Saturday, August 19, 2006

Had a win

One has to treasure and make the most of a day off, especially when it falls on a weekend. From past experience, if I don't organize something in advance, or no ONE else has, not too much happens. I have been critisized by someone CLOSE for poor organizing of 'social events'. I refute the point. I do it in my way at my time frame at my speed. At least I do it. Left to OTHERS, nothing happens. If I don't do it, then 'I am not making an effort with friends'.

So given the weather forecast is good for Sunday and I have the day off, I just thought I would check when the Williamstown Sunday Market was on. Bonanza, correct Sunday, third in the month. So we shall go tomorrow.

I carefully suggested that perhaps we could catch the train. We have driven so many times to WillieTown. Once, and I posted it on my blog, I caught the train alone on a weekday to WillieTown, and it was very pleasant. Our close friends have to work tomorrow, but we will catch up with them for dinner.

So tomorrow, train to WillieTown for the Sunday Market and hopefully a nice lunch. Just the two of us. All change at Newport.......or somewhere, I have forgotten. If I run into Joan, I will say hi.

What a fuss

I get quite a few funnies emailed to me from friends. Sometimes I choose the single best of them and email them to friends usually on Friday night, subject line, Weekend Humour. I don't think I have ever had such a reaction to my weekend humour as I have to this one. It is a picture I scanned from The Age newspaper. Before you ask, I don't know if it is real and I don't know the end result. Actually, psst, the Fire Brigade was called and they rescued the ducklings from the drain. Re-united with mummy duck, they went on their way to a lovely big blue pond with nice water and lots of food and they grew into nice healthy ducks. Nice ending hey.

But when they were older some were separated from mother duck and ended up hanging in a Victoria Street, Richmond window and the others suffered a more Aussie fate and became duck a l' orange. The remaining ones were not anticipating christmas with good feelings.

Perhaps there is some sense in children need to know where their food comes from.

Friday, August 18, 2006

St Kilda Road Update

I like where I live. I like it a lot. I like watching the changes. This was a fairly ordinary block of flats with a very handy florist within. Most useful for birthdays, deaths and marriages. As I watched it come down, I saw a whole flat with purple interior walls.
It was demolished, once asbestos was removed, in about an hour.
This advertises what will be built here. I fail to see the connection between the building Lucient and this barely dressed bloke running. Perphaps Lucient was a Greek god. I don't mind the picture at all though. The average price of an apartment here will be $2.2 million. Unsure if that helps our property value or not. Who cares, we can't eat it.
It is next to this and may block our view of ANAL building which is not so pretty anyway. But it will be sad if it blocks our view of the night time illumination.

Battle of Long Tan

Well folks, it is the fortieth anniversary of the battle of Long Tan in Vietnam. Honourable Aussies, along with our buddies from across the Pacific ocean and South Vietnamese Army were at war against North Viet Nam and the Viet Cong in the south of the country. Ok, there were a couple of other countries involved too.

Today we honour the brave in that battle of Long Tan. I am including a thought for all the combatants, our side and their side. We lost a few Aussies, North Vietnam and the VC lost many, many more.

It was an awful war, as if there can ever be a good one. Awful for Australia, awful for the US, awful for Viet Nam.

What were we doing there? I know, because I have informally studied the war for many years. I concluded quite a while ago that we were wrong being there, as was anyone else. You may do your own research and draw your own conclusions.

Apart from some ongoing problems with our returned soldiers, you would hardly know it ever happened now, in Australia that is. Viet Nam still bears many scars and the war still has day to day effects on the people's lives.

Viewed from over thirty years on since we bolted from the country with our tails between our legs, the returned soldiers were treated shamefully, by the general population, by the governments and by the RSL. Not too many people would disagree with that, but what is lacking is an historical context.

People who were around then seem to have forgotten the passion of people who disagreed with the war. Not only the war, but conscription, that is forcing young men, teenagers, to go and fight. Not even old enough to vote! The misery the war caused to Vietnam and Laos and subsequently Cambodia. So many young men and women killed, millions by 1979, as a direct result of the war. All so futile.

While I feel for our returned diggers and the way they were treated, I expect I would have behaved the same toward them as many others did. The government knew which way the political wind was blowing. No welcome home for them. Without saying the war was right, they should have been treated decently by the government and the RSL.

They were mostly honourable servicemen, but the war they were involved in was not.

Signed, Hanoi Jay.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Teacher of the Planets

Dear Miss Maude was passionate about science. She was also a ferociously masculine science teacher. A confirmed spinster I suppose, who, if she was young now, would be a bull dyke, albeit without the fat arse. Of, course nothing wrong with being a bull dyke, some of best friends..................Don't you just hate it when people qualify something by 'some of my best friends are ...'.

We knew which teachers we could play up on, and she was not one of them.

Sadly her teachings have become reduntant with some new discoveries.

