Saturday, March 25, 2006

Jealous over the border

Do I detect a little jealousy here? Read more of this nonsense at the Sydney Daily Telegraph
Gee, and I thought our own Herald Sun was pretty crook as papers go.

Trams might fly

March 25, 2006

WE hosted the best Olympic Games ever with a showcase of international stars lauded around the world. They had a duck and a flying tram.

But Prime Minister John Howard yesterday fuelled the inter-city rivalry by claiming Melbourne was a better Games host than Sydney.

In what might be seen as a cynical attempt to bolster support south of the border, Mr Howard said Melbourne's sense of "community cohesion" and "common attitude" made it better than any other city to hold big events following the success of the Commonwealth Games.

Not withstanding the fact he chooses to make his home in Sydney, rather than Canberra or "Melboring", Mr Howard told Melbourne radio host Neil Mitchell: "Melbourne does things better. Better than any other city because there is a sense of community cohesion and a common attitude in Melbourne like no other city.

Just simple but nice

R was warned in advance, the tram would be like a can of sardines and the one that carted us into town was. He only had biffo at one person who was standing in the doorway and deliberately blocking others getting into the tram with her sideways stance and her large back pack.

We were to meet our dyke friend and her partner to eat in town and lo and behold, there our friends partner was standing in the tram safety zone where we arrived to catch the tram into the city.

We met up, and after getting a bottle or two of red and white from Vintage Cellars in Little Bourke Street, we et at Lemon Bistro. The name is way wrong. It is a Thai restaurant. Somehow Thai and Bistro don't normally go together. It is not expensive but the food and the service has never let us down. I can't help being cheap.

We were supposed to be at the Yarra riverbank to see the fish display at 9pm, but meeting to eat at 7, see the fish at 9 did not quite work.

We did walk along the Yarra Bank for a bit and as we about to leave, I checked the time, 9.48. Oh, we may as well stay for the 10pm show then. We did and it was great. In my and your time, we may never see the Yarra used like that again. If you have missed it bad luck, last show tomorrow night.

I instinctively knew to bolt as soon as the show was over. Even so, the tram was packed coming home.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The (Comm) Sex Games

Well done D. You managed to pick up a very well endowed Kenyan here in Melbourne for the Commonwealth Games. You have my grudging respect. And I said you were unlikely to get near any of them. Egg on my face but what's that drying on yours?

What is in a name?

Well, a name is quite important as are location names. I was amused to see an ad in the RACV journal for smart new development called Martha Cove. There was a picture of the marina that has been built.

Hang on, I know this place. It is Safety Beach. How is it called Mount Martha? Better consult the Melways. Well, the address of their office is wrong. It should be 140 Bruce Rd, Safety Beach. Doesn't quite have the same ring as Mount Martha does it? I think some of the development may well be in Mount Martha, but a good bit of it is in Safety Beach, as is certainly the marina.

Blurring the boundaries will leave some locals unimpressed. Having a Mouth Martha address adds above $100,000 to a property.

Sources within our building tell me that both the local council and the overseas developer are in a bit of financial strife over it. A fortune was spent to build the road under the water in the marina. I would not touch it with a barge pole (hmm, that is nearly a pun).

Having said that, we once rented a two story holiday house at what I thought was Safety Beach, but it turns out that it was in Mount Martha. It had a spiral staircase and the bedrooms had sharply angled ceilings, too low for me in parts. Our dog who was just a young pup managed the climb up the stairs easily, but could not get down again. She would sit at the top and whimper. Sadly it was later demolished.

Safety Beach is very nice though, so if you are thinking of a Sunday drive, check it out. But look suspiciously at any mail that comes from Mount Martha, 3936.

Our ABC and our town

It was a nice morning to be out and about so I took a quick trip into town.

I called in on The ABCs outside radio broadcast at Fed Square, The G Spot. I intended staying for five minutes and watch the change over from AM to John Faine's program. Instead I was mesmerised and stayed until nine. Watching radio being broadcast is very interesting. Sports Minister, Justin Madden was an interviewee and he looked very relaxed. Nice to see what Hilary Harper, the traffic reporter, looks like too. After Tony Eastly signed off from AM, he came out and bade the crowd farewell personally.

