Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Cmas boss

After twenty blah blah years of loyal service, what was my cmas bonus? A friend one year about ten years ago got $2000 but the following year he had a nervous breakdown. Our body corp this year gave our building manager a $100 voucher and the two under staff $50 vouchers each.

Well. don't expect me to care to the point of having a nervous breakdown boss. I have heard via the net that we were to receive a calendar for cmas. I saw a workmate the other day carrying a paper bag with handles on it. Perhaps it had the calendar in it. Perhaps he chased after his cmas bonus, the calendar. I am not really the type to do that. Asking for your Cmas present? I don't think so.

My loyal patronage to companies who appreciate me being a customer ensures I have plenty of calendars already anyway.

Well never mind boss. Maybe next year. But you will understand why I feel a little bitter. You will understand why I may not perform to your full expectations. I will perform my duties in a satisfactory manner, no less and certainly no more.

Highriser's inaugural pre cmas annual sports awards

I don't know much about surfing, but Layne Beachley has got to worth a gong. What a long term stayer and what an achiever. Me 'at off to you cobberess. May your waves come often.

I don't know much about footyball, the Aussie version. No stand outs really. Not even a bothering of a team mate's wife by a fellow player this year, that we have heard about. Just some bad behaviour after clubbing. I give the award to Akermanis, the master of bluff. Brisbane's loss is Footscray's gain.

I don't know much about cricket but who could not know about Warne'ee? A brilliant bowler, it would seem. I think we would still know about him without the scandals. He must be a big boy down there and good at 'the romp' as well as being very sexually driven. Naughty, naughty Shane. Drinking, smoking, texting, root rat. Text me mate.

I really don't know anything about golf, a birdie from a wedgie, but a black US soldier poking a Thai lass while on r&r from the Vietnam war in Pattaya seems to have produced a golfer that everyone will remember. Go Tiger Woods.

I don't know much about swimming. Someone retired, but shallow shallow me, I have forgotten who. The water treading award goes to me, who managed to spend many hours in the pool this year without actually swimming a stroke.

I don't really know much about tennis. But this very common tennis playing bloke from Adelaide married an even more common lass and they live just down the road, devaluing highrise property as I type. They live in Y E, which used to be known as YVE, until someone knocked orf the V.

Bored by all this sporting chit chat now. It has exceeded my attention span. Lifetime achievement award to retired Aussie Rules footballer and now horse fancier and cyclist Peter 'Crackers' Keenan. He is a very witty bloke. He makes me laugh when I hear him talk and says things no one else would dare to.

Me and Mrs Jones or 'who is to blame?'

I like Mrs Jones, wife of Barry O. Jones ex Labor Party apparatchik. Every working day I drive past her lovely garden, with beautiful roses over arches, falling creepers over walls and the most stunning bouganvillea (Rasberrry Ice?) spilling over her garden fence. She works hard at her garden and I ofter see her pottering about with a tool in her hand.

But what is to happen to her garden if we have stop watering gardens unless it is recycled water? Maybe she has a facility set up to do so already. I guess they can afford the cost.

I heard a tragic tale of a old woman with a large garden. The property had been in her family for three generations and over that time the garden had been established and improved on and it is now a stunning garden.

But she is an old women. If she can't turn her watering sprinklers on, the garden will wither and die. Watering by buckets is beyond her. 150 years perhaps, dead history.

Our normally beautiful park lawns in the Botanic Gardens, Royal Domain, St Kilda Road median strips, City Square, Library lawns, in fact everywhere are dry. The water has been switched off and the grass is brown. They will come back when it rains, up to a point, but some will never really recover. Heavily trafficked places like the Library will have to replanted I think and what an expense.

It looks terrible for tourists who come to see our beautiful gardens. Along with brown and dying grass, not a fountain is working, not a building's water feature is operating.

It is a disgrace and blame must go majorly to the Victorian state government for nor ensuring our city has a adequate water supply. Yes, weather patterns are changing. We green loons have known that for a while. It is called the 'greenhouse effect'. Not a new phrase exactly and while I thought it might mean more humidity and rain for us, it hasn't. Now we are running out of water, all governments are starting to react. A little too late. Australia has always been a country of periodic droughts. Nothing new there. El Nino has been known about for a while too. So why hasn't our water supply been assured?