'My Very Earnest Man Just Showed Us Nine Planets', needs an extension at the end. But I am sure I will never remember it. Things don't stick in your head as well when you past your teens.

I just know the above will be too cryptic for some. Try google.

Blogging on someone's blog

I must say, I was a bit flattered to be asked to be a guest poster on someone else's blog. This blogger, obviously sick of Melbourne's cold and windy weather, took off to Tasmania. He asked a few people to blog for him while he is away.

The style of the post was to be similar to the way he would write a post. Bit of head scratching for me there and a bit of re-reading. I cannot swear like he does. My fingers just wouldn't do it. I did later add a swear word. I did not want to polish it too much though. I didn't want to think about it too much. I just thought about something and bashed off the post.

Here is the post, and if you read other stuff on his blog, although I don't know him well, he not half as bad in real life as he may seem, or is he?

Feed the Birds for Tuppence

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Media Watch

My comment on the message board of what I think is an invaluable tv show. That is Media Watch and the story about Terry Lane. I should beware of the worship of false gods.

I have listened to Terry Lane for what I guess to be over twenty five years, I have read his newspaper columns and bought his books.

I don't think anyone has ever disappointed me any more than he did with his bungle. But, he confessed immediately and apologized in a way I have never heard any jounalist apologize for a mistake, let alone a deliberate deceit that some indulge in.

He has many honourable runs on the board, his apologies are profuse and I doubt anyone could beat him up more than he has beaten himself up. While he has explained his error in detail, he never excused it or himself. He never once said or wrote to my knowledge 'in my defence', so it was unfair of Monica to say 'his excuses'.

Did he deserve a bash by MW, probably, as he is held in high regard and when such people fall, they hit the ground harder.

But I really don't think there was any point comparing his error with the Crikey comments and subsequent sacking by another Age journalist. I really don't have an opinion on this as I don't know enough about this chap.

I remain disappointed by but forgiving toward Mr Lane.

The darker ones

We hear, read and see a lot about Australia's aboriginal problem. Where it is bad, it is truly bad and needs to be addressed.

Just last year, when we could afford a holiday, we went to the Northern Territory. While walking along a Darwin street in the middle of the day, we passed a drunken Aborignal couple and they stank as well.

But that was the only negative experience that I can recall. We saw some bois at Adelaide River waiting to be collected by a bus to go to work, and a couple weren't half bad in the looks department. We saw park rangers, shop staff, boat crews.

We saw them out shopping. We saw them out having a latte or a juice. We saw them out having a beer at a pub. We saw kiddies having fun, in a non electronic manner.

Ah well, what would I know as a tourist in NT when I live in the City of Melbourne.

I just wonder how all the negative media protrayal sits with your average Aboriginal Joe or Joess who gets up every morning and goes to work, school or to hunt for the evening meal? They must dread watching the tv news at times. "Here we go again. Another story on the plight of the Aborigines. Their skin is the same as mine, but that is all we have in common."

I think that at times we need to remind ourselves to not get caught up in stereotypes, much as I love stereotypes. As I have said before, more power to the female elders.

Bit of time wasting fun

I found the link to this site on GuruAnn's blog.
My post code is 3004 if you want to compare your good self to my good self.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Celeb Stud Major Michael Mori (mark)

Just to get the political stuff out of the way, Major Michael Mori is defending accused Aussie terrorsit David Hicks in a pretty dodgy US Army trial. David Hicks is an Australian citizen and should be judged in his own country. How can US hold one of our citizens captive? What crime has he committed? Why isn't the Oz government returning him to Oz to face charges or public judgement?

Major Michael Moi is not conventionally good looking. He is certainly not the type I would normally choose to have fun with, but, oh, is there something hot about him or not? For a start he can talk, and that wins me quickly. He is charming. He has a good sense of humour and fun. He talks honestly too it would seem. He looks very clean. He makes no apology for himself. He wasn't at the front of the queue in the looks department. But what he really has is such an old fashioned quality and term, sex appeal. Sadly I can't find any more revealing pictures.


The desk and tv

Here is our desk, which I spend far too much time sitting at. What is wrong with our desk? Nothing? Great, thanks for that. That is one issue sorted.

A neighbour won an LCD tv, a big blighter. R had to help him carry it up. One of R's workmates bought a new plasma, an even bigger blighter, on the same day. Our four year old tv is 68cm flat screen CRT tv. Nothing wrong with that is there? Thanks. You have all been most helpful. And Messrs Master Card and Visa is appreciative too.

Bad Lads

Many young blokes are thoughtless, uncaring, selfish, dumb and don't take responsibility for the actions, but are generally 'good kids'. Not these ones mentioned below. They are bad, nasty, vindictive and we want them out. Two cases of threatened assault and one of assault for starters.

This is an edited text from our body corporate manager to the apartment's owner. It would seem one of the lads is the owner's son. Our body corp manager is a fearsomely tenacious Canadian born hard case. I certainly would not take her on. I am glad she on my side. It seems like the $38,000 spent on an cctv upgrade is worthwhile.

