Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dudes and the Biz

While not all men fit the bill, most seem to, and wives/partners just seem unable to understand. Gay men understand better, and it less of a problem in their relationships.

Women just do not understand how forceful the male sex drive is. Just a hint of interest from an attractive female and it can turn them into a non fucntioning person for the day. Their minds will be obsessed. They will imagine all sorts of things.

Blokes can have sex so easily when they are turned on, ah, they can do it even when they are not turned on. They are animals. I don't know a lot about women's sexuality, but for most it does not seem to work like that. They like love and passion. Blokes like this too, but it is not essential.

Blokes can have quick hard and fast sex, or long slow and passionate sex, but it is that, just sex. Absolutely nothing to do with love. They can also have sex with someone they love and if it is any of the above, that is extra good for them.

Do any couples who have been together for a long time really agree that sex is better with their partner than it was when they were young? It could be more relaxed, more agreeable. You know what each other likes or does not (hopefully).

But can anything beat the hot passion of newness? Call me an immoral slut if you like, but I don't think I am wrong.

This week's celeb is for real men

Told ya I might do one for you str8 bois. Paris Hilton with a xxx sub album (PHXXX). I like the gal, tart that she is. She can hold a conversation with a friend in a dance club, no mean feat in itself, while a third person's fingers go where only a 'ladies doctor' would only examine. (I can't spell that gyna word). In a couple of the xxx, she has an appearance of having been around a bit, but due to my lack of experience, I am not really one to judge that. Yep, she is a class act.


Couple of transport links

Couple of links to public transport stories in Sydney papers. Let me know if you can't access them and want a read.,20281,19408100-5001021,00.html

Bad to crook

Things are worse. The pc is working fine, but our air con 'failed to proceed' this morning. Nothing happens except a flashing green light. I tried everything I could think of, but nope, it is boogered. I somehow think it is nothing serious, that the system is protecting itself, but who knows.

Of course it did not happen early in the week while I was home all week for a repairman to call.

We gave away our years old portable fan heater so we had to buy a new one this morning. We ended up getting a ceramic model which runs for about six cents and hour, compared to around 35 for a conventional heater. It has taken the chill off the air, but it is not that good really.

Could air con have broken down at a worse time? The first day of a long weekend and perhaps the coldest and foggiest day of the year.

Update: Coldest day for thirteen years.

Friday, June 09, 2006

MFB, Not Metropolitan Fire Brigade

I was without the internet at home for about four hours today. I sweated, I flushed, I felt ill.

There has been some indications that somethig was not quite right. We had some really slow start ups by our pc on the odd occasion. Like around five minutes! But then it seemed to return to a normal state.

Today I noticed when vacumming, how much dust was behind the pc. It won't do for a smart apartment in St Kilda Road. I will clean it. Ah, just one screw at the back of the pc. Better take the case off and clean off the dust inside. An artist's brush was not make much of an impression. I remembered the last time I did this. I adapted a turkey baster to connect to the vac machine to give a concentrated suck. I then recalled that the vac sucked the turkey baster tube into it's tube and it was a devil of a job to get it out. I taped it firmly this time. I had a ten mm strongly sucking tube. It did the job.

Plug the power cord back in and nothing. Blank screen, no pc start up. Spend half an hour plugging, switching on and off, nothing. Take machine to pc shop. I have not had to go there since we bought it. Much better than past pcs. It is H Tek, in St Kilda Road near the corner of Carlisle Street if you are interested. Used to be in Carlisle Street. Dealt with and spent plenty of money there. Within a couple of hours, the pc was ready to collect and the MFB had failed. It cost $140 to replace.

Have you worked out MFB yet? Mother Effing Board.

I am so dependant on the internet now, it was stressful to be without it. I need to access my emails at least. Life depends on them. I live and die by the net. Why did I donate our old pc to a charitble place? I need a back up pc.

My day's plans were screwed up. And after my plans, I was supposed to go with R into the city for his appointment and then we would go somewhere for an early dinner. Instead, I was picking up the pc. We met a bit later and had an ok dinner, but Friday night drinkies nights for city workers is not a great time for folks like us. Too busy.

The day was less than satisfactory.

Spam #32

I don't normally pay much attention to spam, but this one grabbed my eye. I can buy Viagra for only US$3.80. I can choose between two types, Viagra Soft and Viagra Pro, priced the same. I think I would go for the the Pro. The Soft does not inspire a lot of confidence.

I received an email from my isp steering me towards a government site where I could download a spam button to my outlook express email program. I think you click on a spam email and then click on the button and the email is deleted and reported as spam to our communication authority.

