Saturday, October 21, 2006

The blog

I don't think R reads my blog, although he knows about it. He used to and took issue with something I wrote once, possibly justifiably, and I said, if you don't like it, don't read it. I don't think he does now.

I warned a personal friend who I told about my blog, not to take it too seriously. It is a theatrical performance, I warned her. It is art! That may or may not be entirely true. While I do do some subterfuge to avoid talking about work, my blog is pretty well true to life. (OK, ASIO, if you really want to know)

But I like reading my favourite bloggers and even the less favourite and it would be good to discuss them with R. I do up to point. Rosanna holidaying in England mentioned lousy water pressure in the UK, I checked that with him to confirm. I would have liked to tell him of Jessie, about to return to Canada, and her seemingly personal friend Kiki who I haven't quite got a good handle on yet. Daniel met his father on a train the other day. Yeah, that Swedish loving Canadian dude is still seeing the same guy. Sounds like Jahteh's mother is on a downhill slide. Bike riding M!key is over blogging. God, that Andy can be cruel to poor little kiddies. Rob is silent, but he will be back. Bobby is kewl. Wish I invited myself on his train trip to Bendigo. His Excellency is pompous as ever, just like I like him to be. Adam is still.....Adam, but he has a pretty good job now and lives in a smart place with nice views. William is holidaying in Sydney and staying in cheap digs, and having a good time. What happened to the go away lady who moved to Bacchus Marsh? She does not post anymore. The guy living in Dili, East Timor, he always gives an interesting insight. Ben likes attractive female necks and lemon spotted gums. Jhuny is having fun dancing his socks off in the UK, or maybe not.

One's blogging list and blogging mates are so disconnected from reality. But for me, it is now reality. Welcome to the new world. (If you weren't mentioned, it is not because I don't care)

Go the Swans

Rosanna does not like swans, it sounds like for good reasons, but I do. Gee the cygnets grow so quickly. They stay very close to the parent swans but as they grow, they venture further and further away. I am not afraid of them, but I would not let them within reach of my face. One tackled my shoelace one day.

It puzzles me as to where they go when they are mature, as only so many can be supported by one lake and the numbers seem quite constant over the years. What it not nice about them is the small dog sized droppings.

Happy Diwali to all

As our Indian/Fijian friend has bolted to Fiji to be with his family, we feel deserted as we are used to celebrating the Indian festival of lights, Diwali, with him at this time of the year.

His partner called us and asked if we would like to go to the celebration of the same at Fed Square. As no one had invited us to an orgy, a party or a meal, and our toy boy had not called us, so we said yes.

It was freezing cold but we made the best of it. We listened to some music and watched some dancing, queued and pushed and got some food, found a nice place for coffee in sight of the entertainments, then had a Heineken to quench our thirst after the very salty curries.

Then a state pollie came on and gave an over long speech, followed by Lord Mayor So. Many cheers and then the Indian Consul General. It was to wrap up by nine with fireworks, but given we had started to shiver, we thought it best to leave after a couple of hours.

Had it have been a warmish night, it would have been terrific. It was just so cold. Eye candy? Plenty. Hair product in men with thick black healthy hair, plenty. Dark skin, plenty. White and blonde, just R and me, ouor friend and a couple of others? Indian men with white chicks, five.

Ran into one workmate who I don't know well. I thought he was Anglo Indian, would seem not. Said hi, pinched his thigh and kept going. Crowd estimate, three thousand.

I suppose I could become a curry queen if the option presented itself. There were some very good looking men there, if you like smooth brown skin types.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Newish blogger alert

When one of my favourite movie titles is 'Throw Momma from the train', a blog called 'Mommy has a headache', has got to be worth investigating. I haven't properly looked yet but it comes with recommendations but I forget from where.

Australian gay racism

"It's not just the women. Racism in the gay community has been a real problem for a long time but it's gradually getting better."

So says the very wise Jahteh on my previous post regarding Asian men and white women. She is quite right. I am probably repeating myself, but it would have been in the early days of my blog that I made mention of below.

One incident was when I was shopping with Asian friend in a large south eastern mega shopping centre. He was rich and dressed accordingly, I was poor and I was dressed accordingly. We went into an upmarket jeweler as he needed a new watch band. I did not speak to the shop staff, he did. But for some odd reason they kept addressing and looking at me. As they were explaining the intricacy of expensive metal watch bands, their eyes kept drifting from him to me and talking to me. It was weird and blatantly obvious to anyone watching. He spoke with barely an accent and was not that much younger than me, in case you think that they thought I was the paying sugar daddy. Weird.

