Friday, March 17, 2006


I am shattered. How did Ray from 2 Unlimited turn into this? He was so sexy in his video clips. I even found her pretty hot too. Ok, accept that I am aging but why can't your idols just stay the same. The world is cruel.

Parking Issues

It doesn't matter where you live it seems, there is going to be parking issues. I only just noticed this note on the windscreen. I certainly did not see it at the time.

If you can't quite read it, it says, "Instead of writing angry notes and anonymous stuff like that, come and talk to us at Dalgety Inn, 55 Park Street".

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Games opening

The opening of Commonwealth Games seemed to go well. I watched on tv and there were some really good bits, but I could not really understand it all. The MCG show seemed irrelavent and disconnected. Duck fake, goose real, skateboarder doing a 911 into what looked a little like the Arts Centre spire, ballerinas and motor bikes, ex footballer Ron Barassi walking on water (oh how I wished he went off line and into the drink). While Melbourne may be Aussie Rules obsessed, I am not sure that the rest of the empire is. Why all the football players?

I was a bit excited when Cathy Freeman took up the baton, hoping she would be the one to present it to Betty Battenburg, but no, just some frail old man. "Thank you, we have met before you know. I stayed at your digs. I think it was in the direction from here of highriser's place".

At a salient point during the broadcast, I called out 'Viva la empire'. Much mirth among work colleagues. It wasn't that funny really but seemed to amuse them.

I can't remember when exactly, but it was early in the show, and I felt my eyes getting wet. Tears come to my eyes at the drop of a hat. The Greek born guy sitting next to me must have noticed. I could feel his eyes looking at me. From the corner of my eyes, I saw him shake his head side to side three times. While I have heard of the Greco Roman Empire, I don't really think Greece had colonies. He just did not undertand.

The commercial tv station who broadcast the ceremony, placed ads brutally and spoiled it.

To conclude on positives, I think you had to be there. And wern't some of the African costumes fantastic, as opposed to Aussie boring school type blazers.

Strobing Games

It is rare for me to laugh out loud when I am alone. Maybe sometimes when watching tv. Tonight when I arrived home, there was this rubbery multi point star thing. I guess it was given to R at the Games opening. It is clearish with a string for the neck. I picked it up, looked at it, squeezed it and it burst into a pretty blue strobing light. I walked into my dark bedroom and it was quite bright. I laughed out loud, probably more at my silliness at being amused by such a thing.

I noticed R had bought a $15 program and there were photos on the camera. I will transfer them tomorrow. I asked him last night if he wanted to take the camera as I needed to prepare it, charge the batteries, put sticky tape on the options dial so it doesn't get accidently moved, but he said no. Never mind, it obviously went ok.

Shift work is all very well, but I do miss the daily interaction with my partner when I am working late.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Nix for Nixon

I think Victoria's Police Commission has done and is doing a good job. Not sure what her staff think of her. But I was a bit annoyed at what she would probably prefer to rephrase.

She was asked abou the spate of stabbings in Melbourne, in particular where three people were stabbed in Kensington and one died from the wounding. She described the stabbings as a 'statistical blip'.

Now I assume the lad who died had people who loved him and are heartbroken. I hope they weren't listening to hear their loved one described as a statiscal blip.

It is all very well for Ms Nixon to sit and examine figures in columns but like so many remote chiefs, she forgets that there are real people behind these figures. Can do better Christine.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tinny bastard

So which blogger's partner scored last minute freebie tickets to the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony? Don't worry about me slaving away at work. I am sure it will be better on tv. R asked a friend to go with him and the friend is over the moon.

Bah Humbug

Commonwealth Games. Ha, what commonwealth. We must have some of poorest countries in the world here in Melbourne at the moment. Not really common wealth is it. Spoiling our public transport, congesting roads, altering daylight saving and school holidays, never mind work......all such a botheration.

But this evening we walked up to Park Street, South Yarra and watched the change over of the baton. Ok, I wasn't forced, it was my idea. Jane Di Nardo passed it on to Susannah King who, along with her young Aussie/Asian running mate, took off towards The Tan.

I will never see this kind of thing again. I am pleased to have seen it today. I am also really chuffed at how country Victoria especially, has taken on poor Commonwealth nations and made a fuss of them.

Long live the Empire. The sun may have set, but there is still a glow on the horizon.

Inner city child v outer burb child

I have thought about this a bit over quite a long period.

Is it a good idea to bring up children when living in a flat or apartment? R disagrees with me strongly and thinks children needs a house, a yard etc etc.

Daniel seems to think the experience was ok.

Children are brought up all over the world in apartment blocks, tiny cramped flats at times.

I'll concede that the above is culturally a bit un-Australian.

What does a kid need when growing up? Loving parents with a strong sense of right and wrong, space to play, a pet, easy access to friends and at least one sibling. These gaurantee nothing, but generally, I think they are important.

The outer burbs certainly allow for more space, although the size of land around a new free standing house can be minimal. The parent will spend a lot of time driving their children to places in their car.

The inner burbs, in an apartment of a reasonable size, offers many advantages. Namely, access to all sorts of culture from art to bands, superior public transport, possibly a more worldly view of the life, sporting venues etc.

So I do feel if I had the choice, I would prefer to grow up or bring up a kid in the inner burbs, even if I could only afford a flat as against a large house in the outer burbs.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


For many people Sunday is a religious day. Not so for my Mother. She had her religious day midweek. The Anglican Bishop of the Northern Territory and Queensland knocked at her door. I am unsure as to why he was in Pakenham. Truth is, he is now retired and he and his wife were childhood friends of my mother. One son of theirs is a radio broadcaster in the Darwin, not married and just a year or so younger than me. I better check this out.

Hot today

No, it wasn't me who was hot today, it was just the weather. We bashed off to South Melbourne Market for some dim sims for breakfast and found a seat in the shade to eat them. The temperature was climbing. I had an almost romantic idea of going to the beach and having cup of coffee. Breath in the sea air, have a nice walk. Well we tried. We did it, but it was just too bloody hot.

Home to the air con and await the arrival of family for afternoon tea. Family stuff is always good and it was.