I remember helping my grandparents bucket water their garden in 1968 I think. Severe drought. Nearly forty years later we are almost in the same position. We just keep adding more and more people without the infrastructure.

I may as well go back to the farm where I grew up; to the two inches of muddy water in the bottom of the bath to bathe in and picking the mosquito lavae and bits of frogs out of the drinking water.

There are so many ways to manage our water better. Why wasn't a start made years ago?

Forty years on, I still have to worry about the lack of water and watch gardens and lawns die. To keep our show piece gardens and trees alive and well would not take much water. I just know it is alarmist propagander, being seen to be proactive. Not good enough Bolte/Hamer/Thompson/Cain/Kirner/Kennett/Bracks.

Music from me yoof #94

I have liked this song for a long time. It is the current ringtone on my mobile phone and since I rarely get a mobile call, I have been known to ring myself from the home phone just to hear it.

The sound is out of sync with the vid and I don't know anything about Martha and Muffins but I did just check and they have a website with a very logical address. Here is Echo Beach.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


We have had another two days of breathing smoke in our fair but brown city. Victoria continues to burn.

There is quite a lot on the net about the bushfires. And they are bushfires, not forrest fires. The ABC has a useful and very current site but also there is an ABC historical site about the 1939 fires. I can't exactly recall the contents as it is a long time since I read it.

There is no comparison between the way we deal fires now and back then when 71 people died. We have come a long way with our methods and approaches, some typically Australian and others imported from overseas.

Even to compare now to back in 1983 when 47 lives were lost, there is still a gulf between then and now.

It is hard to imagine so many lives being lost now but it still could happen. Everyone is prepared for the fires we know about. A lot of preventative preparation has been achieved. But like driving, it is not necessarily what you see and avoid that is the worry. It is the out of the blue event, like sitting innocently at a red light and having a truck with no brakes plough into the back of you.

Some rain is on the horizon but we really need a good drenching to put the fires totally out. Even if they are put out, it is early summer still, with a long, hot and dry summer forecast and without doubt there will be more.

The professional and volunteer fire fighters deserve a mention. It is hard yakka whether they are paid or not. I think we may be approaching the time when volunteers may participate less in fire fighting and the presumably better trained professionals take a greater role. But there will always be a place for volunteer fire fighters in country towns.

What we need to fear most is a conflagration and it will only take the right combination of wind and heat and there is little that can be done to stop such a monster.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Clobber

Although I used to make a big effort when I was younger, I am no longer a gay fashion plate. Apart from ultra low hanging jeans on guys that I think look silly and exposed stomachs on women who do not have a flat stomach, I am quite happy with what young people wear. I qualify that with some young guys can look almost ok with ultra low hanging jeans, but they are usually gay and/or it is a studied effort.

Apart from the occasional dribble/food stain on a top before her eye surgery, Dame M dresses well. She always covers up the nether regions with something loose. Given she is over eighty and I don't want to think about what an eighty year old body looks like let alone see the outlines of it, this is a good practice.

But I had a couple of bad visual experiences today from younger women who should know better. They were not unattactive nor overweight, but it was made worse by me walking behind them for some distance.

The first was nicely dressed but as she walked, her lower rear panty line under her slack met with a natural creases in her rear to make quite a difinitive line. This is obviously going to be a ass sag point for her in the future. Left right, left right the creases went as she walked. I have heard of an ad called 'no knickers'. Perhaps she should watch more tv.

The second was worse really. She had squared off underwear under her slack, but the underwear had ridden overhalf way up her rear, but clearly there was a middle bit to the underwear which was still in place but buried deeply. The bare flesh of her lower rear was clearly obvious.

Maybe these wardrobe accidents are stimulating to straight guys, but I think they just looked silly.

My advice is do not ask your boyfriend/husband/partner if your ass looks big in this. Ask him if there is anything wrong or something that may embarrass him?