I walked up Swanston St on the eastern side and noticed how cracked the bluestone paving is, no doubt from heavy construction vehicles. But it adds character to the footpath and I rather like it. One part of Swanston Street is lined with planter boxes full of salvia of different colours and where I walked, you walk between them. Very nice. For once I did not notice any nasty smells, such as from bird droppings or horse manure. I ate bacon and eggs at the outdoor cafe opposite the town hall, followed by a nice cup of coffee, then home again to make umpteen phone calls and send umpteen emails.

No work today, so I am a very gay happy laddie.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

4 Corners

I have just watched Four Corners on ABC tv. It was about crystal meth, or ice if you like. On the odd occasion, I have had a look at gay 'personal' adverts. In some I see a phrase 'chem friendly' or 'meth friendly'. I have not experienced either but I could not say that I am not virginal about drugs totally. I have a little understanding but these ones really scare me. I know full well what the effect is and it troubles me a lot.

For you who may have been p***ed occasionally, drugs are nothing like that. If you drink too much, you eventually go to sleep for a long time and wake up feeling awful. Most chemical drugs are very different to this. You can often function fairly well. But there are no rules. Some are bad and some affect people really badly.

Here are four people I know, well knew, who were badly affected. The last I am still friends with.

One I met at a social gathering. He was on crutches. You may have heard how some people think they can fly after taking some drugs. Exactly what this guy thought he could do and leapt from the upper floor at what then was 3 Faces and broke his legs. He was remarkably accepting of his idocy and not the least emabarassed.

How about an ex co worker who went to Mardi Gras and took god knows what (probably the above) and f***ed almost non stop for three days. He ended up in hospital with exhaustion.

The worst was someone who I was quite fond of in a friendly way. He was my hairdresser for about ten years. Singapore born and quite innocent when he first arrived in Australia in his early twenties. My appointment was for 10.30 am. Fortunately he could cut hair on instinct because he was in no state to think about it. His b/f had tried to cool/come him down and was now on the receiving end of a tirade of abuse. He swore at him, he abused him, talked about this evil person in the third person, sprayed spittle all over me and continued to cut my hair. It was a bad experience and I confess that I was a bit upset afterwards. I did not think I could go back but R convinced me that I should. I was glad he did as hairdresser was fine the next time and semi apologized but it was never quite the same after that and I think that was the last time I went. We have both moved on now.

Royrage. That aggressive, nasty and rude behaviour when you take steroids for body building. One person I know has suffered from that. At least he was together enough to tell me what was happening, kind of an apology in advance, and that it was better if we did not communicate while he was in such a state.

I never thought I would be moralising old aunty, but gosh, the proof is in the pudding for me. So kiddies, try your drugs if you must, but make sure it is a good experience, not only for yourself, but for those around you.

The Stats

I have just had a look at the stats for my blog. The keyword search activity is always interesting if a little odd at times.

Consistantly the most searched for term that steers people to my blog is 'turn off Telstra 101'. For those who don't know what 101 is, it is the telephone company supplied answering service. You can turn it on from your phone, but it needs a human at the other end to turn it off.

West highland terrier usually gets a run along with Prahran Market Clinic and Noah Hathaway gay (sorry, don't think he is).

For the South Korean person looking for Picture of beautiful tram of common wealth games, come back. I guess you mean the winged tram from the opening ceremony, but I like this other one too, decorated for the Commonwealth Games.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Commonwealth Games cycling

Most gay guys find fit cyclists hot. They are usually fit with very tight ass muscles and nice legs. Their lycra gear exposes them, although some try to reduce/cover up. I expect even straight guys check out cyclists bulges, just for comparative reasons of course. Pray that they never do the jogger thing of wearing tight lycra with baggy shorts over the top. It just makes me think they have something very small to hide. Be out and proud of what you have. Girls and boys will admire.

(Significant spelling error corrected later along with qualification of guys)

R v Moi

On most social issues R and I tend to agree with variations in degrees. Two areas where we don't are circumcision and abortion. We no longer discuss the matters as each of us knows the others view well.

On abortion, I am pro choice. It is for the woman to decide matters about her body. R does not like murdering babies, no matter if they if they have not yet been born.

R is also against mutilating babies by cutting off their foreskin. I don't hold a strong view either way really. If it hurts, well I don't remember it. Nor do I have preference for guys who are cut or not. Yes, uncut guys have to take more care with their personal hygeine, but if they do, it is not an issue. Having something else to play with is perhaps a good thing and of course uncut guys are more sensitive.