Thank you for your recent correspondence and denial of the breach of noise disturbance emanating from your apartment.

I am unclear as to the relationship, if any, with the residents of your apartment, but I write again to appeal to you and them to resolve these matters of behaviour once and for all.

Of late, the residents, (unclear whether it is B...... or his roomate(s)), have been found to be breaching or disruptive in the following areas:

Driving too fast in the car park
Parking in car spaces other than apt. ** and not having the correct vehicle stickers
Verbally abusive to other residents and the building/body corporate staff
Causing a disturbance that required police to attend the property
Tampering with body corporate property for which they have been caught on the video surveillance system (evening 06/08/06)
Damaging body corporate property and facilities - beer bottles depostited in landscaping outside property and left in lifts
Harrassing neighbours and general disregard for other residents

I know B...... will disagree/deny all of the above in the persausive manner he has in dealing with anyone who has found them out. He has always responded with a shocked/don't know what you're talking about look on his face when I have confronted him at the building. He obviously takes me for a fool in this behaviour but is not doing his reputation any good trying to deny things that we have on tape.

I have given him every oportunity to come clean (so to speak) with his actions and those of his roommates. I have pleaded with him to behave and not cause a disturbance but he has totally disregarded my advice.

The recent spate of misbehaviour, which is now captured on video, is only the latest in a long line of deliberate actions, which demosnstrates a serious lack of respect for mutual surroundings and fellow residents. I sincerely request that you have B.... contact me to arrange a time to meet with his roommates and me in an effort to find some way forward that works for us all.

We are currently taking additional steps to document all incidents in the future so that there will be no lack of evidence or facts in relation to breaches attribuatable to the residents of your apartment at ........

I hope we can come to an amicable arrangement as the current situation will not be tolerated.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The footer

Bad that I did not go to the same sex rally in the city
Bad that channel seven did not cover it
Good that ABC tv did cover it well
Good tram system to take us to and from MCG
Good that our footy friend was already on tram and we sat with her
Bad that I bought a Hungry Jacks burger when R and T bought low fat Subway
Bad tasting burger
Bad that during four tram trips, I saw only five people validate their tickets
Bad that no one listened to me that we should take the number 70 tram to be close to MCG, gate 6
Good and interesting walk from Wellington Parade to gate 6
Good that there were plenty of pleasant and helpful staff at MCG
Bad that our e tickets had to be correctly folded so that they could be read by the bar code scanner
Bad that the scanners are so close to gates and e tickets have to be almost inserted on an angle
Good that the lift attendant was a bit of a laugh
Bad that we were not sitting in a corporate box
Good that we were in the AFL members area
Bad that people were just sitting anywhere and we had to move people out of our seats
Bad price of beer
Bad only light beer. I don't like the taste
Good only light beer. No one drunk
Bad price of water
Good that sister sms me before match and suggest we meet up
Bad that sister and brother were so far away to meet up with at half time
Bad that when we walked back on the outside, our passouts would not get us back in and had to backtrack to where sister was to get back in
Bad how much commercialism is now at MCG
Bad that we sat near people you kept yelling at players and umpires. They can't hear you, you know
Good that most did not. We were just unlucky
Bad that the noise was giving me headache
Bad that when a lift arrived it was full of drunken yobs in dinner suits. Obviously no alchohol restrictions in the posh areas
Good, very good to look around and check out the ground and the stands. Very very good and very well done
Good to see smart on screen stuff and close ups of play and incidents and goals
Bad that there were pregnant pauses by the umpire waiting for the signal from the television broadcaster that their ads had finished and it was ok to continue
Bad that Hawthorn took such a decisive lead early
Good that Carlton caught up quite a bit and it was nearly to the point where they were in with a chance
Bad that footballers were so far away, I could not really see them
Good that I made a list of HOT players beforehand, as it has amused people, even though it was irrelevant at the event
Good that there was a bit of biffo and a couple of brawls, sorry, melees
Bad that I had too many clothes and was too hot
Good later that I had plenty of clothes to put back on when I got cold
Good that winged wildlife arrived to watch the footy after half time
Bad that they were seagulls and doves and waiting for the match to finish before decending for a feast of left over food
Odd that they arrived so early and had to wait so long before the feast started. Why haven't they worked out that it finishes around five. Arriving after the second half siren sounds is plain silly on their part
Good to see a footballer lying on the ground seemingly unconcious
Good to see a footballer get and walk away, stretcher and golf cart type vehicle (Medibank sponsored) not needed

Good to see the truly marvellous MCG and experience the footy
Bad that I am too poor to be an MCG member

Good that I am encouraged now to see Telstra Dome
Bad that it has such a name

Bad that I feel so exhausted by the whole thing.
Good that I am going to normal paid work tomorrow, reality check