Monday, January 22, 2007

Myer christmas window

Did we all see the Melbourne's Myer christmas windows? They were rather good this year with a strong Aussie theme. Them were based on a book by Mem Fox. I have heard her talk on the wireless. Wouldn't you like a name like Mem Fox? The book was something about wombats and or Australian critters. Our friend in Japan likes wombats and when she was here in Melbourne a few weeks ago, she did catch the Myer window christmas display. As a christmas gift we bought her the book.

But a problem with the windows arose soon after the display opened. It would seem the positioning of a couple of animated koalas could have led to a misinterpretation of what they were doing. I understand one was trying to help the other put on some clothing. Children wondered why adults found the window display so amusing. Before too many people saw them, the koalas were removed from the display and they went into storage.

Reminds me, we are approaching Sydney Mardi Gras time and Dimmeys' Richmond store will have a suitably appropriate male manequin window display.

It seems Melbourne's gay and lesbian radio station, Joy Melbourne, managed to aquire the koalas for use on their float in yesterday's gay Pride March in St Kilda. I had to work, so I could not attend and I am not sure how they went down.

Of course, someone has taken a video of them in the Myer window and of course, it has been uploaded to youtube. They look to be very happy koalas.


  1. Anonymous3:11 pm

    You know, someone told me about this thing when I was in Paris! Apparently it was on The Age website that the two koalas got stuck in a comprimising situation.

  2. There's a precedent to this. Look at the underside of the Royal Doulton Peter Rabbit/Bunnykins ceramics. What is revealed is a quite unambiguous interpretation of what they were doing.

    Well, they are rabbits aren't they. (The gender of the two is the only ambiguous element.)

  3. The important Aussie news gets to Paris.

    Now M'lord, I heard about this quite a few years ago and I recall looking at the china once in a shop, but I did not think to turn it over. I bet the kiddies love the rabbits being friendly.

  4. *LOL* So peeved I missed seeing them. Thank goodness for YT.

  5. Nothing is sacred or can be removed in time now hey Ren.