Sunday, January 28, 2007


Highriser has nothing to report, has not done anything interesting, has not been anywhere except work, has not eaten anything interesting, has no pictures to share and has no opinion on anything much at the moment, so there is no post.

Although, we did have dinner at one our fave Indian restaurants last night in company of the brother friends. Bali Da Dhaba in Ripponlea was excellent and as busy as usual but I refuse to to ever order a banquet again. On the way home we called into the Balaclava Hotel to say hello to Dame M, her boarder and his hairdresser friend. They were just about to eat and Dame M was having drinks trouble. Only she gets table service for drinks. She had ordered a Bloody Mary but the waitress got confused and brought her a double strength Bloody Mary and asked Dame M for ten dollars. Dame M refused and the lass brought her the correct drink. I suggested to Dame M that she should have split the difference at say seven dollars and accepted the first drink. Dame M said she would have passed out with that much to drink (no doubt on top of what she had already had over the day). She then said, to my amusement, you could have just pushed me under the table until I regained conciousness.

The hairdresser friend of Dame M's boarder has just bought a portable aircon unit. She said it struggles when it is hot and almost needs to be used like a fan, pointed directly onto yourself. I asked did she put the hose out the window and she said no, she has a hole in the bathroom wall and the air goes into the wall cavity. I told her it is more economical and cools better if the unit goes on early before the room gets too hot.

Edited SMS from a friend:

I am on a tram going to East Coburg and there all these idiots going to Big Day Out who have no idea where they should get off the tram. For a start they should be a Royal Parade tram and they are getting off the tram all over the place to go to Big Day Out and they have absolutely no idea where they are supposed to be in relation to the the tram line. Like lemmings one group got off at Lygon and Elgin Street because a lot of people got off there. I tried to help, but it just got too hard. The worst was the one who asked around when the tram reached Moreland Road. I thought the event was sold out. They were smart enough to buy tickets, but not smart enough to see where it actually was being held and how to get there. Idiot youth. Suppose they will work it out eventually and get there. PS. You are a hot sexy f***er, hope we can meet up soon.

Well, I did say it was edited.


  1. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Ah, I had a good laugh Andrew. A very good laugh.

    Rosanna has nothing more to say.

  2. Is that the one just down from the train station? If it is, you're not wrong about the place! Been there a couple of times years ago and it was first rate. Should go back soon (and mind where I step)

  3. Yeah it is Rob and never changes. A Mr Scully lives nearby just over the tracks.

    Why mind where you step?