Friday, June 16, 2006

Male celeb for the week, Usher

Don't know where, don't know when, I only know a few years ago I came across some pics of an interesting looking rap artist by the name of Sisqo. If he had been heard of in Australia back then, it would have been by very few people. I learnt he had a fellow mate rapper called Usher. Both were hot. Sisqo was the more stylish one with bleached hair, but Usher's smile was irresistible.

Then one early Saturday morning when visiting our ex overcharging accountant in the city to get our tax done, I saw a promotional poster for an Usher concert tour or something like that. Rap is not my thing. It would be hard choice to choose between country and western music or rap music as my most hated. A hard choice. But given country and western is mostly performed by unattractive men, with a couple of exceptions, I would have to go for rap.

Here is Usher.

Any requests btw? I am not bad at hunting out celeb pics.


Since this built in beast failed, we have made do with this little cutie. Little cutie has worked non stop and already his swivel feature has worn out with much grinding and grating. He is not quite up the task though and needs an occasional boost from the gas hotplate jets.

Later: After a visit from a technician today, we were told that the whole circuit system needed to be replaced on the outdoor unit. Required parts would be available next week for fitting. The good news, it is all under the five year warranty. Since it won't cost us for repair and we are tired of not feeling properly warm and of closed bedroom and bathroom doors, we have bought another heater elcetric fan heater.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

What bugged me today

As previously mentioned, apart from a couple of copies of the Age each week, I don't buy any other newspaper. I check a few daily online. Usually The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Herald Sun, and the Sydney Daily Tele, in that order of preference. I check others from around the world or interstate if I have time and I am interested in some topic. I gobble up freebie papers, except for our local MX.

The Fairfax papers (Age and SMH) both have a 'most viewed' list of articles. The list is made up of headlines and sometimes these may sound interesting but it is not clear what the article is about. I click on it and sometimes I am not interested at all in the article, BUT, because I have clicked on it, then there is another vote for most read article and then it stays on the list and even more people will click on it. It is a wonder that some obsure headline like 'John and Pru tell all about their relationship' is not still on the list of most viewed articles.

Perhaps I should email Lady Mary and ask her to make the online headlines clearer in their subject matter. I might if I took the 'most read items' seriously.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Spag bog

Last night R tried a new method for making spaghetti bolognese sauce. It contains no herbs but take around three hours to cook. While it tasted different to the usual, it was equally as good.

What else was different, is that he used fresh pasta. I don't think I have ever eaten fresh pasta and honestly, I think I prefer the dry variety. Cartainly not worth the extra expense. R's fettuccini with bolognese sauce is far superior to spaghetti and mince that my mother used to serve me and much better than the lunchtime spaghetti out of a can.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The queen, scones and football

Guest check list for Queen's birthday afternoon tea, fortunately not hosted by ourselves.

1 straight widow, 80
1 straight widow, 75 plus her toy boy, 70
1 gay male, 50, sometimes drag queen
1 gay male, 60 plus partner, 70
1 gay male, host, 65 plus Fijian partner, 34
2 gay brother, 56
1 gay male, 55, plus restaurant owner Malaysian born partner, 45, plus friend, Malaysian born, 35
1 bi New Zealand Indian, 40
1 gay soccer playing Fijian Indian, 43, plus Vietnamese born partner, 29, plus straight Aussie Indian, 30
1 gay Indian 35, plus Colombian partner, 30
1 lesbian, 45, plus partner 47
1 gay male, 67, plus partner, 50
1 gay Greek born, 43
and us

Although there were a couple of no shows, we still managed to eat our way through scones, cakes, biscuits, buns and drank wine, tea and coffee.

If that wasn't enough, some of us stayed on for dinner, dahl, rice, spicy and plain chicken drumsticks, plus more cakes, tea and coffee.

Reading back, we all sound so old. In reality, there were only two people who could be called old in the behaviour. It was a great afternoon and sides ached from laughing so much.