Lest you think I am only having a go at women, gay men 40+ should only wear sleeveless tops if they are exceptionally well built, and even then they will still look 40+ and it better for older men to button their shirts up to the second last button. No one really want to see your grey chest hair and mottly sun damaged skin.

Evening Out, Priceless

Better than priceless, profitable.

Dinner for two at The Pub at the Crown Entertainment Centre, aka the Casino - $1.70 (A charging error in our favour)

My gambling investment $5. My losses $5

R's gambling investment $20. Winnings $74. His profit, $54.

Me 3 at six dollars each equals eighteen dollars, less six dollars when I was given white wine instead of red but was allowed to drink the white too. Toal cost $12
R, one schooner of beer, cost $6 plus one free drink with his meal.

Transport - free

Walked to Casino
Received lift from a friend home.

= $29.30 profit after a meal, drinks and a bit of entertainment. And we saw the animated cmas display.

We should go more often.

NB For those I have encouraged to gamble, R is well behind by tens of dollars in the ulitmate scheme of things. I am too but less as I only spend $5.

Trouble in the highrise #33 (Updated)

Hi D.
We seem to have a problem on our floor with apartment ***. I am unsure of the status of ownership, but tenants recently moved out and it is undergoing a renovation.
Last Thursday carpet layers worked until 8pm and left a mess of carpet bits in both lifts and on our landing. I spoke with one of the carpet layers and he said he would do his best to clean up, but did not. I asked H about it the next day and he did not know anything about it but obligingly cleaned up the mess. I think lift protection should be up when carpet is moved in and out. I suggested to H that he should report the matter to you.
Yesterday the apartment front door was given an undercoat and then today the front door and adjacent skirting has been painted with a white, oil based gloss. As every door throughout the building is a standard colour, it rather stands out.
Clearly the owners are unaware of body corporate rules, although I know H has given them a copy.
I feel this matter really needs your attention. The carpet business is now past, but I don't think we can live with the odd coloured door and skirting at ***.
Best seasonal wishes,

And the reply

Thanks Andrew.
Definitely not correct procedure or protocol.
I will get right on to it,
Thanks for letting me know.


Dear Andrew,
I have tracked it down to an owner occupier who has just moved in and re-carpetted and painted their front door. They have been told that they did NOT follow protocol in the processes and that they will have to repaint their door if the correct colour was not used. Still investigating.

Further Update

Yes *** has not started things on a very good foot at all. I arrived at the building yesterday after 4pm and there was stuff all around the lift. P and I spoke to the owner who indicated that he had finished moving at 4.20pm and that he only had small items to bring in by hand, so P removed the lift protector. At 5pm N buzzed me and I went down to the foyer to find stuff all around the lift and guys trollying in more items.
Anyway, following Andrew's email yesterday the colour used to paint the door is not the same as the others it has been painted white and the others are not white. I attach photo to assist you in this matter. We should not ask them to rectify but rather have our own painter come in to fix it at their cost. If the painter is unable to match due to aging etc. it may mean that we will need to paint the entire floor and bill it to the owner. Anyway we will leave it to you.

On another matter, *** is a new owner occupier and not starting out to a very good foot. First of all he claims he booked the lift for his carpet but H did not have it down on the book. He claims the door colour is exactly the same as the others - I haven't checked yet. He did book the lift this afternoon from 2-4 but his truck broke down and did not arrive until 10 minutes to 4! H rang me and I spoke to the owner who said he could not help it and that he only had a few large items and the rest he could carry by hand. We agreed that H would put up the pads and he could have 20 minutes for his large items, then not lock off the lift after that. I told H to have P monitor the situation over the next hour or so. It is very difficult with an owner occupier. We could send a tenant away but an owner is a bit different consideration as you really can't deny them access to the building - we have been around this one before. Anyway he did seem to want to cooperate and offered to pay the Caretaker's time as he was going over the 4 pm deadline.

Dear all,
It is too bad that an owner would not respect rules and protocols, but there is little we can do but charge him for his transgreesions.
We will attend to the paint/repaint of the door.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Clarifying the road laws

I think that when you face a Give Way sign, you must give way to all vehicles. Twice in the last week at the same location, vehicles tried to not give way to me when they were facing a Give Way sign and I was turning right into my car park access street.

