Friday, December 08, 2006


I have had a few bank phishing emails. For the purposes of this post, I was about to cut and paste some text from the last one, but then I realised it the whole thing was an active link, not just the url at the bottom of the email.

I went to the National Australia Bank email site and superficially, it looked convincing. I entered some fake detail of bank account and the next page I had to confirm my address and name etc. I put in more fake info. Then I clicked the 'finish' button and I was then taken to the real National Australia Bank home page. Very convincing.

I don't have much sympathy for people caught out by the so called 'Nigerian' type scams, and it would seem many are, but I do for some new to the net people caught out by bank phishing.

Fire to the coast

The media seems to have dropped the story of the bush fires burning to the Gippsland coast. Perhaps just as well. Unless there has been a huge reaforestation program since I was last in the area, admittedly quite a few years ago, there is not much to burn between the Princes Highway and the coast in that part of Gippsland.

In fact there is mostly cleared land on the northern side of the highway, so I doubt the fire will get anywhere near the Princes Highway.

Of course the fires are serious., very serious it would seem. While I will gleefully suck up all the details of any catastrophe, I really hope nothing much happens.

When I was a pre teen, fire approached our house in the foothills of Mount Baw Baw. My father told us that in a worse case scenario we would go to the dam and get in and cover ourselves with wet hessian sacks.

My father could occasionally be melodramatic. Given we were surrounded by acres of cleared land, we should have stayed busy putting out any spot fires from embers. Different times, different attitudes and knowledge. We saw the smoke a distance away, but it did not come to our place, although it did in 1939. Totally burnt out.

Speaking of 1939, I was pretty shocked about this Dame M tale.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Southern Cross Station

I have not seen it at night as yet but I like Southern Cross Sation well enough in the daylight. It is large and spacious, just like an important railway station should be. It seems to function pretty well too. Bugger the cost I say.

I do lament the loss of the name Spencer Street Station, but already there seems to be a generation already who have only known it as Southern Cross. I know it hasn't been open long, it just seems like people have adapted so quickly.

Even taken into account that this is a very skillfully taken photo, doesn't it just look stunning at night. Click the pic of course. It deserves it.

Picture is Copyright ©
Adam Dimech, 2006. This and other gorgeous photos can be found at

Too many sms

I like this guy as a sort of friend. I have known him a long time. He used to often bother me with phone calls. If I mentioned something like actually meeting, like lunch near his workplace in the city, he seemed to run a mile. But still he would ring. Eventually in a state of exaperation, I sent him a very to the point email. I never heard from him only a couple of times for couple of years.

At a weak moment, under the influence of the wicked Scottish Doctor, I sent him a late night sms vaugely apologising for our lack of communication. It all started again, except this time it was sms, not phone calls. For a while it was a bit of fun, but the sms are now so relentless and demanding, I have started to not answer them. I answer the ones that are easy and the rest I ignore. He complains a little at times, but he must appreciate that I don't sit at a desk being bored all day. I have a limited amount of time to sms and I don't like having my nose in the phone when R is home. Nose in the pc is ok, of course. We take turns.

I suppose he will get the message eventually that I like to hear from him, but not six times a day.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Open letter to Ms Fits

I don't believe Ms Fits reads my blog. I doubt she would have time to read anyone's blog. She is a busy person. She pops up in the paper, on the tv, the radio and of course is a respected blogger on the net.

Someone alerted me to your identity some time ago. I was impressed. Then I see you in print, on the wireless, on tv and I am subscribed to your blog.

Last night when looking for some info on something or t'other, I came across heaps more about you. Like the tv show Last Man Standing and a kiddies show and an award.

Not being a Herald Sun reader, I missed the attack and identity outing that the Bolt made on you. You gotta be doing something right if the Boer Bolter has a go at you.

Then something else came together, that women and her cop husband who rode motor bikes from England to Australia and updated us weekly on the radio.

I am half way through reading a book about your grand-daddy. What a fascinating character. The book for which he is best known still intrigues me. I met his sister before her tragic and untimely demise when she lived in a high rise in Beaconsfield Parade. We had a friend who lived in the same building. She was just as foul mouthed as you can be and she was always amusing. She had the cutting wit of a drag queen. And, I am old enough to have seen her on tv. My grandmother used to cover her mouth trying not to laugh in front of us kids when your great aunt came up with some double entendre. She was not the prettiest person on tv and always self deprecating about this, but she was not a person who you did not notice or could ignore. A much more niaeve Melbourne back then was very shocked when she died.