If it wasn't for multicultural Australia, we would have all been old white men and probably grumpy too.

I am feeling very muliticultural at the moment while so many countries are connected by their interest in a black and white round ball. This game must be good for world relations.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dame M tale #27

Dame M has two sisters. One, her hot great nephew's mother lives and in Queensland and the other in the United States. We met the US sister and her husband when their cruise ship came to Melbourne. I asked Dame M where her sister lived in the states, and initially Dame M started to say Illinois, but then corrected herself and and she moved to Phoenix, Arizona.

The sister, at the ripe age of seventy five, has suddenly become an artist and is selling her works as quickly as she can produce them for US$2,000 a piece. She is about to have an exhibition in a gallery. I have seen one of her pictures and I think we had pictures like this on our walls in the eighties. It was a picture of a couple of avocados.

It is lucky that the sister married well and can count twenty five sea cruises, along with her next booked trip on the train across Canada. It would be awful to suddenly become rich when you are seventy five.

People merge

Life is full of little co-incidences. On the day that I noticed a very decent blogger Jess has added a link to my blog on hers, R asked me a question that I was frustratingly unable to immediately answer without a bit of net searching.

We were watching our Queen, both Australia's and Canada's on tv and she has vistited Cananda many times. To keep up the public transport obsession, for Liz, Canada is probably zone 1, whereas we are probably zone 3. I console myself with the fact that Liz doesn't come here too often as it is a long way.

Liz has visited the city of Regina in Canada. Rhymes with......stop your naughty thoughts.... an opinionated person, an opiner. It is in the province of (check spelling) Saskatchewan where his late UK born aunt lived and his nieces and nephews still reside.

There was some mention of French in Saskatchewan and R asked me if it was a French Province, like Quebec. I did not think so but checked up. No, it's French population is only a couple of per cent. Btw, Canada's population is around 32 million, bigger than us.

Just to improve my knowledge of Canada, can Jess tell me:

a) does a Sydney/Melbourne thing happen in Canada between Toronto and Montreal?

b) Do people in Montreal all really go off like female dogs in heat during the brief summer? (I did hear the gays do)

c) Many Aussies will slag off the US, but have much fonder feelings about Canada. Are the feelings reciprocated?

d) It is always safer if we Aussies ask a North American speaker if they are Canadian (assuming they are not obviously from the South or the Bronx. US people are flattered if we are wrong and god forbid that we ask someone from Canada if they are from the States. While we would be less offended, can a Canadian tell the difference between Aussie and New Zealander accents?

e) A workmate of R's is a born French Canadian. His sister visited Oz earlier this year. She doesn't speak English at all. Is it only the real working class of Quebec who can't speak English? Educated French Canadians can speak English fine?

f) It makes us anti involvement in the Iraq troubles folk in Oz feel our chums in Canada are more clever and sophisticated than us. How come their government did not send troops when ours did? Aren't you paranoid about what the US thinks?

Some animals are greater than others

A paradox, a paradox, a most extraordinary paradox. Those hot passionate Spaniards are debating creating something similar to a Human Rights Charter for primates. Very admirable, but how about you, Spain, stop spearing bulls and having them bleed to death in shocking distress before you tackle Charters of Rights for primates.

Yes, some animals are certainly greater than others.

Filling in half an hour

If you are near Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, take half an hour to have a look at the corrobboree tree near St Kilda Junction and it's environs. This may well end up in an odd order but pics The leaning tower of Cadbury Schweppes, the old plaque a couple of metres from the corroboree tree, a newer plaque some distance away, the Blackie Ironmonger stand at the Junction Oval and looking up into the corroboree tree. The tree is only a metre or so from the slip road from St Kilda Road to Queens Road. Many cars pass by and most drivers would never notice the tree.

Hat trick

Got it, the hat trick. Failed pc mother board, failed air con and now no sound on pc (highriser is thinking of something very cold, metal and sharp)