Saturday, December 16, 2006

The dumb and the cruel

This women has done nothing for the reputation of blondes or models. According to witnesses her phone rang while she is out walking the baby and the pusher rolls into the Adelaide's Torrens River and the baby drowns.

She was just stupid. Read about it at The Age.

Also from The Age, this bloke is very lucky I am not a magistrate. I would have sent him to jail for a long time for his hour spent shooting at and killing endangered fur seals. His life ruined indeed. Seems the ploy worked as he received a lenient sentence. I hope the prosecution appeals.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Who is this Coit

We were walking in Little Bourke Street in the city, Chinatwon actually, and there were a couple walking in front of us and the bloke said to the girl, 'Look, there's Rodney Coit eating in there'. He may have said Stephen Coit. I am not sure now as it was a few weeks ago.

The way he said it, this person was famous and the name sort of rings a bell. Of course I am not sure of the spelling since I don't know who it is.

Assuming he is Australian, does anyone know of a famous Coit?

Damn blogger beta

Is anyone else having a problem making comments on a beta blogger blog ? Beta blogger is not happy to accept my blogger account to comment and wants me to used my google account.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Victoria Burns

I feel a bit distressed. I know these places. They are places of my childhood. From The Age newspaper.

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) said properties had been destroyed in the small communities of Toongabbie, Cowwarr and Seaton in the Heyfield area of Gippsland.

And what will I wake to tomorrow?

The authorities have been warned that the fire front could affect the Walhalla, Coopers Creek and Happy Go Lucky communities.

I have learned memories of when Walhalla was completely burnt out and many lives lost.

Stop laughing folks, this is serious. (old Australian cartoon for you o/s people)

I may write something sensible about the fires tomorrow if I am well enough. I have called into to work as unwell for tomorrow. I forecast a miraculous recovery from illness at about eight a.m. so I may then use the time to catch up with many undone tasks.

Music of my yoof #100

I never took much notice of our Kyles when she was on tv. I vaguely recall her singing Locmotion. Just flowed over me really. I know many people dislike her or don't like her music. I like some of her music but I think she is a fabulous celebrity and ever so sexy. When I saw this clip, I thought perhaps I should turn straight (the first person to snicker, go to the back of the room).

I downloaded the video clip from the net not long after the track was released and it is a gloriously crystal clear vid to watch.

You are only getting the little version of Kylie Minogue and Can't get you out of my Head.

Apology from The Sydney Morning Herald

The mind boggles as to what the content of this story may have been.

Apology to our readers

December 14, 2006 - 6:16PM

An error led to the publication for a brief period today of a fictitious story.

The story, published during a training exercise, has been removed.

The individual involved has been reprimanded.

The website will rectify its editorial procedures as needed.

Nature's fury

In my absence from home yesterday, something I suspect that has white feathers and a yellow crest, decided to have some fun. The plant cost $1.99 and I nearly threw it out the other day after it had nearly finished flowering but then I noticed some new buds, so I kept it. It may recover I suppose. The victim and a representation of the culprits.

Sister is .......

Longer term readers with good memories may recall I wrote about sister and her girlfriend about this time last year or even earlier. I received some exciting news last night but I better keep it to myself until it is offically announced to the shocked family on cmas day.

I think I will remember this cmas better than some in the past.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Neighbourly Drinkies

R is our body corp committee representative at the moment. I am just the manipulative bitch behind the throne. He was invited for season's drinkies somewhere up the top of the building, along with other committee members, building staff and some building management. I was not.

I predicted what would happen pefectly, so I busied myself in the kitchen and I did not shower and change when arrived home. Drinks were at 7.30.

7.45 phone rings. R asks if I would like to come up for a drink. No, I am halfway through cooking.

8.15 phone rings. R asks if I can come up for a drink. Everyone is asking about me. No, I am halfway through eating, I haven't showered or changed.

10.00pm R arrives home. I knew he would say I was being precious by not going up for a drink. He said I was being precious by not going up for a drink. The organiser was very apologetic about not asking me directly. I had made my precious point. I am not an also ran.

Besides, I will see most of them at a neighbour's drinkies on Friday night. Once in a week is plenty.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I understand that now, if you want to become an Aussie citizen, you have to define mateship. Fortunately I think it is a multiple choice question and I hope the alternative answers are ridiculous.

The only person I have ever heard utter the word mateship is our Prime Minister. What an odd fellow he is, but clever mind you.

I could not put mateship into words and nor could I define Australian values, but I don't think that it or they are so different from what happens anywhere in the world.

While there are some very notable exceptions, generally, people around the world care and look after their neighbours and their friends and are charitable towards those who have less than themselves.

Somehow, our PM thinks this is perculiarly Australian. Isn't he a funny little fellow?

That time again, the stats

Seems a while since I have looked at the blog stats. What have people been steered to my blog about over this last period. This one is of concern, 'kiddie pedo fun'. No man, not here. You might have found the words but not the content.

Top of the list was 'is Hidetoshi Nakata gay?' I wish! Take a look for yourself here and see if you can work out. If he is please let me know and I will propose marriage.

The usual 'turn off Telstra 101'. I repeat, you switch it on with your phone, you switch if off by phoning Telstra.

Torn labia was there. Are you still getting hits for that Andy?

Most of them make sense to me, but Curlewis Street Jewish Murders? No idea.

Rent boys Mexico? Not really sure. Maybe a combo of Hecho en Mexico and rent boys.

Men's nipples sensitive? Only some mens are. The rest just need training.

Cristoli is yummy. Eat some today.

I will follow up this one into the detail though. 'Fines for misuse of communication cord.' I don't believe we have them anymore.

