Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dim Sim

Those of you who don't live in Melbourne may not know of our slightly famous place to buy a dimmie (dim sim) and those of you who don't live in Australia may not know what it is. If this is so, look it up as they are hard to describe.

Our slightly famous place to buy dim sims is the stall at South Melbourne Market. It is a family business that has been there for years.

The first crack came when I spotted 'famous South Melbourne Market dim sims' in a shop in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. My image of the family sitting around the kitchen table making dim sims dimmed.

Then their premises were done over by whoever checks cleanliness of premises these day and they were convicted and fined. But the queues did not diminish.

Now their factory has been been done over by the health authorities and they are convicted and fined again.

Well, I guess 'home made' is a freeish type term.

At the moment the stall is closed due to renovations of the market, due to re-open soon. I doubt it will have any impact on their trade at all.

The family who owns the business is of Asian extraction and all of the youngers speak perfect Australian. I was served by the older mother the last time I was there, she too speaks in perfect Australian. I am not sure about the stall founding father who recently died.

4WD Bullbar

I am sure regular readers can guess how I feel about 4WD vehicles in the city. There was one nearby our place the other day in front of the police station and a cop was taking photos of the monstrous wrap around bull bar with a nasty protrusion at the front, perhaps for being winched.

The car was big and and the bull bar threatening, but to be fair, it did look like the vehicle had seen some serious off road work. I was hoping that the owner was being prosecuted.

It occured to me later that perhaps he was seeking appoval for his surround defence protection.

I wonder if the Toorak blonde bimbos know what people think of them when they alight from the large shiny black monster? They represent so much I dislike about our fair city and country and it fascinates me as to how the stereotype so often fits.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Hunk from the past

He is wasted on his wife, with whom he cannot perform. But put him with a guy and he is an animal.

To me, it is the perfect male body, even if his six pack is no longer as obvious as it once was.

La Sag Ne

Niece: R (that's my partner) cooks the best lasagne in the world.

Niece's father: That's good. What about your Mum's? It's pretty good. Isn't her's better?

Niece: No, R's is much, much better. I could not stop eating it.

Father: Best not tell your mother.

In his sober moments my brother can be very wise.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Building Newsletter

It took a long time to do this. We are only amateurs and I guess we are a bit proud of it. We hand delivered it to under peoples doors this evening, in between putting up the cmas tree in the foyer. I wrote most of the text, R did the layout and any artistic merit it may have is his responsibility. Subject matter was many peoples calls. We wanted to reinforce some rules but not make it too heavy. Things like this make our building stand out from the normal highrise apartment block.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sea Shepherd

Cheap and mean as I am, I felt this was a very worthy cause to slip a large note to, so I did so. The ship is the Farley Mowat, owned by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Among other projects, they attempt to spoil illegal whale hunting by Japan.

It is moored at Melbourne’s Docklands for some fund raising and preparation before sailing south again for another tussle with the Japanese.

They have plenty of other projects too, as you will see by their website. One that comes to mind that is less controversial perhaps, is helping the authorities guard Galapogos Islands' enviroment.

I was shocked to learn that although Canada does not club baby seals to death anymore, they do club and shoot seals. The interesting bit is that a seal is classified as an adult at a couple of weeks old, a nice sleight of hand. (I heard this but I cannot confirm it)

PS It is hard taking a picture of a black ship in bright sunlight.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Vanuatu is some poxy island in the South Pacific full of French speaking people who like to overcharge Aussies who visit there. Although it was equally governed in it's earlier days by Britain and France, it has decided it is French. So let the bloody French look after it!

We are expending huge dollars trying to look after all these troublesome ex British colonies in the South Pacific, so let the French take a bit of responsbility for one of their own.

And how come all these tin pot islands have such good relations with New Zealand and turn up their noses at Australia? Hey when the going gets tough, I don't know that NZ will have the resources and money to help you.

Pelican on the lake

I don't know much about pelicans. We see a few at the local lake.

The water wall is quite new. A storm water has been opened to the left of the picture and the water will be filtered by the newly planted reeds and then flow to the main body of the lake. We can hope that then the level of the lake will not drop over summer to a level too low for boating.

During the last drought a small sewerage recycling plant was set up by Parks Victoria to top up the lake. I am not sure why it was removed after a few months. It did raise the water level though.

Click on the pic. It is one of my better ones.

Old Age # 30

As an antidote to Old Age #29, there is a young bloke at work. He is vaguely attactive but not particularly focused on his sexuality and he certainly is not my type. I am not sure if he has decided which way he swings yet. Maybe he is asexual.

No matter, he always goes out of his way to be nice to me, Auntie Andrew, no doubt he thinks. He moving to a new work location at the weekend and I will miss seeing him around. I wished him luck and said to him keep in touch. I doubt he will, but no matter.

Tap Washer

It is pretty obvious why R's shower tap was dripping. Anther fine Central Equity fixture and fitting. I fitted Hydroseal tap washers as replacements. They should see him out and me too probably.

Old age #29

Sometimes things in life just make me feel old!

There was a guy who I had some contact with a few years ago. It was purely about politics. We met once and exchanged several emails. Over the three years we swapped a couple of emails, but not for over a year now.

Post state election, I emailed him with a few points about how well badly the Greens did and also asked how he is going etc etc.

"Hi Adam," he replied, "hope things are good with you. Sorry, but I know many Adams and I can't quite place you. What is your last name?".

Somehow I don't think it would have been any different if he absorbed that my name is Andrew. I bet he knows plenty of them too.

Monday, November 27, 2006

401 St Kilda Road

I am not particularly happy that a developer is building a block of flats across the road, expecially as it will breach the 'suggested' height limit of twelve metres.

It is to be built on the site of King's Cross Plaza, a useful little local for we highrisers. It has a 711, a cheap Chinese takeaway and a shoe repair/drycleaner/building remote battery replacement/clothing alteration business. There will be a retail component, but I have no idea what.

Now when I say a block of flats, it is not just any block of flats. The cheapest price for a flat will be $2.7 million plus and the dearest over $7 million. I have a feeling our place may end up being the cheapest house in the street, well not quite. But it can't do the value of our place any harm, although as I have said before, we can't eat our apartment. And the more it goes up in value, the more the council rates go up.

If you are inclined to max out your credit cards,
Good luck with your bank.

Just noticed AFE, same developer as your abode.

Idol Au

I tried kiddies, I really did. The venue, the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House, was fantastic, the crowd great and if you were there, no doubt the atmosphere was as exciting as it felt on tv.

But what a boring, boring show. It was to decide a winner, that is choose one person from two. How could they possibly string it out for hours?

I stuck it for half an hour and then remembered that a stray hair had grown on my shoulder and needed plucking out.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Critters in the 'burbs or ecological disaster

Lorikeets. Pretty birds. Noisy though. Arrived in St Kilda about five years ago I think. Desirable address for many. Now wide spread all over Melbourne.

Pelicans and swans on Albert Park Lake? Maybe they have been there for a long time.

Increased number of ravens in Melbourne. We don't have crows in Victoria, only ravens. Don't they make a mess when they empty a rubbish bin.

Then two or so years ago, sulphur crested cockatoos appeared. They are are seriously noisy and their numbers are increasing.

I dare not mention possums that abound. Too controversial.

Kangaroos hopping about in the outer burbs.

Has Melbourne created a natural environment so that the critters are attracted here? Is it the long term dry conditions that have driven them into the city? Is it land clearing that has reduced their habitat and they are driven to the city and will die out as a species?

I don't know, but the other night, this person who does not sleep well, was awake at 4am and through his open widow heard a kookaburra laughing.

Magic, but I want to know why.