Friday, August 25, 2006

Troubles with friends

We have two friends who are brothers. We have travelled overseas with them, been to clubs with them, dance parties, Mardi Gras, Sleaze Ball and drag balls. We have shopped with them, been to the zoo, Healsville, a footy match, Queenscliff Ferry, movies, plays, shows, the hills, nurseries. We went to their mother's funeral. We have met their relatives and they ours.

As you can guess, we have known them a long long time.

But something went wrong recently. It was between R and the more 'nervous' brother. It happened over the phone. R has explained it to me endlessly, but I still don't really understand. I suspect a third party had repeated something they shouldn't have.

Fortunately through Dame M and others, we were forced to meet. Things were a bit cool between R and the brother. I pretended nothing was amiss. I know there has been a lot of talk behind the scenes among other friends.

For a few weeks we did not really call up each other or meet up without other people around. They then went on their o/s trip. Things improved a bit upon their return. Understand that R was not happy about the telephone call and was feeling hurt.

Of course I was supportive towards him, but I also thought, and think, a twenty five year freindship is something worth fighting for.

I walked a tightrope for a time. The first peace maker came when they, after we would not go to the Fantasy Ball because of the cost of suit hire, in addition to the ticket price, found us some 'interesting' jackets to wear. The second was when after meeting up for dinner with another friend present, upon leaving, said, "We haven't really seen you since we returned form o/s. We brought this back for you." A bottle of Thai whisky.

Ok, they have made an effort and things are pretty well back to normal. Almost.

But somehow, it will never be quite the same for me. It is funny that when people have problems with us, they hone in on R. Never me. I must seem too hard and impregnable.

It might have been nice to say, 'well f*** youse', but at our age, friends don't fall from the sky, especially ones that you have a history with and so much in common.

Mondegreen, News from France and Vanuatu

'Overture, curtain, lights'. Not how I have recall the intro to The Bugs Bunny Show. I thought it was 'Overture, turn up the lights'. We was wrong I guess.

Evidently France has a black newsreader now. It is a big story there it would seem. So, here is a pic of the quite handsome Harry Roselmack.

Has Australia ever had a black mainstream newsreader? I can't remember. Maybe Trish Goddard once read the news. One thing you can be sure of, when we do, it won't be an Aboriginal. More likely someone of African heritage. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Some of best friends........

PM Howard is making a bigger army. Good for him. Gotta protect ourselves from that Kiwi invasion. He is concerned about stability of our near neighbours and feels we may have to 'assist' them. He mentioned a couple of places, New Guinea being one of them. No suprise there. The other he specifically mentioned was Vanuatu. Where did that come from, I thought? Have I missed something on the radio, tv, newspapers, Asia Pacific, Fiji Live?

I thought I better bone up (quiet Skander)a bit before writing this post, and yes, there is a strong French connection as well as a British one. Well, let the French look after it I say. They know how to deal with the colonies 'efficiently'.

What is this little gem I found. In 2002, Australian Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd launched their online casino on Vanuatu. Ah, PBL, the late Kerry's company. Suppose I am too cynical really. It is not like there would be any real assets there to protect.

More tee vee

I accidentally ommitted a couple of matters from the last post. There is a new show called Extras that has replaced the brilliant Absolute Power.

It is made by the same guy who made The Office, and like The Office, I just don't get it. It is not funny and just shows people doing their job. Yes, that is what an office is like and that is what making a film is like. Tell me something new!

The other matter is quick. What would life be like without the English crime shows? Much poorer.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The tee vee

I watch a bit of tv. Here is what has caught me lately that I feel worthy of mention.

Never miss crap tv: The Bill and All Saints, Desperate Housewives (ok, it has finished for a while)

The character building: Foreign Correspondent, 7.30 report, Stateline, Landline, Media Watch

Sometimes I catch character building: Four Corners if the subject interests me

Non character building current affairs sometimes seen: Today Tonight

Forced to watch coz I don't always have the remote: Grey's Anatomy, Deal or No Deal.

News: Channel 7 and ABC. But don't care if I miss them. I hear radio news all day.

