Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More on the lift lock up

Someone else wrote about our recent lift experience. Some of it is correct. The person, R, in the adjacent lift did not become increasingly agitated. I don't know if I should show this article to R. He may go and give the author's beard a good yanking a la Bunyip Bluegum.

Later addition: Should I send him an email correcting his errors? I am not sure I want him to know who I am.


  1. You can thank your lucky stars it was the wife and not him. Just the thought of being stuck in a lift with him for a couple of hours would be enough to make me wanna slit my wrists.

    Makes me think of that cereal commercial on tv.

  2. I could have been famous. He may have talked about me on air, maybe publicised my blog. But as I can't bear the radio station he works for, it is as you say. Thank my lucky stars.