I haven't seen recent stats, but I think the rate is quite low in Australia now, unlike when I grew up in country Victoria where an uncut dick was as rare as a Nguyen. Lucky that Harry Poulis was a big guy and would quickly biff anyone who laughed at the skin on the end of his dick.

On balance, I suppose it is a good thing that the rate is now low. Yanks will be the freaks of the future.


We watched the Marathon runners go past Sunday. I think without exception, they were short, lean and very hard bodied. One female acknowledged our applause and one very black guy grinned at us. The photo is of sheilas coz most of the blokes were dark skinned and did not show up well in the photos. It all happens so quickly, I don't think there is time for the camera to adjust, and not enough time for me to set the camera.

There was a good turn out including from the apartment blocks here and many were hanging over their balconies cheering them all on. It did not matter which country they were representing, including Australia. They all received the same enthusiastic cheering. In the true Aussie manner, the last runners received the most applause and encouragement. We had one Aussie flag hanging off a balcony along with a Malaysian one from another.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Love story or wife cheater

This is a tale of a love story or a morally reprehensible pretender at religion. I like this guy. He is the same age as me and I have worked with and known him for a long time. He is from Indonesia, been here since he was about 20. He was a judo expert and still has a good physique. But at my age I look for a bit more and with him, the charm comes from within.

I qualify this with, yes I fancy him rotten. No chance of course, but no matter. He went bright red and became very embarrased when I suggested to him that he either was very good at sex or had a big dick.

I helped him a bit to get online back in about 1999. I told him it might it might change his life. It was just a general warning. I had no info apart from knowing him to back that up.

So my co-worker went online and into chat sites as a transport engineer. I used to joke about that a lot with him.

He soon found love on the innernet and committed to meeting. As a straight, mosque going, ramadan observing husband, and father of two teenage sons, I was a bit gobsmakacked at his revelation.

He has fallen totally in love with a rich business woman in his old country, Indonesia. He has travelled o/s to meet her a few times, they have travelled together to KL and S'pore. She always picks up the bill. He is my age and she is now 32. They first met six years ago.

As he described it to me, it sounded like one of the most romantic tales I have ever heard. She has never asked him about his private life back here in Australia. She still thinks he is a transport engineer as he said to her, Aussies never talk about work when they are holiday, so she never asks about his work.

She opened a new branch of her stores in Bali, so he often meets her there. She bought a house there, but they always stay in a posh hotel. The first time he went there to meet her, he booked an expensive hotel for two nights. She said the location was bad and they would stay in a hotel of her choosing. He said it was a stunning hotel. When he was asked by her if he she wanted the other hotel sorted out to get his money returned, he declined as he did not want to seem cheap. $500 down the drain his said to me, but what could I do?

Naturally he wonders about the future of this. Why doesn't she find someone for a more conventional relationship. He asked her and she replied that many men of her status find her threatening. Any time he tries to bring up discussion of where they may go in the future so far as their relationship, or anything along those lines, she answers him thus. I am always happy with you. But one day you will not want to be with me. When that time comes, I will accept it with grace. There is nothing more to say and it is pointless to discuss it.

She is fond of marshmellow, so he often buys her some. When he gave her a $2000 ring, he passed it off as a fake thet he received because he buys so much marshmellow. She knew better of course.

So the net changed his life, as that is how they met, in a chatroom. Because of the time diffrence, he is often up very late chatting to her.

She stayed in Australia once. She also booked her own hotel, but he insisted that she change it to the more convenient for him, Hotel Saville in South Yarra. That's the old Octagon Motel.

Although it is quite different, it does remind me a movie I remember fondly, Same Time Next Year. I guess it was a chick flick, but I enjoyed it a lot and felt a connection to the concept in the movie.

He was all set to tell me more tonight, but we did not have time. I was going to drag out the sex business of the r'ship some more and get some juicy details. It will keep.

From another source, I have discovered that she is married too and also that my mate's wife also knows about her. His wife accepts it and is confident that if he had to choose, he would choose her, his wife. He said as much to me.

Oh well, I guess Moslems have practiced polygamy for many centuries. This is just a variation.