Just interesting: The Collectors. Andy is pretty interesting

What makes me laugh: Spicks and Specs, aren't Adam and Miff gorgeous? Glasshouse, aren't Wil and Corrine gorgeous, Dave is kinda cute. Chasers War on Everything. They will go too far one day. I often get a laugh from Doctor Who as well.

But a special honourable mention must go to The Cook and the Chef. Maggie Beer, presumably the cook and Simon Bryant, the chef, are an unlikely couple to present a cooking show but they work so well together. She is perhaps in her late fifties or early sixties, he maybe forty and perhaps gay. Don't try and write down the recipie from their show, use the website. Just sit back and enjoy watching them create their luscious gastronomic delights.

I have not enjoyed a cooking show so much since Jennifer and Clarissa were around.
This week's dishes were. All low fat, I am sure.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Not my business but (mark)


I said, Hi S. How is your brother P? He seems very withdrawn. Don't ignore if there is a problem. A.

He said, Sorry brother. I leave him alone too because he is very serious. Thank you for your advice. S.

Today's Pleasures

I get much pleasure from the little things in life. Today was ok as such things go.

Girl running past tram with open doors to try and get on tram in front that had closed doors and missed both, nice, and there was not a tram in sight behind.

Screech, bang, 4wd towing a boat went through red light and smashed into 4wd.

Evidence of accident nearby home. Broken plastic and bits and lots of cherry tomatoes spilt on roadway. No one stopping to pick them up?

Continuing parking offender van has a ticket on it's windscreen.

Rare occurance, but work was ok today.

Bloke at work expressed desire for my hot bod. Old Indian men are not my focus really.

Hot bloke at work who has a hot bod and looks has become extremely withdrawn from everything. I will ask his brother if he is ok. I think this guy is at snapping point. He is an arrogant prick anyway. But still......

Keeping Up

Blogs are pretty good hey, but so disappointing when people stop posting. Never mind, plenty more.

We now have youtube to look at whatever someone wants to put up on the web and it comes with a groups facility. Not looked at it, truely, but I have heard of p0rn0 tube as well. There is My Space and a recent discovery of mine is GayRomeo, an non-American site for a change.

These are all good things, so long as you have enough time to go out and get things to put on your blog, upload to youtube and participate in society so that you have something to contribute to your space, My Space.

Is there a serious danger of people not doing anything apart from what they have to do to survive and use the net? The net certainly takes a chunk out of my life, but then I don't have pets now, nor a garden to look after. I certainly don't read as much as I used to, well, hard copy reading anyway. Our social life is not what it was ten years ago, but that is for other reasons.

A visiting friend recently mentioned the name of a NSW town or something and wondered where the name came from. In the time it took him to do number ones, I had the answer using the net, a NSW state politician from the 1930s. Too easy.

All these things mentioned above are good for me. But I wonder if they are good for society in general. Perhaps only I should have them and very few others. But then they depend on many particiapants. We live in interesting times.

CCTV- the good and the bad and the ugly me on cam

As previously mentioned our building has recently had an expensive security upgrade with many more cameras being added as well as new hardware and software. Apart from a few original cameras, it is pretty well all new. Already it has been useful in catching anti social types.

It would be an exageration to say they you can't move in the buidling without being filmed, but there are a lot of them, sixteen in total now. They only cameras near apartments are on the floors that lead to public facilities.

But it is not all beer and bowling pins.

Two weeks ago, I decided to have one of my 'marauds' around the building. Looking at things that may need attention. Checking the standard of cleaning and light bulb replacement. The trim of the podium garden. There was something that I wanted to mention to the building manager and I thought I might find him in his office on the first floor.

He was there but so were other people, so I walked past his office to the car park, looked around and then walked back into the building.

Then up to the podium to check things out. As I was leaving, I noticed the camera over the door pointing directly at me. Ohhhhh. I remembered, today was building staff's cctv training day. That is why there were so many in the office, including the body corp manager.

They had no doubt been watching me moving all around the building, perhaps wondering what I was doing. I tried to recall if a scratched any of my person or picked anything inappropriately. I smiled and waved at the camera as I entered the building and felt a little red in the face. These cameras take some getting used to.

How about the dills interfering with the secondary keyboard and controls at foyer desk? Yeah, they were on camera as they did it and were subsequently chastised.