I wish I had said, 'Hello, he is buying, not me. Sell your stuff to him'. Which leads me to when I did do something. The bar in question was called Jocks, later known as Gay Trade Bar. The very nice owners, (who invited us to one of their sex parties at their two story house in Fitzroy. Wish they had told us what it was when they asked us. You'll always find me in the kitchen at parties) later told me that the offending drag queen was mortified after my letter was published and received quite of bit of ribbing from fellow performers. In the eighties in wasn't unusual to hear racist comments in gay bars, especially from drags. But after my letter was published, (in 1998 I think) it was the last time I ever heard a racial joke from a stage in Melbourne.

I partly blame some acceptance of such jokes in Melbourne on one Doreen Manganini, who was supposedly part aboriginal, not sure which part though. She made it quite acceptable to tell black fellah jokes, protecting herself with her own aboriginality. The impressionable young take it as being quite acceptable.

It is less of an issue now. I see more and more equality between gay Asian and gay white. When I start thinking, why is that butt ugly asian doing with such a hot looking white dude, you just know it is on the way.

But while there is third world poverty, there always will be the older white male with the younger asian guy. Even when gay asians are empowered fully in this country, I expect you will still see it.

The words of my ex hairdresser, Singapore born, ring in my ears at times. While out socialising, a couple of drinks and a puff, I pressed him on the matter and he told me he would do whatever it took to get out of Singapore to a Western country. If he had to be someone's boyfriend for a while, then that was what he had to do. He is now tattooed, pierced, rides a motor bike and lives in Doveton North Upper and I expect he has a nice crop in his back yard and maybe a factory in his garden shed.

PS I knew one of the guys in the audience that night and he, and I guess his friend, were Malayasian, but the point stands. They may not have been.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blown me Away

It is not often I am shocked, but this one has blown me away. The subject is Asian men dating white Aussie women. It is an interesting subject. Being out and about quite a bit, I do see a few Asian men and white women. I personally know of a couple of couples, although not well.

The blog post is provocative in so far as it has provoked discussion. And boy has it. I am astonished at the number of comments, probably over one hundred or more in a couple of days. I can't read through them all, but what I have read is very interesting.

My own take, I have known Asian guys who passionately pursue white girls with greater or lesser degrees of success, but the work that the put into it, the brutal knockbacks they get, the overt and subtle racism, but still they go back for more. But like for some, Asian is a turn on, for some Asian is not a turn on. If these guys are turned on by white chicks then good for them. But I feel they have to understand that equally some white girls are not turned on by Asian.

I am tempted to add here, and goes for either really, they just haven't met the right one and please leave your stereotypes at the bedroom door before entering. I do know about that.


It must make the apartment smell if it is left inside but it normally only makes a weekend appearance. Don't worry though, there are only about eight apartments that can see it.

Nice Feedback

I suppose if I made a movie, I would occasionally google it. Nice of the director to make a comment. It was a great show and although I have never bought a dvd of a tv show, this one is tempting, just to see it once again and as a reference.

A post some time ago about an indescretion by City of Port Phillip with email addresses brought forth a private email from ex mayor Cr Darren Ray to check that it the matter had been followed up.

You really do have to remember that anyone can easily find your post when write about something very specific.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Celeb Nick Stahl

This week's (I use the word week loosely) pics are of Nick Stahl. Although I have seen The Thin Red Line, I don't remember him in it, but I certainly remember him in the rather odd TV series Carnivale. If I was asked if I enjoyed the show, I am not sure what I would answer, but I did watch it and he cetainly helped keep my interest. Dirty and sweaty looks and a slow drawly voice I seem to remember.

Matters pc 1

I read someone's tale of renovating a computer. No names. Now I hate these huge software programs that we are forced to use and I had forgotten about What a good idea! Go back to the much smaller older versions of a couple of programs.

How about a much smaller alternative to Apple Quicktime Media Player? It was much smaller, nice and clean and worked really well. That is until I wanted to share a file. The problem became apparent. No one else would be able to read the file. Got rid of it and downloaded the latest Quick Time which is a bit nicer than the older version I was using.

A program that annoys me intensly is Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a huge program and a file in it's format is invariably huge too. And, it is very difficult to steal pics from a pdf document. I decided to revert to an older version. It was much smaller, but then I received some pdf documents and I could not open them with the older version, so back to the monstrous new version.

What else have I being having trouble with? Ah yes, when I try to comment on a blog that is the new blogger beta version, I cannot do so while using my usual details. I have to do it as 'anon'. But that seems to be fixed.

An occasional Blogger photo problem, upload pics to your post but they don't appear in your post while you are still in edit mode. But they are there and if you upload them again, you will have two copies.