So Miss Fits, you have fine antecedents and I think some of your great aunt's talents must have rubbed off onto you. I expect we will hear a lot from you in the future.

The job

I have worked the same job for many years. It is a character fault of mine. But my superannuation has become very important. I cannot afford to leave and do something more to my taste.

As a senior time server person in my job, sometimes I am asked for advice. Mostly it is work related but sometimes a bit more personal. The first thing I think is why ask me for advice? Would I be doing this job if I was clever? What they say in the personal stuff really interests me but I am very cautious about offering advice on personal matters and a born and bred Aussie's advice on matters cultural is not usually appropriate.

I respond to them as best I can. I can't help them much with racism. Ok, I get called a pooftah, you get called a slope or black ****. Don't take it personally and learn to live with it. That you shouldn't have to is not the point.

But I must also be thought of as influential in some way. We have forthcoming local union elections. To me as a bit of a political person, it is a clear result already. The incumbent who has not really done anything wrong against a divided vote. Not a chance of the incumbent losing.

But the conspiritorial manner in which I have been approached by all parties and their supporters is most interesting. While it was not always the case, I keep my head pretty low at work now. I may well have some influence among certain ethnic groups, but I would never dare exercise it. Perhaps that is why I am a bit respected.

Hmmm, all very interesting. I feel like a factional leader, except I don't have a faction. Whoever wins, I will congratulate them and tell them how they deserve the victory.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Bad Days

In spite of getting many things done today, I feel I had a bad day. I just went through the motions and made at least one bad call, but nothing serious. I rarely feel like this, but today was just one of those days when I felt on edge, slightly pissed orf at nothing and dissatisfied.

The good:
Got car washed and vacummed.
Cleaned car interior windows.
Cleaned balcony, an over one hour job.
Had coffee out.
Investigated putting cmas lights on the balcony. That is a visit to an electrical shop and a phone call to step father.
Went for a walk with R to a recently renovated hotel in South Melbourne, The Water Rat (previously known as Druids and a couple of more recent names) corner of Park and Moray Streets, and had a couple of Stellas. The pub is stunning!
Had a souvlaki on the way home.
Watched a most interesting tv tale about the Bullen family of Bullen Circus fame.

The bad:
Woke up feeling crabby, most likely because I stayed up too late last night.
Went to Vintage Cellars and paid a premium price for bottles of wine instead of making more of an effort and driving on to Dan Murphys.
Experienced stress when parking meter would not work, even though I was only in Vintage Cellars for two minutes.
After not suffering from hayfever for years, I suddenly had an attack and I now remember how miserable it can make you feel. Fortunately it passed quickly.
Wasted too much time on 'the net'.
Wondered what the point of all this blogging is and will I ever have anything ever again to blog about. Seems I found something to say.

But my day was not too bad compared to Kimmie's. He was dumped as leader of the Federal Labor Party. While I wasn't keen on his political 'angles', I do feel he is an honourable an decent man. Then to top his not so good day off, his younger brother died this morning from an out of the blue heart attack.

Puts my problems into perspective a bit.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Matters Political #101

When I was a young person, I was fashionably hop, ahhh, hip, and I declared, as my compatriots did, that politics is boring and I was not interested. But I was not too old before I became very interested in Australia's political system and sadly I remain so.

So this post will probably be too long and quite boring to many, however, I go on.

State of Victoria:

Bracks is back. Not a bad thing. Oh for a long term visionary person, and he is not. But he has not done too badly. Teddy of the Baillieu dysnasty did not do too badly as an opponent. I always feel that if you are to be governed by the rich, it is better to be governed by the old rich rather than the new rich, such as Kennett or Howard. I am a person from the land, and Howard's father was a service station owner. Eek, how has the world changed.

Greens: Very mixed results. They did extremely well where you would expect them to, that is the inner city latte belt and pretty well held their own elsewhere. If we can't get the enviroment vaguely right, what hope is for us is there?

My Local: Gay icon John Thwaites in my electorate increased his vote, but the Lib, Clive Smith seems like an ok guy too. Greens did well too.

All history now, although the results are not fully known.

What about the future in the Federal arena.

I confess to being a misogynist, but if I hear one more person or media commentator say that there are problems with Julia Gillard as a candidate for leader because she does not have children, I will biff them. Surely it is preferable to not have children and totally devote yourself to leadership. But even if she had children, so what, let her husband, or perhaps it is 'partner', look after them while she runs the country.

