Friday, December 15, 2006

Who is this Coit

We were walking in Little Bourke Street in the city, Chinatwon actually, and there were a couple walking in front of us and the bloke said to the girl, 'Look, there's Rodney Coit eating in there'. He may have said Stephen Coit. I am not sure now as it was a few weeks ago.

The way he said it, this person was famous and the name sort of rings a bell. Of course I am not sure of the spelling since I don't know who it is.

Assuming he is Australian, does anyone know of a famous Coit?


  1. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Russle! It's Rob Kemp and I am having trouble loggin on and submitting comments!

  2. I thought Russell Coight too.

  3. Ok, thanks. He is a fictitous character played by Glenn Robbins.

  4. that's the one :-)

  5. I think I may have seen the comedy piece at some point. I'll just file it with 'missed music periods'. Now had the bloke said 'there is Kel Knight' I would have known.

  6. Anonymous9:37 am

    So now I am wondering .. was it Glenn Robbins doing the eating ... or was it a person personifying the characteristics of the fictional character.

    One time decades ago (I am old enough to have owned his first Edna record 'Wildlife in Suburbia') when The Barry Humphries was in a bit of a career/life slump, but stood for Aussie Iconism, I was strolling Little Collins St out the back of Georges (RIP) with my husband and an old guy with a squashed hat and a Gladstone Bag (oh WikiP it - only a certain kind of social loser or a wharfie would have had one at that time) was coming towards us and I hissed at the Hub "look, Barry Humphries". Now what I meant was that it was the personification of a Humphries character and it was a perfectly relevant observation ... when it got closer it bloody well WAS The BH. and he would have heard me (this would not have meant anything when overheard, had the person been another).
    God I felt uncool. I'm not 'cool'. But I am HIP. Husband was cool but not hip.

    Now, Little Bourke St: don't go to melb much these days, but last time my friend was taking me to this amazing Chinese she likes down an alley way there, we saw in the weekday lunchtime sunshine, a couple who had clearly just shot-up. One was trying to make a phone call from a booth and the other was trying to light a cigarette. It was Laurel & Hardy. almost funny. Marvellous Melbourne.

    peace and love ...brownie

  7. I remember that character of Humphries vaguely. I wrote something in the past where a 'noddy' in Lt Bourke St called me an fing degenerate. But I haven't noticed any activity there lately. Bourke between Swanston and Russell seems to be the place to score at the moment.