I spent about five minutes setting it up and it did not work. I refuse to waste any more time with it. If I as an experienced pc and net user cannot make it work in five minutes, then how is someone new going to go? In five minutes, I could have recognised and deleted thousands of spam messages.

Watching you

I attended today's education session for our new security cameras. While there is some fine tuning, they are pretty good. I do have some pride in knowing about our building and how things work, but I did not know that there was already a cam in the stair well emergency escape from the carpark.

It was a huge laugh, becasue the first camera that we saw showed the new people who were moving into the building. They were at the car park door and it was actually an old existing camera. They had a serious pash standing directly in front of the camera. Our body corp manager switched it to another camera, but we insisted she switch it back. Someone pressed a button and they were back but in close up. They were Asian heritage and going at it like hammers and tongs. It was almost pornographic, but real, very real. Kissing, grinding, hands in places they are not normally are in public . But it was all on a previously existiing camera. Hey folks, glance around and check if there is an evil eye watching before you do stuff.

I suppose now that they have moved in, they are having some 'sort' of celebration and completing their unfinished task.

Bring up date, in the reverse American way, alter time, and I could watch it again. One woman was present and she wanted to turn it off. All the men wanted to leave it on. Leads me on to my next post.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

DVD review

Have I said this already? There is probably a good reason why I did not see these movies at the cinema when they were released.

Wolf Creek. How stupid and hopeless were the two girls? Formulaic, if that is a word. I compare it something like Cape Fear, and it does not compare well.

Crackerjack. It would have been a classy production if it was shown on our ABC one night. Great acting (except they weren't, they were playing the same old roles as they always have), but ever so Australian. Some really clever humour,but heard it all before, mostly.

Serial Mom. Too cliched (phonetic clishayed).

Chopper, not bad, but did I miss the story line? Was there one? There were some very good intense scenes, but they do not a great movie make.

Looking for Alibrandi, about half way through, I reaslised I had seen it before. Again a very worthy production for tv perhaps, in it's time. Initially it explored some interesting concepts, but took them nowhere!

Lantana? No scenery, so why would you see it on a big screen? But it was pretty good and held my attention. The end was somewhat unsatisfying though. Acting was brilliant. I have a feeling that there may be a follow up movie.

All, bar one were Aussie movies. Very Aussie. Is it possible that we could make an international movie? We have in the past.

Pretty cool

Well, cold actually. I think it we cracked a record this morning. When I arose the thermometer said 16.3. I have never seen it drop below 17 degrees. It is less than four degrees outside. I am not looking forward to our electric bill. The air-con has been working hard this winter.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The building

It may seem like an inanimate building to some, but it is our home. We respect it as such and get well annoyed when others mistreat it.

Our new security cameras have been installed. There are now fifteen cameras and you are being observed if you enter, from many angles. Tomorrow I will attend a training session on how the whole system works. I have seen the camera pics already and they are vivid and in colour and the digital recording system is first class. If you are wearing a hood and wish to invade and do damage, then we will track you through operation of remote door unlocking activity. It can all be matched. Jump the fence from next door, we are still watching you and you can't get into our pool or spa without a remote control.

I don't think us body corporate representatives wanted to spend nearly $40,00 on this system, but bad behaviour has put us in this position. And we are one of the so called quality blocks?

We have a considerable sinking fund for maintenance of the building, and we hope that it will protect everyone's investment here.

As for East Melbourne Property Management? They seem to be wanting.

Journey on a Train

I had been thinking about doing this for a few weeks. Why you may ask? I had the time, I love train journeys and I thought it might be interesting. A train trip is a bit of a novelty for me nowdays.

I caught the 2.07 train from Flinders Street Station to Hurstbridge. I guessed that it would take about an hour to get there and I was not far wrong. I had heard something about the last bit of the line being single track. We at one time lived at the point where the Alamein line became a single track between Burwood and Ashburton. I learnt a bit about train signals there. Red does not necessarily mean stop. Red and green means go, red and orange means go at a slow speed and be prepared to stop. Only two reds mean stop. There was also some sort of automatic trip that would stop the train if it tried to pass the two reds. Anyway, this single track thing interested me a bit as well as knowing nothing about the area.

I was surprised to see that the terminus was within Zone 2 and not Zone 3. If you use travelling time as a guide, the whole system is quite unfair.

Naturally the train was late, but a station announcement did alert us. . Only five minutes but as you will hear later, this can have significant ramifications. I ought to have thought more about which carriage to travel in. Sadly I chose a busy one with some very loud posh private school girls. Bit disappointed that it was only a Comeng train, which I do like, but I thought I might of copped one of the newer German trains or even the French one that I have never ridden on. First station after the City Loop was Jolimont and from there express to Clifton Hill. We went marvellously fast over this section. Whoosh past all the people on the platforms in Richmond and Collingwood. At Clifton Hill, the Epping train, which stops at all the stations between the city and Clifton Hill, diverts. The Hurstbridge train was on it’s own now.