As it is, she is running mate to Kevin Rudd, and is not in with a chance until he loses the next election.

Beasley, well he has had a good chance and he is an awful right winger for a Labor person. As in our State, he does not give a long term vision. Yesterday's man I think.

Oh, left out an opinion on Rudd. Clever bloke, from humble background. As an ex diplomat, he is a very skillfull talker, and I think he could be a very good administrator of Australia. But whether is politically acceptable, it remains to be seen. Close thin lips, small mouth, dunno if I could trust him.

Person in Liberal waiting: Smarmy git and one of those extreme type religion people. My brother works for Dollar Sweets, the company that Costello defended/prosecuted in court when it did horrible things to it's workers.

Person in Liberal waiting when all others fall: Abbott. I don't like him, but I would like to look at his pc and the 'interesting' web sites he visits. A repressive guilt laden religious person. I haven't even looked at the Aussie chick and horse prosecution news story yet that is in the media, bet he has and unloaded over his ape like overly hairy chest.

Howard for another term of government? He is the best politician I have ever known. That is not a recomendation on how to vote.

Biggest disappointment: Gotta be Garrett. Oh, the Oils. Where does he represent? Is that the oh so ugly Port Botany in Sydney? About what he deserves for his traitor like allegience.

Gillard for PM is my hope. But of course, she will disappoint at some stage.

Other states/territories. WA bloke is doing ok. Great things for public transport. SA bloke, not too bad. Beaty in QLD knows his electors well. Our Clare in NT, ohh, hard job, she is not too bad either. Iemma in NSW will be defeated by a donkey vote. NSW politicians are scum. How this state continues to function is something I don't understand. Dinasour Lennon in Tassie with his homosexual 70's moustach is scary. Ditch him quickly and get back to the millenium reinvention of Tasmania. Gays are welcome, our climate is deliciously cool with lots of fresh air. Nice cheese and our wine grapes are slow to ripen, but ever so delicious.

(All my opinions are the result of personal interest, reading a lot of newspapers, listening to a lot of wireless and tv current affairs and talking to people and listening............but I expect my IQ quotient is quite low)

(Save later for edit lest one makes a fool of oneself)

Music of me Yoof #91

For a young gay boy, Dead or Alive seemed terribly exotic and very camp. I was at a party, maybe my sister's twenty first, and the music from a dj had been pretty boring. Then this came on and I looked across the room to my sister and we both hit the dance floor like whirling dervishes.

Pete Burns is very well known now, especially in the UK where he was in a Big Brother or one of those such shows. He also has no issues about exposing himself for effect.

I have heard some ok recent remixes of the track, but I still like the original best.

Dead or Alive, You Spin Me 'Round.

Mobiles in Elsternwick

Saturday, shopping day. Sick of Prahran and all the poofs. Sick of the city and all the foreign students. Let's mix it with the Jews in Elsternwick. The tram ride was a mix of passengers, old, young, bohemian and down and out.

The first shop to grab us was a gift shop and we quickly spotted a cmas gift for my sister's girlfriend. Done, ticked off the list.

I find it hard to avoid mobile phone shops to check out what is new but R almost pushed me out of the way to get into the shop. Oh, yes, we are out of contracts. I have yet to see a phone that does more useful stuff than my present one, or one that looks much better.

But within ten minutes, R was seated and signing up for a new phone. He is on a twenty dollar monthly plan, ten dollars free calls/sms and a nominated person (me) who he can call anytime for three minutes for free. As it is a relatively cheap plan, there wasn't a lot of choice but a Telstra branded flip phone, I think made by Samsung, was not bad to look at and the freatures seemed ok. He really hated his old phone, mainly because their was no repeating sms nag facility. The salesman assured us this new one did, but we have yet to find it in the phone.

So, this afternoon, the housework did not get done and we et takeaway. Always allow plenty of time for playing with a new phone.

We then went on and had a bite to eat at Illy cafe. Very good food, lousy coffee. The food shopping was done at Coles, Elsternwick. What an abortion of a place, well overdue for a refit.

There were some nice memories from the past as we walked along the street. I remembered where the last Coles Variety store that I ever went to was located, for those in the know the 39 steps and the very old Hattams. Wonder if the Oakleigh Hattams store is still there? It really is a nice shopping centre, but a bit too far away to become a regular haunt.

I did note U turns are banned for the length of the street. Wish they would ban U turns in more shoppping areas.