Safeway, Balaclava? Avoid it.

Stills from hot session with Simon Rex video? Ah yeah, the MTV host jerking off.

Cyclists bulges? Hmmmm

Adjectives for hate? You won't find those here, maybe some intolerance and grumpiness, but no hate.

Largest hung bitches? Go away please.

And I am unsure of the sexuality of Noah Hathaway and Scott Maslen too.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Moslem women

A little while ago among friends, we had a discussion about Moslem women and their clothing. We even had a gay Moslem man among us, but he did not offer an opinion.

It was a detailed discussion about the whole Moslem in Australia business and aside from the silent Moslem man, their was a Buddhist and a Hindu to offer their views, along with mostly WASPS and a catholic. No Jewish representation.

The general consensus was that if you come to a western country to live, then you adopt the country's ways, dress and language. By all means keep your traditional and religious clothing for your special days, but generally, you dress like as a westerner would, be it good or bad (don't let me start on the bad) (Ok, I will add this. If you are a moslem women and a anglo women says something to you about your head scarf, just say loudly, 'muffin')

But what really struck me was the real dislike of the Muslim letterbox women. That is the ones who cover up so that you can only see their eyes. Perhaps I suggested it, but all agreed, how can humans communicate with each other if they cannot see their face properly. We really depend on facial expression added to the words that we hear when talking to people. Even the lower form of our life, monkeys, chimps and apes depend on this. Just ain't natural.

Later edit: Just remembered that one of the Hindu bloke's boyfriend who was there too lives in Elsternwick. Add up two and two and I would guess he is Jewish.

Music Tief

What is the use of Kazaa and WinMx when I suddenly want to wallow in nostalgia and filch some Led Zeppelin music? Ok, I was inspired by watching the taped first half of Australia's Favourite Album.

You young people think you are so powerful. Well, you ain't. We baby boomers, even those on the low side cusp such as moi, can influence such polls. There was nothing in the tv show that I recall from 2000 on.

My vote, Skyhooks, Living in the 70s, did not get a mention. Must be Sydney bias.

Kiki, I do know about the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I vividly remember Kiedis running along the beach with his bouncing chest muscles and nipples in slow mo.

But you kiddies, get off Kazaa and WinMx when the odd occasion arises that I want steal some music. Aren't you supposed to be out clubbing and taking gbh? In my day we had to make do with dope, eckies and speed. You've got it made.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fed Square

(Thanks for this one Jess) Melbourne's Federation Square is as loved as it is hated. I like it, without being overboard about it.

I like the earthy pink tones and the undulations of the paving. Very fine for people fleet of foot, but not great for oldies or disabled. The interior is excellent and the contents varied and interesting. I love sitting in or just out of the Transport Bar and watching the world go by. One view is people and the passing parade of trams, another is the river its riverside walkway and then there is another position where you can watch Fed Square itself and the tall city buildings in the background.

Even its critics conceed Fed Square works well for large gatherings of people, be it rallies, stage performances, buskers or looking at a sporting event or similar on the big screen.

Before Fed Square it was a railway station at the base, the hated Princes Bridge Station, with a bare rooftop where naughty teenagers would gather in large mobs. This was roughly where the lower part is along with the information booth area. The information booth is a 'shard' and there were supposed to be two, but one was knocked back through public pressure as it would have blocked the view of St Pauls from the south. The architects still complain that not building the second shard ruined the design. I reckon building the one shard spoilt it.

As Jah Teh said, to the east a bit were the glorious brown brick Gas and Fuel buildings. As you can see in the picture, they really added something to the city and blended in to their surrounds beautifully. Their demolition is one of the few things I feel I can thank previous Premier Jeff Kennett for.

Pic is from Walking Melbourne, but it's original source is not known to me.

Dame M where she belongs

A friend's brother is getting married today. Dame M told R it is to be at Werribee Park Mansion.

Dame M went on.

"You know Karl", her late hsuband, "put in a tender to buy the place in the seventies".

"I had visions of being Lady of the Manor but I am glad he did not succeed as I no doubt would have ended up sitting at the front door selling tickets. I think the Catholic Church bought it (snort)"

(Photo courtesy Tourism Victoria)

Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Chorus

We attended last year and the year before.

This year our numbers were well down. Declinations and cancellations poured in, mainly due to it being a bluddy hot day. Dame M phoned three times during the day to encourage us to go, even though she was not going herself.

We thought we would just wander along for half an hour and come home after a couple of drinks.

Dame M's last call told us that C and K were there already there and had saved us a seat. Dame M calls them the 'mountain cattle women'. Ok, we will go. C & K are a couple of older lasses and somewhat stereotypical of their kind. They live on a large block at The Patch, they have two large dogs, they drive a station wagon and they have just spent six months camping all over the Northern Territory and South Australia. Oh yes, they both drink like fish and smoke like chimneys, rollies at that (make your own). We had a good time with them.

For one who is always whingeing about the heat, I did not find it too uncomfortable in the Prahran Market courtyard where once again we saw the Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Chorus and the Melbourne Rainbow Band perform 'Christmas Carols'. Maybe it was just because we stayed soberish and payed close attention this year that the performance seemed much improved on previous years. There was also a lot more audience participation. The day of people holding up their cigarette lighters has past, so we now make do with a mobile phone with the screen lit. It was a lot of fun.

Today was going to be a family catch up to celebrate my brother's birthday, a picnic or barbecue in a nice park perhaps. Alas no one wants to sit in thirty seven degree heat breathing in smoke from the bush fires, so I guess we will just be cooped up in my mother's small house with air con on.

(So that is the weekend that was Mirebella, well almost)