The houses and house blocks started to become larger. Conversely, the prices of said housing drops too. Ah, but wait, Ivanhoe and Eaglemont, large grand houses there. I can never understand why anyone with money would want to live there. The more modest suburbs, such as Montmorency passed by and things were starting to look quite rural. After Eltham I felt it was country and bush land. Near Eltham, the track curved and I could see the train was about to travel over a timber trestle bridge, I think. I better follow that one up. The further out we went, the slower the train seemed to be over what felt like rougher track. Bush, waterways, lots of trees along the winding railway track. Nice.

It does seem that there is any fat in the train running times as it arrived at Hurstbridge as late as it departed Flinders Street Station. There was a strange mix of tracks at the station, but only one platform.

The train was due to leave at 3.21, which gave me ten minutes to stretch my legs. I spied some nice shops, so I thought I could entertain myself until the following 4.01 was ready to depart.

Hurstbridge is a lovely little place. Sort of a mini Healsville. Lot’s of nice cafs and I chose to have coffee on a verandah (spell checker is telling this is a wrong spelling, but I don’t think it is) at the Post Office, come souvenir, come cafĂ©. Luscious looking cakes, but I resisted and just had coffee. The sun low in the sky warmed me but the verandah overhang shielded my eyes. After coffee, I took a walk along the main street and discovered there were even more shops along a bit. There was a very old gum tree where a plaque explained that a fire bell used to hang in a fork in the tree. Fire would be something very much on my mind if I lived there.

Ok, enough nature and fresh air. It makes me cough. I needed to inhale some train air-conditioned air and some traffic fumes. I need to get back to the city. Back to the station. I went to the end of the platform so that I could get on the hopefully quite first carriage and I did. The train arrived at the time it was supposed to depart, 4.01. I just have checked and it should have arrived at 3.53. Seems timekeeping is not quite right on this train line.

It was another Comeng train and the air con was quite noisy and the carriage suspension made a nasty grinding noise at times. I figured since I was close to the driver, it was safe as he wouldn’t put himself at risk. False assumption probably. I sat on the opposite side so that I could view the other side of the track. Travelling to Hurstbridge I saw cows and horses. Travelling back, I saw a rabbit, a pair of galahs and a gorgeous pair of parrots.

We arrived at Eltham and I saw that the time to depart was 3.21 and it was now 3.18. Well, there will be a wait and I was right. There were quite a number of people waiting for a train going in the other direction. I had sort of vaguely noticed when coming out that it was still single track after Eltham towards the city. We sat there and the outbound train arrived at about 3.25. I was sure we would then depart and only be a couple of minutes late. Nope, there seemed to be a change of drivers and I am guessing that the driver of the obviously late outbound train took over the controls of my train. We were now seven minutes late and did not make up any time at all. The trip inbound seemed slower. After the extremely spaced station in the outer area I was getting a bit annoyed at how close the inner stations are. It seemed that we had just left one and were stopping for another. Not even so fast between Clifton Hill and Jolimont. There was a brief wait at Flinders Street Station before pulling into the platform. Around eight minutes late and spot on time for the departure of the train for it’s next journey.

Now, I did not quite understand the single-track business. I thought it was only the last couple of stations. I have now checked and here is how it works.

The first single track, Clifton Hill to Westgarth astonished me. Why? Heidelberg to Rosanna then Greensborough to Hurstbridge. I just cannot see why anyone would build a railway line with a single track, long overland trains excepted. I can’t remember the details now, but dual track between Melbourne and Bendigo was replaced with a single track. In such cases, if one train is in trouble, it has a snowball effect. Ridiculous from my non knowledge of trains systems perspective.

From home to home, the outing was less than four hours and it was time well spent. I enjoyed it very much. I could have gone any day this week almost, but chose to wait for a not so cold sunny day. Good decision. When I told R about it, now he wants to do it, so I will have to repeat it. But looking at the street directory this evening, I have noticed that there is a lake in Hurstbridge and something marked as a ‘lone pine’. Might be interesting.

I must be getting terribly choosy too. I did not see one guy for the four hours that I thought was hot.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Above the pests

In some ways it is kinda nice living above the fog that Melbourne has experienced lately. Not entirely do we live above, but often. We thought we would live above flying pests and we fairly well do. There is some odd flying insect that I have never seen at ground level that invades us sometimes, but it is rare. I have not seen a blow fly, I don't think, since we have been here. Sometimes, drama, drama, a heaven bound house fly calls in. When you have one house fly a week, it is a big drama, especially for a Budhist sympathyser like me. I'm afraid my nasty face comes out on such occasions and I resort to chemical destruction.

