Saturday, September 30, 2006

Only two this week

Only two accidents down below this week, but then I have not been at home during they day. This one was quite kewl as it is not at all obvious as to how it happened. You can see the skid marks on the grass. There was no screech of tyres, just the bang. A chunky topless guy left the drivers seat and pulled a female from the passneger seat and they disappeared........bolted. Stolen car? Drugs? Who knows. It took about four hours to tidy up as after the emergency services left, the electric company and the traffic light people arrived to do their bit.

Poor quality pics. Something wrong with the camera. Surely not operator error.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Lie #69

This bloke is supposed to be the most beautiful man in the world, according to some competition. I expect peoples who like blondes won't agree. For mine, this Brazilian bloke is very handsome but no one is perfect, so I will just say I would reject him coz he looks a bit too hairy...........but then if he sang a Brazlian love song softly into my ear? I think putty is the word.

History of Shirley

For the edification of His Excellency (self proclaimed) and anyone who may be interested.

Spatula City and someone else who I can't quite find the post at the moment, have both mentioned the movie that this expression came from recently, that is 'And don't call me Shirley'. I suppose it is a coincidence. Afer my initial use of the expression, I thought I ought to find out where my memory had extracted such a useless piece of information. That very large search engine immediately gave me the answer. For some reason I had connected it with older times, John Wayne that is. I do know his real name was Sue. Or was it? But it wasn't Shirley, or was it?

The movie was called Flying High, although in the US, it seems it was Airplane! I think I saw it, and it was an ok movie.

And please don't call me Shirley or Andy.

Plymouth Brethren

Seems they are now called the Exclusive Brethren. I used to think the Plymouth had something to do with preliminary. I now guess that they sailed from Plymouth, England, and where they landed in the now US, they called it Plymouth.

In the non-catholic part of Victoria where I grew up, we had some Plymouth Brethren people. Because they kept the heads low about their religion, the seemed much less dangerous than the wicked catholics.

I knew nothing about the brethren religion, but some things are starting to add up.

One family of brethren were totally loopy and mentally defective, so I won't bother saying anything about them.

The other family who lived quite close by seemed normal. But now I look back, they were not quite so. I was mates with the two teenage boys when I was very early teens. We rode bikes together and later drove tractors, rode motorbikes and drove their old Morry Minor along bush tracks and around paddocks.

Thier mother, although outwardly pleasant, was a very severe and no nonsense person. The father seemed under her control. She was a good looking woman for her age and wore her hair pulled very very tightly back in a bun. She had a good sense of humour, albeit a little sarcastic.

They were on our party telephone line, so now doubt monitored our morally disappointing calls. They never had a television. They never participated in any, de rigeur for country people, public sports. They never went to the local dances or balls. Sunday was not the day to call in to see them.

We also had Baptist neighbours, and they were pretty much the same, although a bit freeer perphaps. The baptists and the brethren kids removed themselves from the room when religious education classes were happening at school.

But the brethren did host a very fine cracker night in November. No drinkies, but fine food and a very good night. So they were sociable, on their terms.

Their house was old but of a pretty high standard. They renovated it and opened the living area up to the kitchen and used such a modern carpet in the living area, the colour called sunburst orange. Although they did not have tv, they were not luddites. They seemed to have a comfortable enough life from their quite modest farm, maybe a quarter the size of ours. Maybe they inherited money. They were not first generation on that property.

It would have been better if the brethren kept their heads down. Now, although they don't vote, they try to influence the outcome of elections by influence and money. It is a good thing that they have been given some publicity. We need to know about shadowy people behind lobbying our governments.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


I have seen a tv show recently avout savant people. Also heard a bit on the transistor radio.

This is all new to me. I probably should have watched the movie Rain Man.

R knows a savant, a young adult. Tell him your birthday date and within a couple of seconds, he can tell you on what day it will fall in any given year you mention. It is truly amazing.

In spite of everything I have heard and seen, I can't decide whether it is a pattern thing (it can't be really), a photographic means, that is your brain has photographed certain things and then recalls them, or the most likely, extremely swift mental calculation but for that, you would think that there needs to be a formula to follow and clearly for some things savants are good at, there is not a formula.

People can be trained to do extraordinary mental calculations and they are in Japan.

Like a natural musical ability, it is truly amazing to me.

Off to write this weeks shopping list, or you can be sure, I will forget something..........probably about half of it. A savant I am not.

Oh Mags, what have you done

I don't like PM Howard and nor his wife but really Mags, you ought not go around personally insulting her. Show her how much you dislike her privately. Give her an off camera elbow. Stay aloof and dignified. Remain silent if asked about her, with a superior smirk of course.

As pretty old folk, you and Gough must retain your illusion of greatness until your grave. You were both doing a pretty good job. Can I still when your names are mentioned by younger people, look wistfully into the distance with a smile and say, "ahhhh? You had to be there".

Don't spoil it Mags.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The very dead

Yesterday was not a great day for some people who are no longer with us. It started for me with news of an horrific car accident in the north west of Victoria with seven people killed.

Then an sms arrived from a friend who's friend had just stuck a plastic bag over his head and suicided. A guy in his thirties, no obvious reason.

After watching a commercial news service, then the ABC news and the 7.30 Report, I felt thoroughly sad and teary.

