don't you be grumpy or ratty with me in the morning because you stayed up too late and drank too much were my goodnight words. Well, he wasn't, but due to the late night, the best laid plans went astray.

That isn't a bad way to start Australia day is it? Stay up too late and drink too much?

We went across the road for a bacon and egg sanger and excellent coffee and noted what good business the place does on public holidays when many other places are closed. I eavesdropped on the local detectives brunching, but did not hear anything of interest.

In the the true Aussie spirit, we felt the need to materialistically consume, so we walked to Officeworks to check out new printers. More on printers later.

As my mother's blood pressure has suddenly ballooned to 225/105, we thought it best to visit her before she has a massive stroke or heart attack. She appeared from her bedroom in a nightie and dishevelled, most unlike her. However she still talked and if the conversation drifted from her, she quickly steered it back to herself. She fed us tomato and cheese on Sao (dry biscuits) and jam tarts and lamingtons. Quite Australian.

My aquired brain injury brother picked up his new Mazda 2 yesterday, so he took us for a spin. I tried to talk him out of buying a red manual transmission car, but again I failed. It was an ok car. He is very happy with it and I was surprised how well he handled the manual gears given he had never owned a manual car. My sister has a manual car too. Very odd. I would be the only member of the family who knows how to double de-clutch and I wouldn't dream of having a manual car.

On the way to Pakenham, we stopped off at Berwick to buy some flowers for the mater, and I had not been there since the bypass was built. Gee it is a pretty little town. Oaks, elms and planes make it, as well as the hill it is established on. We even came across a Dan Murphy liquor store and took the opportunity to restock the cellar, read pantry come linen press.

But no flowers. We went to the shops in Pakenham and it now is not just a single main street but had many shops off to the side. The shops to the side were probably there even in AFE's time when he was a local lad. We settled on flowers from Safeway as that was the best we could do. There is a layby on the way to Pakenham where there is usually a flower seller as well as other vendors. As we swung into the layby, we both realised we had misread flounder as flowers. Only a fish seller, no flower seller.

Home for dinner and what else can you eat on Australia day but lamb chops, mashed spuds, carrots, peas and a concession to the foreigners, broccoli. Very nice.

Fireworks have just gone off in the city, but we are facing the wrong direction. There is an Aussie day party happening on the roof of where we had breakfast this morning and they can see the fireworks by their cheering. They are sounding very drunk.

I recall when a previous state premier abolished some public holidays. Gee if any holiday should be abolished, Australia day should be it. What a waste of a day. What an Australian sort of day.


  1. Yep. Axe Oz Day and bring back SHOW DAY!

    Or maybe invent Chuckasickie Day.

  2. There's an Australia day?


  3. Yes Cobra Commander man. Not sure what it is really. Maybe some boats landing in 1780 or whatever.

  4. I'm not the world's most enthusiastic driver, but I do prefer a manual car over an automatic. Autos feel like you're driving a dodgem car.

  5. So did you buy her a bouquet of flounders? haha - I crack myself up!!

  6. I am visualizing how they would be arranged.

  7. Your mum's not really trying in the BP stakes. We knocked her into a cocked hat ('scuse the expression) 18 months ago when my gobsmacked GP read out a figure of 230/140. Followed up the reading with a request that I leave the building immediately as she had never lost a patient on the premises in 200 years of practice and she was not about to start - well, not before morning tea.

    I have lived to tell the tale - JUST!

  8. Impressive figure M'lord. Wonder what the record is.

  9. I knew the wine, wild women and smutty songs would get him in the end.

  10. "would get him in the end"

    That is a very Siddy Vicious rumour wicked Witch of the Worst!

    We touch our toes in the shower for no one. (Butt no one!!)