Today it would have been easier to just let the car go in front of me, but my sense of self righteousness and many years of practice at bluffing made me force her to reverse out of my way.

I am usually a forgiving driver when I am in my car and I tend to let people push or zip in or reduce my braking distance. While it can be annoying, in the ultimate scheme of things, I don't loose sleep over it.

But in this case, SHE, the ASIAN girl, the P PLATER, in a dark VOLVO, just went too far. As did HE, the last time, the ASIAN guy, the P PLATER, in an black TOYOTA 4WD PRADO.

I may be old and white and drive an old car, but road rules are one of the last bastions of egalitarianism left in Australia. Young people in smart cars do not have road rights over me.

All in a name

How marvellously simple Sydney Buses is for name. No confusion, the name says it all. The same goes for the ferries, Sydney Ferries. Sadly it is a bit let down by CityRail.

In Melbourne we have a plethora of names to remember. Yarra Trams, Connex for trains, numurous city bus lines and inner suburban ones. Then there is Metlink and Onelink and Metcard. Soon we will use Myki.

Still at least we don't still have Bayside and Hillside trains, and Yarra and Swanston trams as we did in the past.

Who oversees all these companys? The fearsome DOI, Department of Infrastructure, the modern day equivalent of the also fearsome Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works. It's role is a bit different, but is an extremely powerful government department, and one which many people do not know about.

One thing for sure, I can bet you London to a brick that if the MMBW was still in existance, we would not have the severe water restrictions we now have. It would have made sure we had plenty of water. It would have dammed the Dandenongs if it thought it could get away with it. Much simpler times. We are reaping the rewards now.


Day off tomorrow and I have a dilemma. Do I go to great Aunt's funeral at 1o.30 or do I form part of a guard of honour for the new Green MPs at parliament house for their first parliamentary sitting, also at 10.30? There is a third option too.

Who knows me well and wants to have a guess what I will do or where I will be?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The weekend that was

Barbecue at a friend's place Saturday night, very pleasant with people known and new people met. Laughter is good. There was much of it. Admire cmas lighting on house. Hopefully photo to come. Home and watch The Bill on tape and knock off cmas cake brandy.

Sunday, phone call from mother to tell me my great aunt Lal (Charlotte) has died at 98 I think.

Tourist bus from Shrine to William Street in the city, interesting.

Fish and chips at New Quay, Docklands, yum.

Wave to ex building manager's wife on her balcony of a New Quay highrise, hope she doesn't think we are stalking her. We met her for coffee last Monday.

Water Taxi to Federation wharf, pleasant in the sun and the cool breeze.

Excellent coffee at Riverland Bar and Cafe on Federation Wharf on the banks of the Yarra. (The old Batman Avenue vaults)

Home in time for a nanna nap, a clean of exhaust vents on balcony and living room windows and watch taped Australia's most disliked songs, or something like that. Shud Uppa Ya Face was number one.

Satay chicken for dinner.

Watch funny Spicks and Specks cmas tv show. Fantasize about Adam Hills and wonder what he looks like below the ankle since he is missing a foot. Also wonder what he looks like between his stomach and upper thighs.

Watch very good show on commercial tv about Lizzie Battenberg.

Conclude the evening with the remains of ABC tv's Compass, an interview with our new federal opposition leader, Krudd.

And along the way there was a little computer use.

Bed time for young men now. I bid you adieu.

Youtube comments

It should not be a surprise, but I have now realised that I am among an elite. Bloggers write. Why? Because they like writing. I suspect they like words. They like sentence construction. Some even like punctuation and grammar. Whatever, your common garden variety blogger likes writing. Most blogs I have read are quality, albeit with varying styles.

But whoa, youtube commenters. I have some youtube clips available and while there may be an exception or two, what a lot of crap commenters say. Content and style. For one music clip I had to switch off the comments and delete the existing comments. Homophobic, sexist, defensive and ridiculous nonsense.

I have a Myspace account but I have never investigate Myspace much. I expect it is much the same.