Friday, June 23, 2006

Air con and pc update

The air con man came today, dropped his screwdriver over the edge of the balcony and fortunately did not kill anyone, fixed the air con and departed. I had to lend him a phillipshead to complete the job. I was watching him staring over the edge of the balcony in a downward direction and though he had dropped one of the precious new parts. No fortunately. He suggested I clean the fins of grease from the barbe. Just what I need today. I labouriously did so. Only an hour of my time. Who cares? Anyway, air con under warranty, no charge. Gosh it is nice to have it working again.

Took the pc to the pc shop and after waiting for forty minutes while he played around and could not solve the no sound issue, he suggested I leave and he would call. At least he gave me the net to play on while I waited. For once I could not think of much to do with the net. He called late arvo and we picked the pc up. Something about when he replaced the motherboard, he connected some jumper thingy wrongly. He did it French, when it wasn't, or vice versa. My pc has seen much worse than French. He was very apologetic.

Supposed to go into town for a meal tonight, but after today's difficulties and having come down with a cold, it didn't happen.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Hey, this international football, aka, soccer is not half bad.....hey. I am a bit caught up in it and I will be up early to listen or watch the Friday match.

We may have lost the Ashes, temporarily, but we have won the American Masters. Last night an Aussie horse, owned and trained by an Aussie won a significant race at Ascot in front of Betty Battenberg. We crucified all at the Commonwealth Games. Is Hewitt actually going to do something aside from pose as a celebrity, and win Wimbledon?

Our actors do well overseas, as do our artists and musicians.

We are good.

We are a bit raw at international football, so perhaps not this time. But we are competing against them at least.

Yep, go Australia. I am proud and excited.

Then I think of the new political party donation legislation that passed parliament today and I slip back to despair. There must be one of you a**holes who voted for Howard reading this now. What do you want a future Australia to look like? A corrupt country with working poor and poverty stricken homeless? A tow the line ABC? It could work against you, you know. You need to have a good hard look at yourself and your 'aspirations'. You are no more than a selfish prick or prickess. I despise you and you probably haven't even got to the status of owning a four wheel drive, yet. Try to look into your concience. Is your dream of Australia full of people like you? It could be awfully competetive in Glenferrie Road once all you aspirationals have a four wheel drive.

If you don't live anywhere near Glenferrie Road, you are kidding yourself. No matter how smart your four wheel drive looks, you will never be accepted among the elite. I have observed the tryers, and they always get something not quite right.

New Phone Books

The latest telephone directories have arrived in the building and I collected ours today. I don't why I bother as I never use them. But I always check that I have been correctly entered, and then, like any potential stalker does, I check a few old root's friend's addresses.

Next to my address, St Kilda Road, has been placed '(north)'. I checked our neighbours in the building numbers and they don't have north next to them. I checked someone in St Kilda Road, south of St Kilda Junction, no South there.

I have never heard of this St Kilda Road North, and presumably South concept. Very odd. Will ring them up, at some point, in the future, when I get around to it. Maybe I will ask them the other street thing I think of at times. Does Toorak Road West, Punt Rd to St Kilda Rd, still officially exist.

The doughnuts

I had never eaten one but I would like to try, if only to see if they are up to the hype. I like a very occasional high fat, high sugar treat. Mostly, I am indifferent to sweet stuff. But how successful as the hype been about Krispy Kream doughnuts? There have been long queues at the store's opening this morning, in real Kath and Kim territory, that is Fountain Gate, Narre Warren.

Note that their first store was not in Malvern, where even Hungry Jacks could not make a buck and had to close. A spokesperson said that their doughnuts were only ever meant as an occasional treat. Perhaps he should police this and he will soon realise, as the company goes broke, that this is incorrect.

The devil says, 'give me your aspirational, and I will feed them fat and sugar and they will love me for all of there shortened lives'.

Apologies to a particular doughnut loving workmate.

Lighting us up

Nuclear is good, our PM is indicating, so he has set up a biased review of the matter. A couple of workers at Sydney's medical nuclear reactor got radioactive water splashed in their eyes (I expect it probably went elsewhere too). But we are told no harm to them. I could easily be swayed to nuclear power, I think, if these sorts of things did not happen. Without mentioning Chernobyl, how many radio active leaks have we heard of in Australia? A few, in the Nothern Terriotory. Ok, it was only a bit of water.

In spite of being a member of the Greens, I have mulled long and hard over nuclear. It is not the answer. I don't know what is, but we simply cannot continue to take stuff out of the ground to sustain us, be it gas, water, oil, uranium, coal. It is so very wrong thinking. Be it wave, wind, water, solar no matter. We need to supply our own energy needs from a source that will not deplete and have such a terrible impact on earth, our home..

A phrase I used to like that may have been seen in national parks, was, 'leave only footprints'. Now I think, tidy up your footprints. We don't need to reduce our impact on the planet, we don't need to make it even, we need to turn it back. I have not had a good look at what Landcare does, but I do know they are turning the clock back in practical ways. Western countries need to all turn their clocks back, and then at least we will be justified in arguing that third world countries do so too.