Looks like I missed my chance to dump an old, unused by me, sewing machine in the rubbish room too.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cull the list

I am about to cull my bloglines list. That is cut the auto feed from your blog. Blogging is a serious business. So if you haven't posted to your blog for a month or so, you are not entertaining me and we are no longer connecting. So, sorry, but bye bye.

Later: 52 down to 36. Much better.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Cock Fight

Can we have mulitculturism both ways? I don't think so. We are happy to accept the bits we like from other peoples cultures, but not the bits we don't. Bit of a motherhood statement really.

So good people from foreign climes, if you want to stay in Australia and make it your home, sit back, watch, look and observe and see what bits of your culture might be appropriate to show us and perhaps we Aussies will embrace them.

This is totally wrong in Ozland and I am guessing the participants come from a religious catholic country, certainly not a Budhist country, surely not. Real Aussies don't want to see chooks tear each other apart.

Sis visit

Sis and her girlfriend, a passionate Essendon football team supporter, stayed last night. My sis had bought her girlfriend tickets to the James Hird testimonial dinner at Crown. I did not see them this morning, they both went off to the respective jobs, sister to her teaching job in Geelong, and the girlfriend to Shepparton Hospital.

They called in before the dinner to collect the key for when they got home and we had a bit of a chat before they went for a walk and then returned to shower and dress.

Today I washed the bedding on the spare bed and R ironed it and remade the bed. He commented that there was not much appreciation from them. Did not bring a bottle of wine as thanks or anything.

I take a different view and it is a friction point between R and myself. She is my sister. She is a very busy person. She has never been great at social niceties. She is selfish probably.......runs in the family, and could be seen as uncaring, but she would be horrified to be accused of that.

She is my sister, not perfect, but my sister. While I could take offence from many things past and present, I don't. She is a frail human, as am I, as is R. None of us are perfect.

I have had to bring up the point in the past to R, 'are you asking me to choose between my sister and you?'.

Of course he never would as I would be so disappointed in him to ask me such a question, I would immediately answer, I choose my sister.

R and I, sis and her g/f are never going to be great pals or even friends, but she is my sister. To keep in touch in no effort. She rings when she wants something, usually to sleep here. I don't ring her unless I need to speak to her about something. That is just how it is. But she is my sister. I owe my mother as much as at least her kiddies all get on ok, in a fashion. We all stay vaguely connected.

Bit over Willie

It was not the most pleasant train trip to Willietown, as we had the company of some young loons. They seemed to think it was funny to pretend to be ticket checkers and open their wallets quickly as if that had identification as the above and ask to see peoples tickets. They walked the full length of the three carriages a couple of times, although only asking two people for their tickets.

We felt pretty uneasy and unsure what they may do next. I tucked the bag I had with my wallet, phone and camera out of sight beside me. As they train filled a bit, they settled down but of course their language continued to be heard.

What can you do in this situation? You just sit there, look out the window and hope they take no notice of you. Perceived threat is as bad as real threat, I feel. I really would not be a person to take a train at night to the outer areas on my own.

Nice wander around Williamstown and the market, and the obligatory walk onto the pier.

We sat for coffee at one of many places along Nelson Place. I wish I had taken the name of the place so I could bag them here, but I did not. We sat and waited to be served. A muscle mary with his blonde bimbo arrived and sat near us and they received immediate attention. Ah, the invisibilty of middle age.

I was watching two doors along where a woman was standing out the front of her cafe and greeting passerbys. Ok, we moved there and for price of two good cups of coffee for only $5 we received glasses of water, a table leg chock and a chat. We sipped our coffee slowly as the sun warmed us. 'Bye loves', she called out as we left. We felt good. The menu looked ok and the prices similar to everywhere else along there. So I really would recomend Al Porto Vecchio. But not the place with the red umbrellas two doors along, possibly 179, as APV was 175.

I took the pictures on the way back to the station. The sun was in my eyes, I could not see the screen etc etc, so hence bit of the building are chopped off. The person in front was some charity collector or similar. It was funny, because she would knock or ring a bell, pause for a response, and when none happened, moved on. By the time she had moved to the place after, the door was answered by people wondering who was knocking at their door. The other is looking across the bay to what I suppose is roughly Sandringham.