Thursday, January 04, 2007

Old casino man in a royale frock

Ah, I am getting old and confused.

We saw the Barry Humphries exhibition at the Arts Centre today. There was some memorabilia, some recreations Mrs Edna Everage's Moonee Ponds home with original fittings, fixtures, furniture and appliances. It could have been better, but well worth every cent of the free admission.

I did like the mock up cover of Mrs Everage in a cooking mag. Something like 'Cooking seafood and dealing with crabs'.

Not everyone likes the Dame Edna, eh DB, but we like Barry Humphries enough to go and see his show at the Arts Centre on Friday night. It was booked for us a long time ago by a friend who gets cheapish tickets. He is 73 and cannot perform forever. I expect this will be the last time we will see him on stage.

Then onto Hoyts at Melbourne Central to see Casino Royale, my first James Bond film. It was quite good and certainly held your attention. Fantastic that Dame Judi Dench has been introduced to a younger audience. She was wonderful as always. Why are women in love with the actor who played James Bond? If I want an old man, I can just stay at home. I never really got the Bryan Brown thing either.

But oh, the noise. I had stuffed a tissue in my pocket intending to clean my sunglasses and specs on the tram on the way in. I ripped it up in the theatre and stuffed it in my ears. The first part was especially loud and put me in a bad frame of mind for the rest of the movie. Maybe it is the type of movies I usually see, but I haven't encountered excessive volume for a few years.

I am surprised how clear the water in Venice was when the house sank. Did you go there Rosanna? Can you confirm Venice canal water is crystal clear?


  1. Talking about Venice ...

    I watched the movie, 'The English Patient' twice this week (it's one of those movies that get better with each viewing) and 'Death in Venice'. (I can't believe how much time I suddenly have now that I'm blog-free.)

    It was interesting that Venice beach used in the both movies is the same although the beach sheds are a 'tad' more modern in TEP.

    Happy New Year, Andrew.

  2. Oh ,,, and I really didn't like the actor in Casino, he seemed so different to previous Bonds and not in the least bit sexy.

  3. I find Edna funny, I just think she's waaaaay overexposed. And how many profiles of Barry Humphries do we need to read?

  4. Thanks Ron. To you also.

    Yeah Daniel, forgot about the profile bit. I saw his/hers show twenty odd years ago and pretty well ignored it all since then. Will it just be more of the same or is he extra good now? We will see.

  5. I'm right with you about the noise of movies these days. Sometimes I lean back in the seat trying to get away from it but it does drown out the popcorn munchers.

  6. English Patient is a bi-annual thing for me. I love it!

    Pity about the new bond - Brosnan made hairy chests cool again!

    As for noisy films, I have had similar problems with other films, Alexander was a notable one. We're not getting old! They're just getting LOUDER!

  7. The volume is always way too loud at the movies..... ggrrrrrrrrrr

  8. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Venice absolutely shocked me Andrew. The water IS crystal clear and no one could tell me why. It is honestly the richest, deep blue and so beautifully clear. I asked if people go swimming in the canals in summer - but apparently they are deathly polluted by the boat petrol, rubbish etc.

    So I'm confused - they're polluted, but the water looks the cleanest I have EVER seen?


    I absolutely love Judi Dench. She has always been wonderful and always very dependable. I love her best in Mrs Henderson Presents.

    Haven't seen Casino Royale yet - should I?

    Barry Humphries lives just near me, and fought for Camberwell station not to be rebuilt. For that, I respect him.

  9. I don't think I would recommend Casino Roayle unless you like action movies. Save yourself for the yet to open new movie with Judi Dench in it. Sorry, can't remember the name but it looks great.

    Yes, Barry, along with Dame M's friend Geoffory Rush were two very public figures against the redevelopment and I am not sure that it is all over yet. Like Camberwell Junction needs more people and cars.

  10. Anonymous8:47 pm

    I am glad they did, also. Camberwell is my local shopping district - and I am glad to high profile people decided to join in on the fight.

    Argued with a colleague today who went to Venice also. They agree that the water is extraordinarily clear, but also insanely polluted.

    Very confusing. But it is certainly a beautiful sight to behold.

  11. Anonymous9:51 am

    OKAY, but how do you feel about the new Bond Daniel Craig? Hot or Not?

  12. Barry Humphreys? I put him in the same basket as Germain Greer, a twisted ex pat who think they still know what's going on back home...

    Judi Dench has played M for about the last 5 JB films, well since Goldeneye anyway. After Robert Llewellin died, John Cleese took up the roll of Q (the gadget man) in the last two films, but didn't make an appearance in Casino Royale.

    Venice is probably like Sydney Harbour, all the heavy metals just sink to the bottom and the top remains crystal clear. Besides, the dry bits of the city flood every autumn, and people just wade through it in bare feet...

  13. Anonymous9:05 pm

    They flood all the time. Flooded when I was there, and I walked through bare-foot. Everybody does. Or you walk on tables but the tables aint everywhere kids.

    Apparently all the pollution sinks, as per Ben.

  14. Snip for Jess.

    Why are women in love with the actor who played James Bond? If I want an old man, I can just stay at home.

    Not my type.

  15. I kinda agree Ben, but there no doubting his performing talent or energy.