As kids and in spite of fly screens, my mother was constantly dousing the air with insecticide. The smart city girl did not like country flies. Thankfully we never resorted to sticky fly papers that many of our neighbours did.

At the age of eighteen, I journeyed with a female co-worker, some years my senior, to her sister's abode in Gympie, Queensland, via a motel in Dubbo, an old ambulance driver root of hers in Towoomba and another sister in Ipswich. The car's alternator died in Brisbane and I had to do something complicated at the bank for my grandmother to send us some money.

Let me say, if you are ever entranced by the name Gympie, don't bother. It was awful. The house was substandard. No blinds on my sleepout room, so the sun came in hot every morning. No shower, had to heat water on the stove for a bath and no sooner was I out and I was hot and sticky again. One had to tread a careful path to the outside lav to avoid the hideous cane toads. I heard back later that I constantly whinged about it all, and I expect I did and I was quite justified. I did get to see Noosa before it became popular and Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach and some other sights including the Sunshine Coast. but I can't remember them now.

What this sister of my co-worker 'friend' did have was an intriguing fly capturing device. It was like a decanter with a hollow middle. There was water in it and you casually placed the aparatus over the fly which then flew up the funnel and dropped into the water. It worked well. It passed the time for me. But not everyone in the house was as active as I and there were many disgusting fly papers hanging with the flies attached. I am unsure how the device was emptied of decaying fly water and bodies. (No spell checking or read through)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Crossing the Punt Road for dvds

Today I walked to what I think is the nearest dvd rental shop in Toorak Road, South Yarra. A tram just departed at the corner of Park Street and Toorak Road, so I walked the whole way. The worst of it had passed as I had walked uphill, the rest was downhill. I just missed the green walk at Punt Road, and I thought I will not cross, I am not in a hurry. I waited and waited. The lights remained green. Some blonde bimbo started crossing. Then I did what I despise seeing others do. I carefully checked that I was not going to stifle any traffic turning into Punt Road and stepped out. As soon as I did, the lights started to change and I had to sprint across. Why did I wait so long? I see others do it all the time and think they are idiots. Why didn't I just wait for the next cycle of lights? Perhaps I don't like pseudo freeways like Punt Road where the traffic light cycles are so long, unless of course I am travelling along Punt Road.

I have not been on a dvd/video shop for many years and I was surprised to see that there were still some video tapes. One woman came in and asked for Diva, one of my favourite movies. They only had it on video. I debated whether to strike up a chat about the movie, but she seemed a bit loopy and had a kid in a pram. I stayed silent. The owner was banging on about how business was sithouse to someone. I can't say the shop was enticing to visit. Very functional with some movie playing too loud.

I hired some movies that I meant to see when they were released but did not.

Lantana, Looking for Alibrandi, Wolf Creek, Chopper, CrackerJack and the token overseas dvd, Serial Mom. I have a week to watch them as I am not working this week. Still on my list is DeLovely, Six Degrees of Separation and Little Fish and Hostel.

R wants to see Lantana. The rest I will watch on my own and I can bore you with lots of blog posts while I do so.

Dave Clark

Is Dave or David Clark(e) the most common combination of names in Australia? I personally know two. I know of three others in Melbourne. I know stage performer Barry Crocker had a friend called Dave Clarke who died in a car accident and wasn't there a group years ago called the Dave Clarke Five or Trio? How many Dave Clarke's do you know?

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Autumn can be a lovely time of the year in Melbourne. This year it is late and we haven't been smothered in air pollution as we often are in Autumn. We had a bit of winter early, but we are firmly in the latter stages of autumn now. Almost in the middle of town are some nice deciduous trees.

Wish I could do it

A tip for work mates. If you do not have too much service invested in your job and you find it hard to imagine doing that job for the rest of your life, you could do well to consider managing big buildings like where I live. It is not a hard job, although it can be a bit political at times.

You do need to be able to see when something is not right. Maybe the foyer floor looks dull and needs a polish. Maybe there is light out. Maybe there is scuff mark on a wall. Maybe there is a spill somewhere. Maybe a tradesperson is claiming too much time for an attendance. Maybe a resident needs a word of advice to stop them upsetting other residents.

If you are good at this job, you will be in demand and can earn quite good money. And residents will be quite nice to you, as they will want favours in the future and expect extra service. But you will choose very carefully about who you grant this to. It is not a hard job. I dunno why our building is having so much trouble finding someone.