Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hot Guys and Jamie

Beauty and the Bum always has lots of pictures of hot looking guys. Have a look at this post for instance. But really for mine they may as well be cardboard cutouts or plastic dolls. They don't look human. Even Jamie Durie looked like that when he was young and posing, but now is older (37 I just read, but I am a little sceptical) he is just one very handsome man. (I'll fight you for him Bitch)

Now he switched to the lesser of two evils, I expect I will see quite a lot of him over the next year or so.


  1. Bring it on Andrew, or game on mole or something like that.

    "The Seven Network has pounced on dumped television personality Jamie Durie"

    Who wouldn't wannapounce on him???

  2. Jo, we can console ourselves with the knowledge that our high expectations would surely not be met. But oh, what a handbag.


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