Monday, January 29, 2007

The mighty Diamantina

I am excited. The mighty Diamantina River in parched and arid central Australia is flowing, well actually flooded. The water is making it's way to the below sea level Lake Eyre which has been an empty salt pan for a few years. Many rivers in the area only flow some years and they all empty in Lake Eyre, that is if their water does not disappear for it reaches the lake.

Lake Eyre full of water will see a hive of creature breeding activity, both land based and water based. It will also bring forth green and colour across the land. Within a short time the water will evaporate and soak into the ground and for perhaps many subsequent years, the lake won't receive water again. Perhaps you can liken it to a camel that can go for long periods without water, but here we could be talking nearly a decade.

The last filling I can establish was 1989, but figures are flaky. There are actually two lakes, north and south and sometimes one fills and overflows into the other and vice a versa, depending where the rain has fallen.

Populate inland Australia, I don't think so.

And it will rain again here kiddies, don't fret. You will once again hear Victorian flood warnings. Trust me.


  1. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Your enthusiasm is contagious.

  2. When Lake Eyre blooms and the birds all fly in,
    charter-plane business booms as thousands pay to fly over it.
    Isn't Australia wonderful?

  3. I truly reckon it is at times Brownie.

  4. The best documentary I've ever seen was the water rolling into Lake Eyre. It just spreads across the desert in a vast pool.

  5. I was up there when it flooded last (it may well have been 89. Memory is not calender dated) and discovered several things
    1. I don't get along with light planes
    2. Buses, even mini-buses, can catch on fire during use
    3. There is nothing weirder than walking through water for hundreds of metres and it being the same level as far as the eye can see.
    4. Central Australia is the 'fresh hell' described in 'The Proposition'. It's bloody hot.

  6. Best viewed via the net eh Rob.