Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The House Guest

I don't think I have mentioned it yet. Mainly because I am not sure that it is very interesting for my blog, but that never normally stops me does it?

Our ex Melbourne friend who is teaching in Northern Japan has returned to Australia for a couple of weeks been staying with us off and on since cmas. I was quite ill the day she arrived at our place and dared not even hug her, lest I transmit my lurgy.

She is an easy house guest. She comes and goes and has so many people to catch up with and we probably won't see her much over the last week before she departs. But we have done plenty of stuff together already.

Since she reads my blog, I can't say too much, but of course that immediately says something. What am I hiding? Nothing at all. It is great to see her and we have enjoyed having her stay. It has been interesting to learn of her local Melbourne friends, most of whom we have met at some point. Tales of living in Japan are fascinating of course, especially so as it is only a small town where she lives and works.

So with another bottle of Choya under her arm, she can stay any time she likes.

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