MSN chat. Many use it. I do occasionally. I used to always use ICQ but that seems to be dying. Beware, usless you delete you conversations, there they are for anyone who uses your computer to read, stored under My Documents/My Received Files/(your msn name)/History. It can perhaps be turned off, but if can, it should default to being off.

I log into Flickr via my yahoo email address, do what I have to do, then sign out. But if I then click on my yahoo mail shortcut, it will go straight to my inbox, without me singing in or using my password. This has been happening for a long time and I am surprised that it has not been fixed.

The MSN and Flickr problems are serious matters, especially for a newcomer to pcs and the careless. How it continues, I do not know.

But some old things are good. For picture viewing I use ACDSEE. It is an old version (4) that was new when I started using it, and I see no reason to upgrade to a newer one. It works well, I know it backwards and it does all I want it to. Originally a friend gave me a crack for it, meaning the program thought it was a paid for version, but it was only a trial before buy version. But I have long lost the crack, so once a month I start getting a nag box when I am looking at picutures. About every third pic and up comes the box and you have to click it get rid of it. It means you cannot really run a slideshow. But I kept the original installation file. I uninstall the program and reinstall it. This takes about thirty seconds and the nag box disappears for another month.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Famous Neighbours

I write this because it may increase the value of our property. Given I have no intention of living elsewhere, it is probably pointless. One cannot eat bricks.

As well as famous bearded media person who rents here and owns an apartment within, his wife rents an apartment too.

Some ex footballer, who is on some tv show, who's chick drove her car over his leg is installed in the apartment he owns with his kid.

And the latest is one of a commercial radio comedy duo, with Scottish names, lives here. R has seen him in the lift.

Gotta be better than Southbank or Docklands, full of prostitutes and crims.

Bad Manners Cr So

It used to be the done thing, the polite thing, to wait until Melbourne's Spring Racing Carnival had finished on the first Tuesday in November, before going all out with christmas decorations and displays and of course stock for you to buy.

Not this year. The city's christmas tree arrived at our City Square in pieces today, all ready for erection. Peoples, it is the middle of October for god's sake.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Water saving

I point blank refuse to replace my shower head with a water saving model. I have tried many water saving shower heads over many years and the only shower head I like is my water guzzler.

But since my bathroom is my private bathroom, in the interests of saving water in times of this perilous drought, I have decided to flush my lav only once a week, whether it needs it or not.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Not the energy or Sixty Minutes

Sometimes after a bottle of birthday present wine and a wonderful meal of roast pork and vegetables etc, it is hard to pretend to be an intellectual. Therefore, one may turn to Channel Eddie's Sixty Minutes. One may not like opera.

First story. youtube. I expect my mother who watches Sixty Minutes by default, is shaking her head in bewilderment (her head shakes anyway) but if she was back in her teen years, instead of sliding down Huntingdale sand quarrie hills, she would be right in there participating. youtube is ok, I have never found much of interest there. pornotube is more interesting. Though my 'only gay in the village' post is youtube and that is where I found it. I cannot find the Emporer Nazi Goreng and the Great Wall of China and the rabbits. I did find some other amusing ads. Wasn't Guy Pierce a cutie back when he made Mars Bar ads. The story was designed to shock any non internet savvy person. And before youtube, people were already sharing vids anyway.

Next was Kenny from ummm, Kenny. I saw the movie not long after it was released and it wasn't a bad flick. He was such a nice bloke. It was good to know the background about the film. The quintessential anti metrosexual Aussie bloke angle in the story wore a bit thin. Nothing wrong with a metrosexual though, so long as they are readily identifiable by their pink tees.

But if ever you had any doubts about where Channel James' (puzzled long and hard where the apostrophe should go, correct me) political sympathies lie, you only had to watch the next story, our PM Howard on Korea. It was sickeningly sycophantic. The most challenging question was so staged........actually edited to a very tight noddy piece I think. Our PM knows he can trust James tv to do the right thing.

The last was such an old story that we have surely heard before? The US guy in North Korea with the Jap wife, now back in God's Own. I have certainly heard about it, many times.

Mercifully time had run out and we weren't subjected to THE MAILBAG.

My step father thinks Sixty Minutes is a marvellous show. My sitster and he have great barnies over green issues. I stay silent and don't mention about my party membership.

It was educative and a character building exercise, and learning more about Kenny was the only worthwhile piece.

Couple of interesting chaps

I have been following these two travelling cyclists for a while. They are still in Melbourne. Their writing is interesting enough. I missed the Sunday paper story.