But was the car accident predictable? No, but what was predictable is that there would be a bad accident at this intersection. I am all for blaming the driver in such accidents, but this intersection really was a killer waiting to happen. The Age has a very good diagram and I publish it here, but is sanitised. The real intersection via video footage shown on the news is bad, bad, bad.

Why this intersection is like this is obviously due to a lack of polictical power in the local community. I have never seen one as bad as this one during my trips towards Kyabram or Echuca. One would hope that there are not too many more around like that.

Life is frail kiddies, take care.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Two Men in a Tinnie

What a simple tv show. What a marvellous tv show. What an Aussie show.

Forget your Paul Hogan, Steve Irwin and perhaps the newest US recruit, Rex Hunt.

These two are the real Australians. They are laconically humourous, intelligent and educated, but without side.

Government policy and current affairs almost seems to be following the show.

As Molly used to say, do your self a favour and catch Two Men in a Tinnie.

Matters transport

I heard that there were traffic jams around the Showgrounds today. The weather hasn't been great since the Royal Melbourne Show opened so darling Zachary and Amelia have had to await a fine day. No doubt their doting mother tried to take the little darlings today, by motor car.

There is nothing easier in life than catching a train to the show, and surely much quicker and less stressful. Fools for trying to drive to the show. You have suffered the consequences. Hope you have a bad stress headache. Leave the parking for the country folk.

I caught a train today. I don't catch them often. I had paid a visit to the very modest police museum in Flinders Street. It was a hard place to find. I did pick up a copy of Police Life, the in house magazine. I shall carry it always. Seas of passengers parted for me, whatever public transport I was on. Do I really look like a cop? For your shirt lifters, their is a picture of a gorgeous blond hunk in the mag. Not a cop, but a plasterer who helped catch a crim.

Anyway, I had never been on one of the newish French trains, so I walked to Southern Cross Station Spencer Street Station and waited for and caught one around the loop. I prefer the German made train. It feels more spacious, more luxurious and I think it is quieter and smoother, in spite of it's shortage of doors. Pleased that I now feel a little informed about the French one. But there is nothing wrong with the true blue Aussie Comeng train, especially since they were renovated. I always keep a look out for Semaphore Junction when I am around city railway stations. It would be nice to actually meet him.

It is odd how people know to press the button to open the train doors but so many don't know how to press the button to open tram doors.

Unlike my last visit, the station was not reeking of diesel fumes. Could have been the breeze or the wind direction.

A couple of bits from today's papers. The six remaining Hitachi trains (the Herald Sun is being very original by calling them rattlers) that were to be scrapped after the Commonwealth Games look like remaining in service to prop up the system. Hitachi Rattlers doesn't quite have the ring of red rattler.

The other mention is that even though the Reasonably Fast Train project cost $750 million, this amount would only cover the cost of a few kilometres of urban freeway building.

To conclude, gosh they make great coffee at The Angle in QV.

Later fiddling as I lost my edits. Thanks heaps blogspot or firefox.

The Pets 5

With the help of the space heater, after some time they all ended up being a happy family. L to R. Tuffy, Thomas, Jess and Tobes

The Pets 4

Gradually they became friends.

The Pets 3

Toby and Thomas remained good mates.

The Pets 2

His logic went along the lines, if I don't look at her, she is not here. The only other thing I have seen him do this with was a black balloon.

The Pets 1

Toby was very unsure about this interloper. He gave her a good sniffing and then retired to his basket.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Drinking your own

Before taking a stand on drinking Melbourne water that has a component of highly treated recycled sewerage, consider what the water is like that is 'fresh'.

The water starts high in the mountains, some of it snow thaw. The next time you jokingly make some yellow snow, think of where it will end up.

It flows down to the reservoirs. Along the way, creatures have sex in the water, they give birth, their body wastes are carried down steam. Animals plunge their mouths in the water to drink. Insects die in the water as do some larger animals. The larger animals perhaps relieve themselves near the water and their products ends up the water. Further downstream, maybe cattle are in the water at times.

So although diluted, everything that has gone in the river is still there when it arrives at the reservoirs, including perhaps a rotting cow's carcass.

From there it is chemically treated and delivered to you.

Chemical treatments can't be anything like the purification that recyled water goes through.

It is an emotive matter, but if you look at the cold hard logic, you can only conclude that there is nothing wrong with water recycling from sewerage.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Deed is done

We are now the proud posessers of a 101cm LCD HD TV. We had to bash off to a social occasion last night, so we were not at home to watch it. The new tv is good, very good although I can't say the sound is any better than our four year old crt tv.

It is also a bit complicated to set up. It auto finds all the stations, but I don't want to have select channel 90 to watch chanel nine, or 99 to see nine's program guide or 30 to watch SBS. The user manual makes things as clear as mud. Don't worry, I'll get it right eventually.

For a time, I was less than impressed with the picutre quality, until I realised I had switched it to normal tv mode instead of digital.

What is really showing up, is how much make up people wear when they are on tv, especially Australian tv. It is almost like they are wearing a silicon mask.

So, the highrise will be going through an austere period for a while until Mr Master Card is cheered up a little.

I am not game to even check what our four year old tv is worth on ebay. Not much I reckon. I guess we will give it to my mother to replace her twenty year pre remote tv.