Friday, October 06, 2006

Stud of the week

Nice looking dude. Pity he is dead. I don't know much about him. Someone who will soon depart our fair shores liked him a lot. Jonathon Brandis.

Outing to Brighton

R told me were going to Brighton for coffee. We parked at the bottom of North Road and walked along in the beautiful sunshine to Middle Brighton Baths.

These cyprus trees are incredibly tall and must be over a hundred years old. It is a very privileged area and some of the houses and apartments are simply stunning. Mind you, I think City of Port Phillip does a much better job of beach cleaning.

The Brighton Antique dealer's husband was a yachtie and she is still a member of the Brighton Yacht Club which is next door to the baths.

We had a lovely brunch watching the fools in the icy water, The Icebergers I think, the gulls and watching the tide come in.

It was a nice surprise for me on a perfect Melbourne day for no particular reason other than R can be extremely nice at times.

Outing to Hurstbridge

On a nice day earlier in the week, R and I took the train to Hurstbridge and had a nice lunch in a cafe that was open at the back and had a maybe six metre rockery waterfall.

Later we walked down the main street to Ferguson's Paddock. There was a lake marked on the map, but alas as you can see, there was little water in it.

On the way up the train stopped briefly on what I think is a timber trestle bridge, so I took the photo of what I suppose is Diamond Creek.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I think the last time I watched Channel ten (Channel 0 back then) was when I watched Nancy Cato and John Michael Howson in the Magic Circle Club.

Must say, David Tench on Channel Ten is very funny. Unlike stupid here, tape it and skip through the ads.

LCD TV Update

Our new tv is fabulous. The picture is stunning. The preset digital station allocation and program numbers meets the Australian standards, although they do not suit us. They seem to be, what I have read via some forums, unable to be altered. We can live with that.

The sound is crap. Our four year old tele had better sound, as did our ten year old one, the same models still on the wall at DTs Hotel and working fine.

I have had to plug it into our sound system to get half decent sound.

There are many buttons to press before you can watch a tape in the vcr and the vcr produced picture is bad compared to the digital picture. Already R is asking me about digital recorders.

Is it worth $3200? Perhaps. We can see the tv from the kitchen easily now and from my pc seat too.

7.30 Report

What is up with ABC's 7.30 Report? Twice this week Maxine McKew has appeared in her presenting role in nice black numbers and drop earrings. The grey roots that I noticed last week have vanished too.

Lest you think I am sexist, I am, but I also make the same observations about males in similar roles.

Night Time

Click for a better view.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dame M at 81

Dame M had a signifcant birthday last year. We aren't going to spoil her by having another big celebration this year, but we had a nice friendly get together last night. When someone smokes and drinks and gambles as much as Dame M does, it is probably beyond probabiltiy that she will reach ninety.

Her rather nice great nephew was there, the muso and bouncer person. I am in trouble with R, as one of the first things I said to him was, "Have you lost weight?" R is convinced I am trying to seduce the great nephew, but he is straight as, and just a nice guy. He had put on weight last time I saw him, but he was looking quite trim last night. But you can never go wrong by commenting that someone has lost weight or asking the question 'have you been working out'. (NB: Use this carefully)

It would seem we are going to have a surprise party for the Dame on Saturday night. Our task is home made sausage rolls and the cake.

Beyond my wildest beliefs, I cannot imagine living to the age of 81, let alone having 16 people turn up to your birthday celebrations. (I saw something in someone's blog today about an 82 year old female blogger in country Victoria).

I think I impressed her great nephew with my sarcastic yet subtle humour. He does actually seem to like me and always hones in on me at a social occasion. Perhaps it shows that I like him.

Might have got it bit wrong when he asked where Dame M was and I replied that she was out at gaming machines spending his inheritance.

The surprise party will have a drag queen, maybe an exotic type or two, gays, dykes and str8s, rich and poor and in between and old and youngish.

I can think of a couple of bloggers who I think would fit in well and I would like to invite, but I am too shy.

Ladies bring a plate.

What's wrong with the boi?

Snip from yesterdeay's London Sun about George Michael.

It was his fourth motoring incident in eight months, including three involving him asleep at the wheel.

And he had some weed in his car. What is wrong with him? Such a good musician and quite a handsome guy and with a tolerant partner. Wake me up indeed Michael before you go, go to jail.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Thank you for Smoking

Not a bad movie although the trailer gives much of it away. The lead character, a spin doctor, was under scruntiny by an audience and next to him was young male cancer victim without hair. The line went something like this, "It is in our interests that this young male lives and continues to smoke, unlike my opponent, (the cancer support group?) who will have their budget increased if more cancer victims die. We want this boy to live".