Oh, and Mr Howard, if you are going to build a nuclear power station, please build it east to north east from Melbourne, a direction the wind seldom blows from.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cough and splutter

I wrote this on June the first.

Now, from history, train stations had very high roofs (is that rooves?) to disperse smoke from steam trains. The tradition followed with the re-development of Spencer Street, except it is now to disperse diesel fumes. Let me tell you, it does not work. The fumes were almost overpowering. Horrendous.

Seems like I was correct. I did even give a thought for the poor staff who have to work in it. From today's Age.

SOUTHERN Cross Station's wavy roof — the centrepiece of its $700 million redevelopment — is trapping fumes from diesel trains and causing a string of illnesses ranging from vomiting to runny eyes, say concerned staff.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cook? Me? What?

Yesterday was a momentous day for me. I arrived home from work and no sign of R. I guessed he was doing some body corp related matter, and I later found out that they were cleaning out the manager's office.

I poured myself a glass of plonk and sat drumming my fingers. R should be here, cooking my dinner. I'm hungry. Whaaaaa. Four lamb chops sat thawing on the sink. Could I? Could I possibly cook a meal other than fried rice or pizza? Gosh, it must be twenty years. S'pose I could. Lamb chops with vegetables. Not too hard I guess. Give it shot. Peeled potatoes, skinned and sliced the carrots, cut up the broccoli, lit the barbecue to preheat. Potatoes go on first, carrots are pretty hard, they will need a while to steam, broccoli is quick. Forgot to wash the broccoli. Cooking will kill anything won't it? Meat is on barbe cooking. Potatoes are cooked, put some frozen peas in the microwave, oops, carrots cooked very quickly.

R arrived home and naturally was surprised at my efforts and asked if he could do anything. I said take over, and he did. He made a mustard sauce while I finished cooking the meat and apart from the overcooked carrots, it wasn't too bad at all. While the praise from R was nice, I played down my effort as I don't want to get used to cooking.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The PM talks schite

You are probably used to something from me daily, if not five posts in a day. I truly have nothing to write about. Holidays next week. I will be better then. But as I know you all hang on my every word, here is one I prepared earlier that I held back because it was so badly written. You get the unedited version. Original date 8.58 pm, May 02, 2006.

Where has this man been for the last forty years? Even when I was at school ever so many years ago, a mix of modern and 'traditional' books or texts were used.

There was some Shakespeare, boring and I still don't care for it, and some traditional English poetry. I think one of my English teachers was a dyke as she was very focused on a poem, and hence we were, by whoever, called I think Christobel. I am sure there was some girl on girl references. The Ancient Mariner wasn't a bad tale. Stupid bluddy 'I saw a host of shining daffodils'. Bah! Was acid around when that was written?

For pleasure, I read poetry by Banjo Patterson at home, or stories by Henry Lawson. Far more interesting and relevant to a bush boy. I would read aloud to the family sometimes. It was guaranteed to send them to sleep in one minute flat. I can still recite Mulga Bill's Bicycle and it is as funny today as it was then, It just occured to me that there may have been a bit of stealing from Wind in the Willows. Mulga Bill's shiny new machine? Toad's flashy new car? Both came to grief with the latest technology.

But at school, we covered modern books too. Portnoy's Complaint was scandalous at the time. I was intrigued with what he did to the liver that was to be that night's family evening meal. (No, not that intrigued, besides we never had offal in our house). The Pigman by Paul Zindel was a great book and lead me to read more of his writing.

These books were new and interesting and I would devour them with a passion. Boogger the boring old stuff.

So, PM Howard wants a return to traditional texts and thinks students are being taught 'dumb English'. Children do need to be taught proper English and they should be taught a lot more of it. They need to read and read a lot, but it does not matter so much what it is so long that it is good writing. It does not have to be by studying boring old tomes.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Building #17

Our trial period with a property management company has concluded quite abruptly, that is, they are sacked. The building manager did not do half of what he was supposed to, the concierge was drunk on duty every night, the owner of the company was heard to say on a mobile phone speaker, 'that f***ing committee'. If the company had supplied staff that could get anywhere near vaguely doing their job, perhaps the f***ing committee might have been patient and tolerant. It became clear that this would never happen. Perhaps the staff need to be paid more than $11 an hour?

Fortunately, we did not burn bridges. Our old security company has returned and I don't mind giving them a plug, as they are excellent if there is a real crisis, MONJON. We don't have a concierge any more, but we do have a guard. We kept on the temporary cleaners, a firm staffed mostly by Indian students. The owner of the business is training someone up to take over the building manager position and he seems serious about putting in resources to meet our standards. The situation is not perfect, but are they are trying hard.

The new security cameras are proving useful. Panels and a bar on the garage door were broken. What filthy resident did this? Actually, it was the building's air con maintenance company being careless about where they stopped their vehicle, all clearly on digital file. The door was damaged when it closed on to the top of their vehicle. They should know better about electronic beams at doorways.