After watching Charles Prentiss in the tv show Absolute Power, nothing surprises me. Fortunately many young people are now quite media savvy and don't fall for spin so easily.

There was a quite amusing part at the end of the movie where old movies had been sanitised by removing the cigarrettes that characters were holding. Somehow, Bette Davis holding a mug of steaming cocoa just does not work for me. No-one could murder a cigarrette like her.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Jewish v Moslem or Moslem v Jewish

Which race/religion of people do not eat pork?
Which race/religion of people circumcise young males for religious reasons?
Which race/religion of people started significant religious celebrations at thesametime this year? Which race/religion of people have the same area in the world as their religions' birthplace?
Which race/religion of people can look very similar?
Which race/religion of people always seem to feel persecuted?
Which race/religion of peoples male like to have a lot of facial hair, au natural?
Which race/religion of peoples female like to cover up their head to a greater or lesser degree?
Which race/religion of people hate each other with a passion?
Which race/religion of people are viewed with suspicion by Anglo protestant and catholic Australians?

I am neither Jewish nor Moslem, but there seems to be more similarities between them than differences. Pity they cannot get along.


In search of some cheap Rockport shoes for R, we went to DFO centre, not sure. We have been to the Morrabbin centre a couple of times and you would hardly know you weren't in the same place.

We exited the freeway correctly, turned right and turned right again and immediately re-entered the freeway. Continue to Bell Street and take two. Got it right the second time, but we could see others about to make the same mistake. It is a new intersection without signs in place yet. With so many making the same mistake, one would think a temporary sign could be erected.

Found a pair of shoes R liked and they were around half price. But generally after looking at the many outlets, I think I can do better shopping in Bridge Road, Richmond.

A friend was telling me about a new retail outlet in Bangkok where they will be selling Ecco shoes and as he will be there next month, he is going to see what their prices are like. This friend raved about comfort and longevity of Ecco shoes, so I thought I would have a look locally as I am nearing the time for a new pair of shoes.

Pop Ecco into the large search engine, and the first and second links steered me to Daniel's site and he certainly seems to like his Eccos.

So, tomorrow we are headed north side, Fitzroy, for haircuts, so we will have a look at a couple of factory outlets there too.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I use Bloglines to keep up with blogs. It makes it easy and I always actually open the blog of long term and fave bloggers. But how is this? A spam blogger has been added to my list of bloggers without any action on my part. It is outrageous.

This one can just f off. It is the last time I will even look at a spam blogger site, and I only did it out of curiosity and for purposes of this post. What a cheek.

Tram Speckies

I thought I would draw up a list of specification for a new tram for Melbourne, until I realised that we already have newish trams that fit the bill.

1/ Surround the driver with as much glass as possible to give him a fish in a bowl feeling.
2/ Provide the driver with great sky and top of tall building views.
3/ Provide the driver with inadequate shading from the glaring hot Australian sun.
4/ Provide the driver with complicated personal computerised aircon controls.
6/ Ensure that the driver's windows fog up on damp days and they have to revert to the old method of clearing them, wiping
5/ Ensure tram windows are tinted so darkly that passengers can barely see outside at night.
6/ In case it is possible that they can see out at night, prevent this by covering the windows with advertising and bonus, advertising obsures their day time view too.
7/ Provide the passengers with inadequate airconditioning for any day over thirty degrees
8/ Provide tiny cramped seats for all passengers.
9/ Ensure plenty of feedback to passengers about the state of the tracks, via the suspension.
10/ Make it difficult for passengers to communicate with the driver.
11/ Block the passengers forward view as much as possible.
12/ Ensure the passenger internal information display is poorly and wrongly programmed.
13/ Place next stop signalling buttons in inconvenient and awkward places.
14/ Design the doors so that they can close on passengers.
15/ Make door opening and closing signals as loud as possible with a very high pitched sound so that long distance travellers think of options.
16/ Make it awkward for passengers to see the route number by placing it on the right of the destination display, rather than the right.
17/ Place a small and narrow door at the front of the tram for people to try and enter and exit the tram.
18/ Light the exteriors of trams so they that have arrived already before you see them

Struggling, want to make twenty

19/ Place the ticket machine on the part of the tram that swivels so that the passengers have to take care of their footing.
20/ Ensure passengers slam side to side when the tram is travelling at a decent pace.

This Melbourne tram's predecessor met none of these requirements. I leave it to you to guess which picture represents which tram.

Sick of blue and yellow everywhere

It's a Melbourne thing.